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Chapter 3

The moment I make it back I was a sweaty, panting mess. I didn’t waste a second though, and bolt it up the stairs to my room like my ass was on fire, not even stopping to say good morning to dad on the way.

I’m sure I looked like I was going crazy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care anymore. The sole reason I came back here was to get away from the drama and my sorry excuse of a life back in New York City and start fresh.

Was that too much to ask? Why did I possibly think it was okay to tell my step-sister’s fiancé, that just so happens to be my ex and the man that could get my blood pumping with just one look, that I still had those old feelings that should have been dead years ago?

They probably were still there, buried under all the things that influenced the course of your life all these years.

“Fuck, I’m such an idiot!”

Now that the adrenaline has worn off, I was cursing up a storm on myself. What was wrong with me? Was I that desperate or was it because I wasn’t getting any D for a few months and Alonzo was looking ripe for the picking?

I shake my head at myself, heading to the bathroom for a much needed shower. I don’t need this right now.

“You are not a whore, Kalani.” I said, pointing at my reflection in the mirror, “You do not have the overwhelming urge to climb up on Gia’s man. So, take a deep breath, because nothing happened. It was just a slip of the tongue.”

To anyone this might’ve seemed weird, but it was a form of reassurance. I just needed a little pep talk to get me and my hormones in order.

Besides, I definitely do not need Georgia finding out about my so called slip of the tongue. What happened yesterday was enough of a testimony for how much of a Drama queen the girl can be, and drama is the last thing I need right now.


“Good morning, hun. I see you still do your morning jogs.” I give my step-mom what I hope is a convincing smile, trying hard not to think about the events my jog led to.

“Morning mom. I guess old habits die hard.” We share a smile, and I walk around the island to help her with breakfast. We worked in silence for a while until mom decides to break ice,

“So, you ready to tell me what’s going on with you?”

I look at her a confused, “What are you talking about, ma?” She turns off the pot with the eggs before giving me her undivided attention. “Hun, you and I both know you didn’t come back here because you missed the family.” She raises her eyebrows at me and I look away from her penetrative gaze, “Ma, there’s nothing wrong. Can’t I miss my family?” I force out a light laugh, hoping to throw her off and show her I’m fine, although we both knew full well she wasn’t buying my crap.

She gently takes my hands in hers, “I know I’m not your real mamma Lani, but I’ve watched you grown into the woman you are today. Minus the last couple years.” We share a small laugh, “I think that gives me enough experience to know when something’s wrong with one of my daughters.”

I suck in a sharp breath at that. I knew she always considered me one of her own, but to hear her actually say it was making me emotional.

I give her a tight hug as tears prick my eyes, not being able to keep up with the façade I’ve put up to hide how I really felt since I got here.

“I-I’m sorry, ma. I just c-can’t do it anymore.” I breathe in deeply before coughing a little. I was always an ugly crier.

“Shh, hun it’s okay. Everything will be just fine.” She rubs my back as I hiccup and heave. “Why don’t you go wash up that pretty face of yours and come back down to enjoy breakfast, hm?” I nod, feeling too weak to give her a response. Crying always had that effect on me.

I walk out the kitchen and up the stairs to the nearest bathroom, not having it in me to walk all the way down the hall to my room.

When did I let my life get so out of control? Everything was fine until Georgia decided it was more fun to mess with my life than actually be my sister. But then again, she can’t take all the blame for the fuck ups I had. Kemari Russell was not a Georgia influence. I shake my head, not wanting to dwell on that chapter of my life that was filled with so much pain.

That mistake is all on me.

I splash some cool water on my face, trying to get my bearings, “You can do this.” I nod to myself, drying my face off with a towel and exit the bathroom. Just as I close the door, my gaze suddenly locks with Alonzo’s down the hall. I make a break for it.

“Kalani, wait!”

I could hear his footsteps getting closer. I push my feet to go faster, but it wasn’t enough. Before I know it, his hand grabs my forearm and pulls me back. It was impossible that I would escape those long, strong legs of his.

He spins me around to face him and I steel myself, preparing for the heartbreak to come. “Kalani, we need to talk.”

“Okay, so talk.” I said with an attitude. His sapphire eyes narrow on me and I fold my hands under my breast. “I’ll talk when you drop the attitude.” I roll my eyes at him just about fed up with him and everything in general.

Suddenly, my back hits the wall and my head is tilted back to look up into his face. “You think I’m playing don’t you?” He presses himself into me, making me feel the hard, muscular planes of his body.

“Let me go.” I didn’t want to hear him say I should never say anything like what I did yesterday ever again because he was getting married, and that too to my sister. I didn’t need a fucking reminder.

“Or else what, hm? You ran away yesterday without even hearing what I had to say.”

“What? That I should ignore these feelings because your getting married?”

He tilts his head to the side, his eyes raking over my face, “You’ve been crying.” I roll my eyes at him again. The man needs an Oscar.

“It wasn’t over you so don’t flatter yourself.” I try to push him away, just about done with the conversation, but he grabs my hands, pulling them over my head in a secure grip.

“I thought I made it clear that I didn’t like that attitude of yours.” His voice got even deeper, sending pleasant shivers all over and making my body hum. One of his hands trail down my neck to the center of my chest where the neckline of my shirt stops, leaving a burning trail where ever his hands touched.

A certain wetness pools in my underwear and my thighs clench together. He notices and his lips pull up into that familiar sexy smirk. “You naughty girl,” he chuckles, low and deep, leaning in close, his breath lightly fanning my ear, “Did I make that pussy wet, love?” Before I could say a smart remark, his hand expertly dips into my shorts and roughly gropes my pussy. I couldn’t control the whimper that left my parted lips. Every other thought left my mind. All I could see, hear and feel was him.

He stares into my eyes as he rubs me through my lace panties, “I think I did.” A moan falls from my lips and I see his eyes darken. He opens his mouth to say something but we both freeze when we hear Georgia’s voice, “Babe, are you up there? Breakfast is ready!”

“Just a minute!” he shouted.

He slowly remove his hands from my shorts, never breaking eye contact and shit, that did something to me. He releases my hands and gives me a wink before leaving.

Fuck, what was that? I take a couple of seconds to regroup and not loose my shit to what just happened. I shake my head, blocking out the last fifteen to twenty minutes.

I make it back down stairs into the dining room for breakfast. Georgia looks at me all smug placing her ring finger over Alonzo’s at the table. I shake my head at her. If only she knew that her beloved fiancé’s hand was in my shorts less than ten minutes ago.

I try not to look at Alonzo as I take my seat. I was trying really hard to block the last couple of minutes out my mind, I didn’t need a reminder. After mom prays over the food, everyone dug in.

It was silent for a few minutes until Georgia decided to make an announcement. One I wished she hadn’t because it looked like it was a priority for this girl to make every aspect of my life miserable. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I finally came to a decision.” Everyone looked confused, even Alonzo.

“Kalani, I want you to be my maid of honor.”

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