I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 10

~Ridian’s POV~

When Ridian woke up, it was still dark outside. Checking his alarm clock it read 5:00am. He had three hours before he had to get to school. Dragging himself out of bed he put on a pair of jogger’s sweats, a wife beater and a large gray hoodie. Then he grabbed his iPod off his bedside table flipping it to the workout playlist he’d made which was basically all electronic and dance music before silently walking out his room.

Ghosting down the steps towards the front door he could hear the snores and the murmurs of Sam and his parents who were still asleep. Skipping the last step that creaked with a light hop he slid on his sneakers in front of the door and opened it slowly praying the hinges had been oiled recently by the maid. They had been and made no sound as he exited the house.

Closing it softly and locking it behind him he flipped up his hood, turned up his music and began his morning jog. Being one of the lacrosse captains at school meant he had to rely on himself to stay in shape even with practice. Besides, he thought. Six packs don’t make themselves.

Continuing on his regular path down the block he soon found himself in front of Carla’s house. He stopped, jogging in pace slowly as he looked up at the grand three story mansion. He looked towards Carla’s window on the west side of the house. It was dark.

My little cupcake is still sleeping huh? he thought as a deep fondness swelled in his chest at the thought of Carla. Another emotion swelled too but he pushed it down like he’d been doing for the past two weeks, as the time to express it was not right. Tucking his hood tighter around him he continued on his run.

When he arrived back home it was now 6:00am and the sun was beginning to rise in the sky. He didn’t bother to be quiet opening the front door because he could already here the sounds of the rest of the family waking up. By the time that he finished showering and getting dressed, he could already smell the delicious scent of bacon, waffles and eggs floating up the stairs from the kitchen.

He walked out of his room running into Sam on the stairs. He gave her a smile and she gave him a brilliant one back.

“Mornin’ big bro,” Sam said cheerfully as she pranced down the stairs. Ridian laughed. He’d been surprised at how excited Sam was to have an older brother but it was cute. Sam was nice.

“Hey there little sis,” he responded while ruffling her hair to her annoyance and his amusement on his way into the kitchen.

“Can’t you be the big brother without the typical annoying shit?” Sam complained as she followed him into the kitchen while smoothing her hair back down. Ridian snickered while picking up a piece of bacon from the table and munching down.

“I thought you wanted a big brother. I’m just playing the part,” he teased. Sam rolled her eyes while filling a glass of orange juice from the fridge.

“Maybe I need to change the script,” she muttered. Ridian sneaked behind her and right when she put the carton back down he wrapped his hands around her waist and picking her up before throwing her over his shoulders. She squealed and banged on his back but was laughing the whole time.

“Let me down Ridian! This is so not funny! Let me down!” Ridian shook his head before realizing she couldn’t see him.

“Not before you say that I’m the Best Big Brother in the Whole World and if I Wasn’t Your Brother You Would Totally Date Me!” he responded smirking evilly. He could feel the shudder run through Sam and didn’t have to see her face to know it had blanched.

“Never!” she cried. Ridian shrugged making her bounce a little.

“Well then I guess you’ll have to stay up there then. Isn’t it nice to be tall for a little while?“he asked innocently.

“Uggghhhh,” Sam groaned banging on his back some more. Their parents chose to walk in at that moment, still in their pajamas with tired but amused eyes. Ridian’s dad was the CEO of a major medical corporation so he decided his own hours and Sam’s mom was a writer so she worked from home or from a coffee shop most days.

“What’s going on here?” she asked as she poured herself a steaming mug of coffee. “Thank you George,” she said sweetly to their chef who was standing at attention off to the side. He nodded once.

“Ridian’s bullying me!” Sam cried. Ridian’s father raised an eyebrow.

“Is that true son?” Anyone who didn’t know him would’ve thought he was being stern by the tone of his voice but Ridian saw the twinkle in his eye that meant he was enjoying himself.

“Not at all,” Ridian said calmly as he worked to keep a grip on the wiggling form of Sam. “Sam was so excited to have a big brother I thought I’d just perform my duties as elegantly as I could but she won’t admit to me that I’m doing a good job. She even wanted me to stop,” he finished with fake puppy dog eyes. Sam’s mom laughed at him before containing herself.

“Do you see how ridiculous this is?” Sam all but shrieked.

“I don’t know,” her mother said. “I feel as though Ridian has a good point. He’s just trying to be a good brother to you,” she snickered into her coffee mug.

“Mom!” Sam cried out in disbelief.

“I agree with your mother,” Ridian’s dad said before climbing to his feet, coffee mug in one hand and newspaper in the other.

“Dave!” Sam cried out in protest.

“Thank you father,” Ridian said with a polite smile that he was barely able to make as his parents left the room to go up to their separate studies.

“Don’t be late for school!” They heard Sam’s mom yell down from the top of the stairs before the sound of two doors closing radiated throughout the house. A moment of silence followed where Ridian continued to chow down on the delicious breakfast spread. As he was chugging back some orange juice, the same one Sam had previously poured she spoke.

“Are you going to let me down now?” Sam asked in tired defeat.

“Are you going to be a good girl and say what I asked?” Ridian replied as he shoved a forkful of eggs in his mouth. Sam was silent, then an idea came to her.

“I’m in the perfect position to give you a wedgie right now,” she said in a teasing sing song voice. Ridian dropped her so fast she slipped and would’ve landed on her bum if he didn’t catch her and plant her safely in one of the stools surrounding the island.

“Let’s not jump to extremes,” he said cautiously with a scared look on his face. Sam simply snickered before digging into some chocolate chip pancakes. One delicious breakfast later they both rushed off to school in order to not be late as their kitchen shenanigans had eaten up more of their time than they’d thought.

Ridian walked into first period chemistry just as the bell rang, earning himself a sharp look from Mrs. Trudle. That little old lady was sweet but she had a mean streak right on next to the gray running through her hair. He slunk off to the back right next to Carla. She turned towards him and gave him a smile that although it didn’t quite reach her eyes was enough to make his heart beat a little faster.

She turned to her backpack to take out her class supplies giving him a moment to appreciate her beauty. Her brown hair was in an up do with a few curls wisping around her face. Ridian’s hand itched to curl them back around her cutely shaped ears. She wore no make up not that she needed any with her beautiful pale skin and gorgeous emerald eyes that seemed to unravel every secret Ridian had ever kept.

He didn’t bother to look at her outfit to entranced with her facial beauty. Mrs. Trudle started her lecture on molarity and before Ridian even knew what he was doing he was already whispering to Carla. He knew he shouldn’t get too close with her but he couldn’t help himself. Her presence enough made his pulse race.

“Hey cupcake,” he whispered quietly so as not to alert Mrs. Trudle to his words. She glanced over at him and he gave her a smirk. When her hair moved the scent of lemon and honey shampoo wafted over to Ridian and it was all he could do not to inhale deeply. He didn’t need her getting creeped out by him.

“Hey loverboy,” she responded with a small smirk of her own. Ridian’s heart raced at his new nickname and he couldn’t help grinning wider as his grey eyes sparkled.

“A nickname for me? I’m so touched,” he whispered dramatically while wiping away an imaginary tear. Carla snorted softly. This time her smile reached her eyes. Good, Ridian thought. Stay like this, please.

“It’s more of an insult but take it as you will,” Ridian fake gasped in return and put a severely hurt look on his face. Carla snickered quietly. Even if it has to be at my expense, I’m fine with it, Ridian thought. Just please laugh more. Just be happy.

“So where were you yesterday?” Ridian said a little later in the class. “I looked for you after school but couldn’t find you. I thought we were walking buddies,” he gave her a puppy dog look. She raised an eyebrow.

“Tad bit co-dependent much?” she asked. Ridian immediately blushed in embarrassment but disguised it with a comment of his own.

“What can I say? I’ve got a serious sweet tooth,“. He winked before taking his time looking her up and down nice and slow so that by the time he reached her eyes again he was blushing furiously. “Delicious,” he commented while licking his lips in what he hoped was a sexy way, not a panting dog way.

Carla swatted at him causing him to laugh loudly. Mrs. Trudle glared at the both of them and opened her mouth ready to give out a reprimand but the bell rang signaling class over. Carla rushed out the room before Ridian could catch up and by the time he got out into the hallway she was gone. His heart sank at not being able to see her one last time.

Due to their block schedule this was the only class they had together on A days. Shouldering his bag he made to go down the north wing hallway towards pre-calc when he felt a thin and bony hand wrap with a surprsingly strong grip on his forearm.

He looked down and was met with the sight of Stephanie. He sighed in disgust in annoyance. She was pressing her entire body to his side like a damn leech and he could literally feel the patience and energy he had being sucked away with every passing moment.

“Heyyyy there Ridian,” Stephanie purred in what he thought was her attempt at being sexy. It only succeeded in sending shivers down his spine. Unlatching her from his arm and taking a step back he gave her a weary look.

“What do you want Stephanie?” Stephanie gave a fake pout like his words really hurt her before slipping back into what could only be described as slut mode.

Ridian watched in amusement and sick fascination as she literally pulled up her mini skirt so half her ass cheek was visible, pulled down her tank top till you could see the top of her bra and then pushed her boobs up so they were nearly spilling out. Ridian didn’t know wether to laugh or puke. He didn’t think he was physically capable of doing both at the same time so he settled for a look of moderate displeasure and a lip curled in disgust.

“Just wondering if you wanted to meet me after school,” Stephanie said in a low voice while tracing her finger over his chest. Ridian sighed pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand. He did not have time for this shit.

“What’s the most important thing in life to you?” he asked bluntly with a plain expression on his face. Stephanie looked momentarily taken aback but she quickly recovered.

“Let’s see, to be popular of course so that in turn includes money and looking hot,” she concluded with a grin on her face like she’d just given a Noble Peace Prize winning speech. Ridian stared at her stricken. She couldn’t be serious.

“And that right there, is why our relationship will never be more, than two students who go to the same school. My stomach couldn’t bear anymore of the toxicity of your personality and my brain cells couldn’t bear any more of the ignorance of your words. Good day,” he said before walking off and leaving a shocked Stephanie standing fish mouthed in the middle of the empty hall.

The rest of the day was dull and boring since he didn’t get to see Carla once. She didn’t even show up for lunch. She’d been acting a little weird and distant since yesterday and he wanted to talk to her during their walk home. He could barely concentrate in his classes and was just counting the minutes till they were over. When the final bell rang he rushed to Carla’s locker, excited to see her again even it was just to walk her home and found a note taped to the outside.

Went on ahead

Had lots of homework

See you tomorrow

xoxo ;)

At the sight of the xoxo Ridian broke into a wide grin not even caring if she was serious or not. He’d only dreamed of the day when he could kiss and hug her all he wanted. For now, he had to move slow. This was not the time to rush anything. Content with the note he went off to practice.

It was grueling since their game was tomorrow and four hours later he wanted to collapse into the sweaty pile of limbs that he was. It took all his energy just to drag himself into the showers. The warm liquid massaged his aching muscles and provided enough pain relief for him to be able to walk home.

Saying a quick hello to his parents in the kitchen and a grunt to Sam as he passed her open doored room he declined dinner and went straight to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow his eyes drifted shut, letting sleep take him. The last thing he saw before the darkness over came his mind was the image of Carla’s laughing face and he fell asleep with a smile on his lips.

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