I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 16

“You can’t be serious.” The week had flown by filled with Carla desperately trying to avoid the two boys attempting to woo her favor and the best friend who kept hunting her with makeup tools, in order to study and gain some piece of mind. Eventually her home which used to be her torture house became her safe haven.

They had rewrote the terms of the Elimination Game when Carla said another two dates in one week wasn’t enough time for her to think between dates and decided she would only have two more dates total. One this week with Peter on Friday and one with Ridian next week also on Friday and then she had to give them her final decision at the Halloween Party at Sam’s house next Saturday. Everyone agreed at lunch on Tuesday and it was settled.

When Friday rolled around she wanted to get on her knees and pray to God for thanks, glad that the week was over and she could just get on with her dates. Peter had told her to dress in workout wear for like indoor training so she had put on some MC Hammer styled black sweat pants that stopped just above the ankle and a loose white crop top sleeveless tank top that showed off a mid rif of her stomach and sneaks.

The scar on her side from the fire poker was above her belly button and most of her bruises and scabs had faded from going so long without abuse from her mother. Carla hardly remembered what the pain even felt like and she rarely saw her mother around either. Caught up in the craziness of her newfound love life she didn’t pay much attention to the weirdness of her home life.

She didn’t have many workout clothes. Her “workouts” were mostly running from her mother but even that wasn’t happening lately. It appeared she’d chosen her style correctly because when Peter had picked her up at seven he’d driven her to a dance studio downtown for surprise hip hop lessons. Carla was less than amused.

“I repeat, you cannot be serious.” Carla said as she turned to face a smirking Peter, wide eyed in disbelief. He wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer.

“Oh but I am,” He whispered making her shudder. She stepped away from him.

“Then intelligent you are not if you actually think I’m going in there,” Carla stated while pointing through the window to the dance studio that already had some couples warming up with stretches.

“Come on!” Peter groaned. “It’ll be fun. Why don’t you want to go?” He asked staring deeply into her eyes trying to puppy dog her into going in. She wasn’t having it.

“I don’t think you’ve noticed but I am white. White people don’t dance. Scratch that intelligent white people don’t dance. Least of all, when we are sober and completely aware of our actions.” Peter laughed at her reason.

“What about Dance Dance Revolution? You kicked ass at that,” he pointed out. Carla scoffed and looked at him blankly.

“I stepped on some arrows that lit up at the same time on the screen as they did on the floor. Big, freaking, whoop. That in no way means I can keep to a real rhythm that isn’t some weird asian techno pop.” Peter sighed tucking his hands into his grey sweats that were hung dangerously low on his hips and revealed what looked like the very top of a very hard V line. Carla unconsciously licked her lips.

“I just really wanted to dance with you. Guess you don’t feel the same. Let’s go, we can always see a movie or something...” Peter trailed off staring down at his high tops. Carla sighed unfolding her arms knowing that she was falling for his trap but not caring since he looked super cute in his navy blue beanie and loose black shirt that still clung slightly to his abs.

“I didn’t say that.” Carla cleared her throat before awkwardly crossing and uncrossing her arms. Peter broke out into a grin and grabbed her wrist before tugging her into the room before she could speak another word of protest. Before they even got a yard or so into the room Peter was torn from her grasp by a short tan skinned women.

“Pan!” She cried out tackling him into a bear hug.

“Langley!” He laughed in reply as he swung the small lady around in a circle, making her giggle. When he finally set her down they did a sort of dap before hugging again. Carla watched them in amusement.

“Where’ve you been bro?! I’ve missed you in class. You know I need my favorite teacher’s pet.” The one called Langley spoke bouncing slightly in her gray high tops making her curly afro bounce around her shoulders with her. She was cute like a little kid but she looked like she was either in college or fresh out. Peter scratched behind his head smiling guiltily.

“Just here and there. I’ve been busy with sports and didn’t have time to come lately but that’ll change I promise!” He quickly added as Langley’s eyes narrowed into a glare. Suddenly they settled on Carla who’d been standing off to the side near the door watching the whole exchange with a small smile on her face.

“Is that her?” Langley asked inspecting Carla although her question was directed to Peter. Peter quickly stepped in front of her blocking her from view of Langley and Carla heard him mutter to her.

“Yes that’s her. You promised you’d be nice,” he hissed under his breath. She heard a snort from Langley.

“Alright whatever you say Pan. But not too nice,” she added while walking away towards the stereo at the front of the room.

“What was that about?” Carla whispered to Peter when he resumed her side and they began walking towards the small group forming in front of Langley at the front of the room. There were only about three other couples there.

“Nothing. She’s just an old friend of mine,” Peter said not elaborating any more and before Carla could pester him for more information Langley cleared her throat and started speaking.

“Welcome to the couples introductory hip hop class.” Polite applause ensued and a whoop from Peter at which she smiled. “I am going to treat you guys like I do all my dancers so it’l be rigorous and you will work up a sweat while here but you will leave more coordinated for any dancing experience in your future,” Carla smiled hopefully at that. Then she focused back on Langley who seemed to be pointing right at her. Then she realized it was Peter who after a little prodding and finally Langley herself walking over to drag him went to the front of the room.

“This cute little thang right here,” she began gesturing to a now blushing Peter as Carla snickered. “Is Pan. His real name is Peter but I call him Pan and I think you guys can all guess the wit behind that name.” There were slight chuckles in the crowd and even Peter stopped blushing to crack a smirk.

“This guy has been dancing probably since before he could walk he was already busting moves. And something I firmly believe in for teaching is proving your credibility to your students and what better way for a dance teacher to prove that than to dance? Enjoy!” Langley said with a devious grin before she walked over to the speaker and pressed play.

She moved to the front of the room to get in position for the dance she was about to do while the opening notes of 2AM by Adrian Marcel flowed out. What surprised Carla was that Peter walked to the front to join her. Her jaw nearly dropped when they started dancing. He was damn good.

His moves were sharp and on point with the beats of the music. Carla found herself smiling and bobbing her head to the music as she watched. Both Peter and Langley were completely in sync with each other and it looked on point. When it hit the chorus and started saying “Its 2am,” Peter did a little step while turning in a small circle and slightly gyrating his waits. His V line peeked out and Carla bit her lip.

When he started to freestyle and he lifted his shirt to his mouth biting the hem showing off his glistening abs while he body rolled, his left hand on the right side of his hand and his right hand on the left side of his stomach while swirling his hips in a motion that made Carla get the urge to jump him and ride him like horseback right then and there.

It seems she wasn’t the only one getting excited as she heard a squeal and some feminine groans of appreciation to her right. She turned her head to see a little dirty blond with a bob cut bouncing around on her pink high tops with her eyes glued to Ridian. The closer Carla looked at her the more she noticed how....pink she was.

Neon pink high tops, Little soft pink victoria secret booty short, a reddish pink cropped tank that barely covered her boobs so you could still see the bright pink push up bra peeking above. Even her bony little fingers ended in long pink nails. She looked like a fucking pepto bismol bottle.

Carla narrowed her eyes at the way she was staring at Peter and ignoring her pathetic looking date clad in basketball shorts, jordans, a wife beater that didn’t do any good for his skinny lanky frame and glasses. Carla was starting to wonder how those two even ended up together but her attention snapped back to the front of the room when she heard the music end.

Along with everybody else she clapped and grinned widely at Peter who looked slightly out of breath but happy at everyones reaction. He sent a wink her way and she blushed slightly hearing someone intake their breath sharply from her right. She looked and saw pepto bismol glaring at her and she smugly smirked back.

“So do you think we’re fit to be your teachers?” Langley asked with a laugh, smoothing her curls back from her face as she turned off the music. She was met with a chorus of whoops and “yes’s” and both she and Peter shared a grin.

“Alright let’s get down to work. You guys are going to learn the dance we just showed you.” After hearing the groans of disbelief that ensued Langley clapped her hands to get their attention and raised her eyebrows. “Now don’t think we are getting you to that perfection level we just showed you but we’ll at least get you guys used to moving your bodies in tune to rhythm.” There were some grunts of acceptance before the room fell silent again.

As the night progressed Langley and Peter worked with all the people to get looser and follow the rhythm. There was an asian couple that were so stiff their body rolls looked like the robot but they were too busy having fun laughing at each other to care. Carla smiled at how sweet they were.

There was a black couple that kept yelling at each other and getting frustrated over not getting the moves right. Langley kept trying to calm them down but to no avail. It was Peter who eventually walked over and spoke quietly to the man. When he was finished the man took a deep breath and stopped yelling at his girlfriend. They were even smiling at a later point in the night.

Pepto and glasses weren’t really getting anywhere. Langley had to take over after Peter gave up because Pepto just kept trying to gyrate on him rather than learn the moves and glasses would just watch from the sidelines biting his lip nervously. Langley forced them to finally start the actual dance much to Carla’s relief and Peptos disappointment.

Carla was actually doing better than she’d thought. Due to her earlier years of ice skating she was quite flexible and the body rolls came easy to her. Peter still took advantage of gripping her hips against his own and showing her how by body rolling with her while pepto looked on in jealousy. Carla blushed furiously the whole time but never pushed him away, relishing the feel of his closeness.

When it was near the end of the class Langley stood back up at the front of the room and said they’d go through the routine once as a class and then the farthest student would do it by themselves at the front of the room. There were a few nervous laughs to which she just smiled before playing the sound.

Once the music turned on Carla took a deep breath and just closed her eyes trying to let her body follow the music. To her surprise she kept up quite well until the end of the song and since her eyes were closed she didn’t see Langley and Peter break away to watch the group. When the song ended she opened her eyes, smiling at her mini success.

Then Peter’s eyes locked down on hers and dread filled her. Oh no, she thought.

“Oh yes,” Peter mouthed to her, reading her thoughts off her face. He pointed at her and gestured for her to come up. She ducked her head in depression but followed his directions and heard the muffled curses as she passed pepto. That made her smile and she lifted her head up, suddenly not scared anymore.

“You know what to do,” Langley said with a wink before restarting the song and backing away. Carla gulped looking at all the eyes on her. When she found Peter’s he nodded encouragingly and she slowly nodded back. When the note hit for the start of the dance she threw herself into the music and let it take her away.

She had he vague sense that people were watching her but she was more focused on feeling the base beat in her chest and matching her body to the rhythm. When she zoned back in at the end of the song everyone was cheering and clapping for her. Even pepto looked mildly impressed.

“That was great!” Peter exclaimed while everyone was packing up to go home. Carla shrugged but smiled up at hime, a little proud at her achievement.

“I guess even white girls can dance with the right teacher,” she said with a wink. Peter smiled at her joke and kissed her softly on the lips. It took her by surprise and she could taste their sweat mingling on his lips but she didn’t care and happily kissed him back.

Carla returned to her house later that night, sweaty, tired, happy, and confused. She didn’t realize she could get so jealous over Peter which must mean that she really like him but she didn’t know if she liked his body or if she liked him. Ridian hadn’t really given her the same sexual tension and intense flames she’d gotten from Peter but her and Ridian also hadn’t done anything that would make her feel that way; yet.

As she got ready for bed Carla vowed to try and make Ridian kiss her on the next date so she could compare. She didn’t want to date someone simply because they were chill and set her eyes ablaze with her hotness and she also didn’t want to choose someone who could possibly just be on that big brother status. This Elimination Game was turning out to be harder than she’d thought.

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