Siblings by Day, Lovers by Night

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When her mother goes on what may very well be a year-long, world-spanning trip with her new husband Eveline Foster is sent to live with her lust-inducing brother, Damien Gage Despite enjoying their long overdue reunion, however, she's annoyed at all the women who stare at him like one would a delicious treat. As repressed desires run amok, Damien and Evie can't help but feel the burning desire to strengthen their family bonds...which is going to require a whole lot of skinship.

Romance / Erotica
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Honestly, what the hell am I doing?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself all this time, yet never any closer to an answer no matter how many times I asked.

What was happening right now was something that was a great invasion of privacy. I knew that. I understood that very well. But although I knew I shouldn’t, I still couldn’t help but continue my quiet spying.

Because there, just below me, sitting down with two other figures on the large, soft couch that resided in the house’s living room, was Damien.

My Damien.

My brother Damien.

And I watched in fascination while a sheen of sweat bult along his skin due to the act he performed.

I saw contours of hard muscles flex seductively as he moved, rippling with each small movement as he pounded the blonde-haired woman in front of him.

And how he slowly, sensuously, rocked his hips when two slender legs wrapped around his waist in desperation.

I noticed another woman sat just beside them, kissing him deeply and cradling his face with her dainty hands. Their tongues teased each other, both attempting to breath the other in.

This woman was a dark-haired thing with large brown eyes, the kind of woman who looked like the pretty and innocent type. When I met her for the first time not even half a day ago, she even was. But right now that was far from being true.

With the rising of the moon the woman had become decidedly naughty, bringing Damien’s head low to suck a perfectly round, ample breast. Devoid of shame as she let his hands play with the moist valley between her thighs. Grinding against his fingers, legs quivering while he brought her to orgasm, collapsing against him as she begged for more.

The three had gone at it for maybe an hour already. I wasn’t sure. It was long past midnight now and yet even still they indulged in the carnal pleasures of the flesh.

It all began when I’d left for the bathroom down the hall. I slept early, exhausted after my long flight, and had needed to empty my bladder after all the drinks I’d had during the party.

It was at that time, as I was walking back to my room, when I heard it. The soft, muffled moans. The sound of flesh hitting flesh and the creaking of furniture.

And when I looked down from the second floor a mesmerizing sight greeted me.

A sight that brought up a plethora of emotions. Anger, sadness, rejection... jealousy....

And so I watched, enthralled, as Damien tormented them. I knew that they loved it too, knew that they reveled in it.

You could tell by the way they writhed about, biting their lips and clinging to him at every opportunity. Rubbing against him, as if he were a drug, their eyes staring at him as if he were some delicious treat they wanted to thoroughly savor. And they did, kissing and licking every inch of him. Tongues hot, tracing tattoos I never knew he had all the way down towards that monstrous thing that’d just been inside them.

Even from up here I could tell clearly how much they seemed to enjoy the taste of themselves.

Seeing them like that, acting like bitches in heat, sparked in me an intense dislike for the two women...but also something else, too. Because though I hated them, a certain other part of my body reacted differently.

I wasn’t even aware of when it happened. I was so focused on them that I didn’t notice one of my hands slipping between my thighs until it I was already wet.

Of course I knew that this, too, was wrong. But I couldn’t stop myself. My fingers moved as if they had a mind of their own, bringing about a slow-rising flame. And as those flame started to run wild I began to picture myself in their position.

I clearly imagined Damien’s hands roaming all over my naked body, pinching, biting, sucking all my sensitive spots as if he’d done it a thousand times before and would do it a thousand times more. Taking me from every position, every angle.

Roughly, passionately, bringing me closer to heaven with every passing second.

I could almost feel his strong, powerful arms holding my body to his. Both of us marveling, loving, how the softness of my body contrasted pleasantly with the hardness of his own. His erect member standing tall and proud, slowly inching into me, testing my depths.

My body slowly molding around him, wanting to forever stay in that state of pure bliss.

It was disgusting. it was Immoral. It was... wrong. But I didn’t even care. Because it felt so right.

And my hand worked tirelessly in response to my imaginings. As for the other, it was over my mouth in an attempt to keep my ragged panting from being detected.

And just like that I continued to pleasure myself while continuing to watch.

Hating them.

...Envying them....

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