Second Best (BWWM)

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Chapter 6

Two months later...

“Hey Lani, you coming?”

“Nah, I’m too tired for all a that tonight.”

Brittany along with some of my other coworkers groaned and I laughed. “Girl, its Friday! You shouldn’t be going home when the nights so young.”

I give her a small, apologetic smile, “Maybe next time.” She rolled her eyes at me and cocked her hip to the side, “That’s what you said the last time.”

“Next Friday for sure.”

She points a threatening, manicured finger at me, “I’m holding you to that.” I laugh and give her a hug. I wasn’t in the mood to go to a club tonight.

The chilly night air greets me as I step outside, and I pull my jacket closer to my body, hoping to fight off the cold. The city’s streets look lively and busy at night and I can’t help but look at all the happy people with excited faces as they go along their business to enjoy their Friday night.

Maybe I should’ve taken Brittany up on her offer for tonight?

No. A wild night out is not what I need right now. I’m too focused on saving all the money I can so I can get the hell out of Alonzo’s house. The very thought of him makes my belly clench with need and I curse myself for the hundredth time for having that kind of reaction form the mere thought of the devil.

Its been two months since I moved into his mansion of a house, and things have taken an awkward turn to say the least. The easy going atmosphere that we always seemed to have around each other dissipated the minute I stepped foot into his home.

I guess I’m the one to blame for that since I’ve been avoiding him like the plague, which, was easy thanks to the big house that he lived in. When I woke up in the mornings, Gloria, his very sweet maid/chef would tell me he was already gone, and when I came back home, he was at work, so we didn’t have time to see each other even if we wanted to.

I keep trying to convince myself that its for the best. He’s getting married, and I’m not going to be here to see it. Besides, things would never work out between us, not with Georgia and my parents into the mix. That’s just me asking for drama, which, is what I’m ultimately trying to avoid.

So, I started a well lined plan to get things back on track for my life. I avoided Alonzo at all costs and got a job at one of the hottest restaurants in Houston, called Papa Peli’s, which payed great. All I need is just a few more weeks and then I’ll be able to have enough money to move out of Alonzo’s house and start out back on my own.

“Lani! Girl wait up!”

I stopped abruptly and turned to the sound of my name being called. I grinned when I saw Tatiana jogging to catch up with me with those short legs of hers. Her breathing was hard and labored, with her hands on her knees.


“Gimme a minute to catch my breath yo.” I laugh, shaking my head at her. “Stop being so dramatic.”

She hits me with a look and I have to stifle another laugh. “Whatever.”

I met Tatiana Skitz on my first day at Papa Peli’s two months ago. She was one of the first coworkers around my age that I instantly hit it off with, and I couldn’t be more glad that I met her. Her mocha skin was smooth and unblemished, which I envied her for, and it was a bit darker than mine. Her lips were plump and full which enhanced her features when she did a killer smile.

All in all, she was a very beautiful woman.

“So, I was wondering if you would wanna spend this lovely Friday night at my apartment? We could drink wine and talk about sexy men.”

“What are we? twelve?” She rolls her eyes at me sassily.

“Its not like you have anything better to do.” She got a point there...

My Friday nights consisted of ice-cream and a good movie on Netflix. It wasn’t anything special, and Tatiana’s offer was looking more than appealing. It was better than going to the club. Maybe a little girl time wouldn’t hurt...

“Okay.” She squeals like a little girl and I laughed at how childish she’s being. She grabs my hand and turns me to the opposite direction that I was walking. “What are we gonna do exactly?”

“You’ll see,” she sends me a devilish smirk and I push at her shoulder shaking my head at her.


“Oh, my, gawwd!” I roll on the floor in Tatiana’s living room, laughing so hard till tears came to my eyes, holding my stomach.

“I’m telling you girl, my pussy was so sore, I couldn’t walk for days. Dude lay it on thick.”

Another spurt of laughter tumbled passed my lips and Tatiana joined suit. The two empty wine bottles stood proudly on her coffee table watching us. I was on my forth glass of wine from the third bottle and so far, I’m surprised we’re not passed out right now. Our drunk asses was too far gone to comprehend anything around us.

I hadn’t felt this relaxed around someone in a long time.

“What about you? Who was the sexiest pole you’ve ever ridden?”

“Christ, Tatiana.” I giggled.

“What? Come on, tell me.”

My drunken mind instantly thought of Alonzo and his sexy pole. He was definitely the best for me. “His name is, Alonzo.”

Tatiana wiggles her eyebrows at me and I just know she was going to say some thing crude. Drunk Tatiana wasn’t any different from the sober one I realized.

“Ouuu, was he long and thick?” See?

“Yes.” Our intimate moments flashed in my mind and I licked my suddenly dry lips. “Tell me more.” I thought of how his large hands caressed my body with care, and how his hot tongue use to make me all hot and wet for him. He knew just the right places to tease me and make me ache for him. I missed those days.

“He’s gentle and sweet, but he knows how to fuck me until I can’t even remember my own name.”

“Damn girl. Sounds like you got a keeper.”

I scoffed before I could stop it, “I wish.” Tatiana raises an eyebrow at me, “Oh? Spill.”

Should I tell her? I mean, we barely know each other...

Why the hell not? Its not like I have anyone else to talk to about all the shit I’m going through in my life.

“Well, its kind of hard to keep him when he’s getting married to my step-sister.” Tatiana cringed, and I fought the urge to laugh at the face she’s making right now.

“Well, damn.” I hold up a finger, indicating to her that I had more tea and she nodded eagerly.

“That’s not even the best part. When I first moved back here, I told him how I felt by accident and ran, but the next day he saw me and cornered me against a wall and groped my cooch.” Tatiana gasped dramatically and stared at me with wide eyes, “No!”

I nodded tucking my legs under me, “I know right? And now I’m stuck living with him because I didn’t want to be the maid of honor for my bitch of a sister. He was my boyfriend first, and she just had to ruin things for me, ever since highschool days. She always does things to make me out to be this horrible sister when its far from the truth.” I sniffled and drank the rest of my wine in one gulp.

Tatiana opens her mouth to say something, but I beat her to it. I was on a roll. “And I just know he feels the same, but he’s still going through with the marriage. Am I really not good enough for him? Maybe Georgia’s right. I am just a waste of space.” I laughed humorlessly, blinking back tears, leaning back on the foot of her couch.

“And then, my sister says she’ll kill me if I don’t stay away from him and then she encourages me to sleep with him. Shits confusing and I don’t know what to do.”

Who the fuck am I kidding? Alonzo and me? That’s just a dream that’s not gonna come true. Ever since Georgia came into the picture I’ve been put to the back burner, the leftovers.

She’d get the best of the best and I’d get the pick-me-ups that were forced to the side. I’ve learned to live with it somewhat, which is a lot when it comes to my oh so happy family. What a joke.

“Wow. That was deep girl...and here I thought we were talking about dicks.”

I laughed hard, throwing a pillow cushion at her. Only fucking Tatiana.

I sobered up and smiled at her sheepishly, “I’m sorry for ruining our talk with my problems,” she waves a dismissive hand at my apology. “If anything I’m glad you told me, and from what I learned, there’s more going on that you don’t know about.” That’s a huge understatement.

“But I know exactly what you need to do.” I look at her skeptically, waiting to hear this plan of hers, “You need to show this dude what he’s missing.” I roll my eyes at that. Why was she sending me on mission impossible? “There’s no way I can pull that off. I’m no where close to beautiful like Georgia.”

She puts her wine glass down on the coffee table and crawls over to me, “Look boo, I can see that you like this guy a lot, and your use to letting that sister of yours get her way. But you need to figure out what you want, which I know for a fact is that fine, sexy pole of Alonzo’s.” I grin at that, “And your beautiful, no matter what a skanky, ass bitch wanna say. He was your man first, so go get him.”

I blink back tears looking at her. No one has ever stood up for me like that before. Not even my father. “Oh hun, come here.” I hug her tight, trying my best not to let my ugly, ass tears make an appearance. “Thank you, Tatiana,” she hits me with that killer smile of hers, “No problem girl and call me, Tati.” I smile at her, thinking that I finally found a real friend that wasn’t trying to use me to get close to Georgia. Its been a while.

“Come on, let’s go work on a full prove plan to get your man.” She tries to pull me up with her to stand, but we both ended up falling down on the couch laughing our asses off. We were more than just a little drunk right now.

“Are you sure that we’re not messing up a marriage?”

She rolls her eyes at me, “Girl please, from the way I see it, that nigga still likes you too, and that sister got a run for her money. I mean, girl look at you...can he really say no to that ass?”

“Shut up,” Now it was my turn to roll my eyes at her, although I was trying to hide my smile.

Maybe working at Papa Peli’s wasn’t so bad after all...


“Where the fuck have you been?”

The question was immediately thrown at me when I made it to the large foyer of the house to see Alonzo standing there, looking deliciously handsome...and angry.

I take in his furrowed eyebrows, those plump lips in a thin line, the slight tick in his sharp jawline, to his bulging biceps straining against his T-shirt with his arms folded across his chest. And his eyes...there was a storm brewing in those blue depths.

The grey sweatpants he was wearing was hanging low on his hips in a way that could get any woman creaming for him. His just-out-of-bed dark hair was sticking out in all sorts of directions, like he ran his hands through it a hundred times. This level of beauty should be illegal.

He just stood there staring at me, dark eyes stormy, with his legs a little apart, looking a preditor ready to pounce on his prey. A very sexy preditor...

“I asked you a question, Kalani. Where have you been all night and this morning?” He forced the words out through clenched teeth and I blink up at him twice.

Suddenly Tatiana’s words this morning came back to the fore front of my mind, “Make him mad then watch him work for it...”

“I was at a friend’s.” I could tell that my response only seem to anger him more because his eyes seem to get a shade darker. Was this plan really gonna work? Should I really make the guy more mad than he already seemed to be?

“A friend’s all night then to two in the afternoon?”

I roll my eyes him, “Yes, and your point is?” This much rolling of my eyes was gonna get them stuck in my head one day.

He makes his way to me looking every bit of calm and collected, but I knew better. He was seething. “What did I tell you about that attitude?”

“That I can use it whenever I want to,” I sassed. He moved so fast, I didn’t have time to react. He grips my hands and spins me around, pushing my front to a nearby wall. His hard muscular body pushes into my back and I have to fight the moan that wanted to leave my lips. Lani, focus. Remember the plan...“Let me go.”

“Your letting someone fuck my pussy?” he said, completely ignoring my request.

An involuntary gasp left my lips at his dirty words and my pussy instantly turned wet in response. God, he was making this hard for me. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for the words that I knew was gonna change the game for the both of us.

“I’m sure your fiancé wouldn’t like to hear you owning my pussy, now would she? Let me go, Alonzo.”

His hands instantly leaves my body and he backs away from me like I’ve burnt him. I turn around and was met with dark, smoldering blue eyes. His jaw looks like it was gonna break any moment if he continues clenching it. “Your right, Kalani, and for that I apologize.”

Wait, what?

I try not to let my disappointment show as I nod at him and pick up my bag that fell due him man handling me on the wall. Was this really the end of us? Wasn’t he going to fight for me? I know deep down he feels it, that charge of heat that always seem to be there whenever we’re in a room together and that want that always seem to be present when we can’t get enough of each other.

I wanted him to fight.

But looking at him now, I knew that Georgia had him right where she wanted him. Now I know what she meant when she was encouraging me to go after him. She knew he would never act upon those desires because he didn’t have any. It was one sided, he never did feel those things...he was just humoring me and I fell for it.

But how can I not? He was the only one there when I felt like I couldn’t face another day...and I was I suppose to throw that away because my sister and family thought my feelings were irrelevant? Fuck no.

I can’t watch the man that I care about be swept away to marry someone I know he doesn’t love. It would be so wrong. For him. For us. I just can’t let that happen.

“Apology accepted.”

He nods and I step around him to get to the stairs, hoping that he would stop me. Needing him to stop me from climbing them and stopping what we have. “Kalani, I...”

I turn back around, eager to hear what he had to say. “Just tell me when your gonna stay out that late again. You had me worried.” My heart felt like it deflated like a balloon. It wasn’t much, but I’d take it. It was much better than having us going back to ignoring each other like children.

I give him a small smile, making sure he saw how much that one little sentience meant to me, “Will do...daddy.”

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