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Chapter 4

"Kalani, I want you to be my maid of honor.”

Maid of honor...

Maid of honor...

Maid of honor...

The words kept replaying in my head as I sat there frozen, staring at Gia like she lost her mind. Is she really serious? What kind of game is she playing at? This just doesn’t make any sense, and the huge grin on her face was making me uneasy.

“What do you say, hun?” My stepmom’s hands stretches across the table to touch mine when I didn’t jump to accept Gia’s offer. The looks on her and my father’s face was the happiest I’ve ever seen them, and that’s saying a lot.

The bitch was clever, asking me in front of mom and dad as a means of guaranteeing that I wouldn’t refuse.

Well, too bad.

“I... look Gia that’s great and all, but I don’t think I’ll be here for the wedding.” I give her a practiced sympathetic smile. That’s right bitch.

Out of my peripheral vision I see Alonzo frown, “Your leaving?” This time I do look at him fully, and I notice his oh so tempting plump lips are in a thin line. I tear my gaze away from his lips and look into his eyes,


He says nothing and just stares at me with such an intensity that it makes me blush, and I look away from his alluring gaze.

Gia looks between the two of us suspiciously and I try to look as neutral as possible. No need to give her any more reasons to make things harder for me.

“Oh.” Gia looks down into her lap fidgeting with her fingers and I see dad give me a disapproving look.

“I understand. Your going to be way too busy for me in a couple months. I don’t know why I thought it would be a great idea for my sister to be there for me on my special day.” With those words said, she stands and leaves the table, ultimately making me out to be this inconsiderate, selfish sister. If there’s one thing I know about Gia, its that she’s one heck of an actress at being a damsel in distress.

“Kalani, I thought we talked about this.” I sigh, already dreading where this is going. “Gia’s really counting on you being there. Why can’t you let go of this petty pride of yours and be there for your sister? It’s been seven years, let it go!” I jump a little in my chair when I hear him raise his voice at me.

My father never raises his voice at me, no matter what I did. This just goes to shows that I’m no longer daddy’s girl, Gia is.

I shake my head at him. I knew he wouldn’t understand. No one ever did. It was always Gia this, and Gia that. No one took the time to read between the lines to see what I was going through with that so called sister of mine.

Well I’m not gonna stand for it anymore. I’m twenty-four years old, I think that classifies me as a damn grown ass woman.

“I’m not going to her wedding, dad. What you call pride, I call it fucking feelings!” Now I was angry and I didn’t care one bit that I was talking to my father like this. The man I always looked up to and respected as a child.

He stands from his chair, pointing his finger at me like I was ten years old Kalani again that needed a scolding. “You are going to that wedding to support your sister, or you get out my house.”

“Michael!” Mom gasps in horror, holding onto his hand.

I stood from my chair with tears in my eyes and stared at the man I called my father, the man I thought I knew. This wasn’t the father who would look at me with adoration in his eyes, the kind he only reserved for me. This wasn’t the father who always looked out for me when I did something I wasn’t supposed to.

This was Georgia’s father, not mine.

“Fine, I’m leaving,” I said with hot tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn’t going to stick around to see the triumph in Gia’s eyes. She took any and everything she could from me. I was holding on to hope that I still had my father by my side, my only family. I guess that wasn’t the case for him.

“But remember this, the moment those words left your lips, was the moment you chose your daughter. Your no father of mine.”

“Lani, hun wait!”

I take the steps two at a time with tears blurring my vision. Where am I supposed to go now? I have no money and I’m jobless. Is this what Georgia ultimately wanted? For my father and I to be apart? Why do I even care? He obviously made his decision on who he really loves.

“Ahh!” I miss my footing on the stairs in my haste, my left knee taking the burn of the fall. I clutch my leg to my chest in pain, rolling on the stairs crying for both my knee and bad luck.

“Shit, are you okay Lani? Can you stand?” I feel gentle, warm hands over mine on my knee, and I open my eyes. "Don't touch me,” I hissed, slapping my father’s hands away from mine, giving him a glare. How dare he come act like he cares now when he didn’t a few minutes ago?

He sighs, “Let me help yo--”

“I said, get away from me!” By now I was an angry, hysterical mess on the stairs, but I don’t care anymore. The pain in my knee couldn’t compare to the one in I’m feeling in my heart right now.

“Dad, just leave her...” I look up to see my stepmom, Gia and Alonzo all looking at me like I had gone mad. Fuck them. All of them. They don’t care about me, and if they did, they had a really sick way of showing it.

I reach out to the stairs banner and gingerly pull myself up. I bite my lip yo suppress the painful cry that desperately wanted to leave. I blow out a harsh breath once I’ve managed to stand, and lean against the wall for support.

“Kalani, your bleeding.” I looked at my stepmom to see her eyes trained on my knee, that is, infact bleeding. I grumble out a response, “I’m fine.”

“No your not. Let me clean it up for you.”

A harsh laugh leaves my lips when I hear my father say this. Is he for real? “Oh, please. Don’t act so concerned now. You won’t have to worry about me when I’m gone.”

Gia looks genuinely confused, and I limp my way back up the stairs just as I hear her say, “What’s going on?”

Before I could take more than two steps though, I’m lifted up and in the arms of someone. The familiar intoxicating spice, and all male musk gives me a pretty good idea to whose carrying me.

The firm but soft chest of Alonzo is comforting, and I lean into him a little, despite my bets efforts not to. His face is impassive as he stares ahead, not even sparing me a glance. The slight tick in his sharp jaw tells me he’s angry. But why?

“Alonzo, what are you doing!” He stops walking and turns, giving Gia a look and I see her shrink into herself. Is it wrong that I’m turned on right now? “I’m sure you can see that our sister can’t walk, Gia.” He sighs, motioning for her to go to her room, “I’ll be back in a minute okay?” She gives me a long look then nods and walk away. Mom follows suit, and my dad and I are left having some type of stare down.

“Kalani, about what happened earlier, I--”

“Take me to my room.” I look away from my father’s gaze and I look up to the Adonis holding me in his arms with pleading eyes. I didn’t want to hear his so called apology about what he said earlier. He meant what he said, and so did I.

Alonzo walks away without a word and I wrap my arms around him, nestling my face into his neck. I inhale his scent and relax more into him, feeling safe in his arms.

The minute the door closed behind us, I break down in his arms, not caring that I was messing up his shirt. “Hey, hey its okay love, your okay.” I pull away from him, “Put me down.” He obliges, putting me on my queen sized bed. I look in his eyes, teary eyed and all, “Do I look like someone whose okay to you? Do you think I’m okay?” My voice came out hoarse and deep from all the crying and shouting.

“No, and I don’t expect you to be okay, but love, you can’t let this little bump in the road stop you.”

“You don’t understand. None of you do. And your not going to talk me out of leaving.”

He holds my hands in his, squatting down to my level on the bed and holding my chin, making me look deep into his eyes, “Maybe not, but do you really want to leave? This is your father we’re talking about.”

Was that supposed to change my mind? Did he seriously think that it was that easy for me? The relationship between my dad and I weren’t the best over the last couple of years, but I’ve always considered him my bestfriend, even if the reason was that I didn’t have any friends because Gia made sure of that.

“I’m leaving.” I said with finality. I wasn’t changing my mind about this. I rather live on the streets than be the maid of honor for that bitch.

“Okay, where are you going to go then?”

“A hotel.” I said simply. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He lets go of my chin and stands without a word and goes to the bathroom, and comes back with the first aid kit.

He places it on the bed and crosses his hands across his chest, making his biceps bulge and strain against his button down shirt. I’m momentarily distracted by the sight, until he said something that made me freeze,

“I know you don’t have any money for that, love, so don’t lie to me.”

I narrow my eyes at him. How the hell did he find out about that? “You don’t know anything.” I say with a straight face. He chuckled to himself at that, raising an eyebrow at me, clearly having a private joke with himself.

“If you want to play it that way then fine, but I won’t have you living on the streets.” I roll my eyes at him. I’m not some charity case people can just feel sorry for, but a little humor never hurt, right?

“Oh, yeah? Where would you have me go then?”

He gives me a long look, those beautiful eyes of his appraising me with that familiar intensity that always makes me blush.

“You can live with me.”

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