Second Best (BWWM)

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Chapter 2

After my less than friendly welcome that was ignored, I just stood there frozen, looking at the fine specimen of a man in front of me. He certainly has changed since I last saw him seven years ago.

The tight, navy blue V-neck T-shirt that showed off his well toned muscles, made his eyes look even more alluring than they already are. Those striking blue depths were always the weakness of many girls back in highschool, and I was no different.

I look over his face, from his neatly arched eyebrow to his long, dark eyelashes I used to envy, all the way down, seeing his plump, pink lips that always looked so inviting pull up into a smirk.

The very apparent shock on my face must have been comical, because he chuckles softly. Of all the men in the world my wretched step-sister could have met and fall in love with, why did it have to be him? The mere fact that he was my ex should’ve had red flags flashing in her head, but then again, its Georgia we’re talking about. She always gets what she wants, even if its to spite me. No wonder she looked so smug earlier.

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” His sensual, deep voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I swiftly step aside to let him through, but in my haste I slipped, and two strong, warm hands circle around my waist, holding me up so I don’t fall.

I look up into his eyes and got lost for a moment, with all the memories of us together coming back to the forefront of my mind. His touch use to always make me weak and now isn’t any different, with those strong hands still holding on to my waist.

The look in his eyes makes my body heats up, and I thank God for my dark skin, or else he would notice my flaming cheeks.

“Alonzo...” I whisper his name in a trance, and his arms tighten around me. He lowers his head, his lips grazing my ear as he whispers, “I’ve missed you, love.” My breathing accelerates, and I clutch onto his muscular forearms like my life depended on it. He lifts his head, those sapphire blue eyes raking over me slowly, making me subtly clench my thighs at the wetness that pools in my underwear.

With just one look, he was able to make me incredibly wet and I realize then and there that after seven whole years, my body still singed like a canary for him. Judging from the dangerously, sexy smirk on those lips of his, I know that he came to that realization as well. If this isn’t embarrassing I don’t know what is.

“What’s going on here?” It was like a cold bucket of water was thrown on me. The pulsing energy between Alonzo and I, instantly dissipated like it wasn’t there to begin with, and I pushed him away a little too hard, making him stagger back a couple steps.

I turned around and was met with Georgia’s deathly glare. I’m sure I looked like a kid whose got caught stealing someone’s candy. Before I could say anything to possibly save myself, or make it even worse, Alonzo beats me to it.

“She slipped, and I caught her before she fell.” He lied smoothly. Well, technically that is what happened, but the wetness between my legs and the sexual tension that was here before Georgia’s arrival says otherwise. Gia raised an eyebrow at him, looking thoroughly unconvinced. “Oh, so she slipped and your face just magically appeared so close to hers, right?”

“Gia, nothing happ---”

“Shut up, Kalani!”

By now mom and dad were here, looking at the three of us confusedly. “What is going on in here? Why all this shouting?” Mom looks to me for answers and I just shrug, just as lost as she is. Gia was blowing things out of proportion like always.

“Gia, baby what’s wrong?” Tears were streaming down her face, while dad held her by her shoulders gently. If dad and mom weren’t here, I would have laughed at how ridiculous Gia’s making all this. She was always such a drama queen, yet another personality trait that hasn’t changed.

Yeah, I know that our position looked a little too comfortable, but it wasn’t like we were kissing each other. Besides, that’s exactly how I felt when I would catch her kissing my boyfriends back in highschool, and she’d look back at me nonchalantly, like it was perfectly normal to kiss your step-sister’s boyfriend.

“Honey, tell us what’s wrong,” mom stands on the other side of her holding her hand. I want to roll my eyes so bad right now. She sniffles, looking away form dad’s concerned gaze, turning her head to me, and giving me a look that I could never forget even if I wanted to.

“Why don’t you ask my whore of a sister?” And with that, she was gone. Alonzo doesn’t spare me a glance as he runs after her, calling her name. I sighed turning to my parents whose looks were as if I just ruined a marriage. Did I really ruin something special? Was this really going to be my life for the next few months? Watching the man that I still have deep feelings for marry my sister?

“Kalani, what happened between you and your sister?” The disappointment in my father’s eyes wasn’t new to me. He would always choose Gia’s side even when she was wrong. So why do I even bother to care anymore?

“Like she said dad, I’m a whore.”

I walk away, suddenly not feeling hungry anymore. The resentment I held for that girl was so deep, I even had trouble sleeping at night. She took away everything from me, and left me to pick up the scraps like I was some dog. I chuckle to myself when I thought back to naïve, seventeen year old Kalani, and how she would always look up to the older sister she never had.

The Kalani back then would have believed any and everything Georgia would say or do, not taking into consideration that she was the one causing so much pain.

Well, that naïve, little Kalani is no more. The new and improved Kalani’s ready for anything that bitch might dish out on her with open arms. So, game on.


The next day, I was up before dawn and ready to go on my morning jog. I brush my teeth and splash some cool water on my face to wake me up a little more, ready to kick start my day.

I pull up my NIKE sweat pants over my thighs, and the matching hoodie. I brush my mess of curls in a pony tale and head downstairs for the kitchen. I grab a granola bar and a water bottle and head for the front door, stepping out into the cool Texas morning air.

I do a couple of walking lounges, hip circles, calf raises and side stretches before taking off into my run. I run around the small neighborhood for a good half hour before going to the park nearby.

I see a couple of other joggers, and I run with them, meeting some old faces along the way. I take a much needed breather on a bench under a large oak tree. I sit there for a while, just thinking about my life and how much it spiraled out of control.

I left my home thinking I could make it on my own, just to show Georgia that she wasn’t this perfect princess that could get what she wanted. I wanted to show her that the way to that lifestyle you’d have to work hard for it.

But what do I do? I get a job as waitress, it wasn’t much, but I was getting there, saving up on tips I’d get from either being polite, or sucking up to the rude people who came there.

I had to learn fast that New York people weren’t like my home, where in my neighborhood everyone knew everyone. Everything was okay for the most part, until I met my ex-boyfriend, Kemari Russell.

He was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. Two years dedicated to that man went down the drain. I met him when I was fresh out of college and was working at Joanna’s Café at the time.

He was funny, kind, and definitely a charmer. I was a gullible fool, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love and fast. The first year was amazing. I felt like I was on cloud nine, with having someone who loves me for me and saving up to get my restaurant. Everything was perfect, until he switched up on me out of nowhere.

It started out small at first, with him voicing his displeasure to the least little thing I did. Those then turned into arguments for us, then those arguments turned physical. I’d fight back for the first couple of months when he would slap me, but I didn’t always win. I called the police, but it was useless. I would see them talking and laughing like I didn’t call them to arrest a man who was beating on me. He took away my phone after that, saying I couldn’t be trusted.

The beatings continued and it got so bad that I had to miss work some days, and my boss, Joanna Reid, had to let me go. I had to solely depend on him for everything and I’d cry myself to sleep whenever he wasn’t there.

I didn’t even know where he worked or what he did for a living, and that’s when I realized that I really didn’t know anything about him. I guess I was to blame for that. I dived in, thinking that someone finally loved me, and not Georgia, and I could finally show her that I wasn’t such a disappointment to mom and dad like she always would say.

I watch my life drag by and I would always shout at the TV whenever I saw some movie with the girl in my shoes, saying what she should’ve done. You really don’t know until you experience it for yourself.

So I did the next big thing. One morning when he was gone to work, I packed my bags, and jumped out the bathroom window, found a pay phone and called my dad and told him I was coming home. He was happy, then he was concerned.

I was gone for seven years, why was I suddenly coming home now when I wouldn’t even visit for Christmas or his birthday? I spun it around saying that it was because I missed everyone so much and I couldn’t take the crowded life of New York. He wasn’t convinced, but he let it go. And that brings me back to where I am now.

“Are you okay?” I look up when heard a familiar voice say something to me. There, looking handsome and dangerously sexy as usual is Alonzo. He’s wearing a NIKE joggers and no fucking T-shirt.

Like I already didn’t know he’d grown over the years, the magnificent sight was certainly putting my ovaries into overdrive. The sun was beating down on his body, making his sweaty chest glisten, and his dark hair look a little lighter than usual. Every muscle looks well defined, and ripples with each step he takes closer to me.

I realized too late that I was staring when I see his lips pull up into that all too familiar smirk of his. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You sure, love?” His eyes were full of amusement, and I narrow mine at him, “Yes, I’m sure.” I roll my eyes at him and get up, ready to head back home. He follows behind me, his pace keeping up with mine.

“Look Lani, about yesterday---”

“Its fine, nothing even happened.” I said, cutting him off. He gives me a long look, like he didn’t believe me. What was he expecting me to say? That I wanted him to hold me like that again when he was getting married to my sister?

“You don’t have to--”

“I don’t have to what, Alonzo?” I couldn’t stop myself from getting angry at him, “Hide the fact that I still have feelings for you, but your getting married to my sister? I don’t fucking think so.” I wasn’t even embarrassed that I just blurted out my feelings to a very taken man.

I run off before he could say anything, drowning out his voice when I hear him calling me back.

Fuck my life.

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