The flower on the riverbank (Book 1 - The sprout)

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The girl with the strange blue eyes had to disguise herself as a boy. It was the only way she could have called the battlefield home for so long now, that she can barely remember the life she had prior. The clashing of the swords mirroring the clashing of the feelings inside of her – should she trust this General or not? Can she put her trust in them, in men, when they are responsible for all the horrors she has witnessed for half of her life? Love appears in someone’s life from strange places and takes them to even stranger ones. A tale of growing up, friendship and romance. This novel has a historical setting, in old Korea, when the great Silla people managed to unify the lands of the Three Kingdoms. It is a slice of life story seasoned with some spice on the side. The 18+ rating is due to some explicit scenes, but from cover to cover the story wants to give the reader the opportunity to get to know and grow closer to the characters as they grow up and mature. This is the first part of a 3 novel series. (I need to acknowledge the work and help of a wonderful leprechaun -she says - a member of our inkitt community: smircle, for proofreading my chapters - if your reading experience comes unhindered by grammar faults please know it is because of her help - she is also a great writer so check her profile out)

Romance / Drama
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Confession of the storyteller

Hello, fellow members of the inkitt community. I am happy you stopped by.

In this world so full of people it seems the most difficult thing to do is to actually reach someone(having COVID in mind please practice safety above all else). The same can be said about the world of inkitt, where I have found so many talented fellow authors. So many good reads and I would explore them all, review them all if only I had the most precious of all resources: time.

Time is needed also for creating a story, time and imagination. Unfortunately, I do not possess an imagination that would allow me to create a fantastic world as beautiful and as complex as our own. So, I cheated a little and I used history for my novel. Some Korean history – I am not an educated expert only and curious enthusiast.

To any Korean readers that may stumble by – please forgive me if I have offended you or was unjust towards your wonderful culture and history.

As a disclaimer – I am fully aware that the story in my book does not follow exactly Korean customs, way of living or traditions – it is a work of fiction.

For example:

- the respect for your superior or elders is the basis of Korean lifestyle and the human relationship would not have been so warm and fuzzy as I depicted in my book;

- the names used are coming from modern era because the history accurate names would have been harder to use and remember; the term of Noona ( it is an honorific meaning elder sister) should have been different depending on who is speaking the name: a younger boy or a younger girl – if you want to dive in the details you can use this wiki article,

- not to mention the English expressions and quotes that obviously come from the current common English colloquialism and may not even find a correspondent in Korean – anyway – you get the point: the book is not a history lesson, it is a figment of my imagination.

Having said all that, I do want to get the reader immersed in my story with some references. I compiled a couple of links that I also used in my research prior to writing the book so I am sharing them with you: A little info about the time frame when my story is set:–Tang_War People’s

clothing and look the time – taken from a talented artist that recreates historic accurate costumes:

Countryside housing:

The capital city of Seorabeol

Region of Wiryeseong(current day Seol)

Reference for the northern fortress:

I would like to also acknowledge the artist(aren’t artists wonderful?) that created the images I am using as cover for the book – all the images are under license.

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