I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 19

After Carla told Ridian her choice they hugged and there was some squealing on her part when he picked her up and spun her out of sheer happiness. Then they returned to the party which was now in full throttle, ready to enjoy. It was around 10pm that they announced the Costume Contest. That was the only time they were separated as Sam stole her away to help her put on her costume.

“Sam I cannot go out there looking like this. It’s ridiculously embarrassing.” Carla stared down at her costume with nervous eyes but Sam just looked at her like she was wearing gold.

“What? You said she’s basically the only reason you’d ever watched Batman before. Why not dress up like on of your idols?” Sam continued to adjust the skirt and corset piece until Carla felt like she could barely breathe.

“Yeah I like her but I feel so naked,” Carla complained. Sam snorted at her words.

“Funny you say that when most of your skin is covered except for your upper arms and a little of your chest. If anyone’s naked it’s me,” Sam countered. Carla looked at her costume and realized she was right.

Sam was going as Catwoman and although she was covered from head to toe in black leather it hid, no crack, no curve no anything from view it was so tight up against her skin. Not to mention it was zipped down in front of the boobs so her cleavage game was strong. She looked ridiculously hot.

Her Harley Quinn costume consisted of black and red tights that alternated her four diamond design on either leg. A black ruffled mini skirt that had white lace rimming the edges and flowed up into a black and red criss cross leather strap corset. She had a big white collar and short poofy white sleeves that were outlined with more black and red leather straps.

What Carla was most concerned about was that her boobs were covered but the cleavage was not. Lastly she had a black glove on one hand and a red glove on the other but the didn’t cover her hands and went up to her elbow. At the wrist they were stopped with white lace. Her weapon of choice was a silver bat striped with red like a candy cane.

Sam had even gone so far as the makeup job, rimming her eyes in black eyeliner, putting her hair in pony tails and spraying temporary black and red dye at the ends. Her lips were bright red and her face was powdered slightly whiter than usual. Looking in the mirror she looked pretty bad ass.

“Alright,” Carla sighed. “You’re right. It’s fine. Thanks for doing such a good job.” Sam sprang upwards a gleeful smile on her face.

“Finally you admit it! But thank you. Now let’s go win this shit!” Carla laughed and followed her friend downstairs. When they reached the ground floor the people of the party parted for them like the red sea and both her and Sam were receiving cat calls left and right. Carla blushed at this but held her head high, suddenly confident.

She nearly jumped out her skin when she heard Ridian’s voice whisper in her ear.

“Looking good cupcake.” She turned to find a breathtaking sight. She sucked in her breath through her teeth as she roamed over his body with her eyes. He was dressed like a gladiator. The costume itself was cheesy as hell but he wore it well.

He had a red cape and even a brown leather kilt and gladiator sandals. But what was making Carla’s heart beat fast was his lack of a shirt and the rippling six pack that was shiny as if he’d freshly oiled it or something.

“Like what you see?” He asked her smirking. Before she could stop herself she nodded her head as if in a trance before coming back to reality when her brain registered her actions. She heard Sam scoff from behind them.

“I’d like it better if that poor excuse for abs was covered up. And gladiator costume really? That’s as original as you could get? You might as well have gone as Edward from Twilight and shimmered a little.” Carla snorted at Sam’s words while Ridian’s face flushed with anger.

He started arguing back with her about how shiny black spandex isn’t a real costume and Carla decided to break the fight up before a repeat of the lunchroom catastrophe happened and Ridian ended up getting beaten down. Before she could speak she spotted Peter making his way over and her jaw literally dropped for two reasons.

One: He was cosplaying an anime and she’d never even known he was into that stuff like she was. Two: He was cosplaying Gray from Fairy Tail, her first anime and her favorite character from the show. The thing about gray was his outfit was basically low riding black pants, a silver necklace with a cross on it, a bandage on his arm and the symbol for fairy tail painted in blue on his chest. His shirtless chest.

Peter’s hard eight pack and prominent V line had Carla on the verge of drooling and it was only Ridian’s disgruntled throat clearing that snapped her out of it. He’d stop fighting with Sam who was now looking knowingly at Carla with a smirk on her face while she attempted to cross her arms over her busting bosom. She blushed feeling guilty before smiling at Ridian.

“It’s a nice costume,” she commented to Ridian. He puffed up a little at her small costume.

“Thanks. You as well. Very creative,” he responded pointing at her Harley Quinn costume.

“I know,” Sam answered for her with a smirk making Ridian narrow his eyes in anger again. Before Carla could intervene Peter walked up.

“Hey guys. Nice costumes!“he exclaimed with a smile to Sam and Carla completely ignoring Ridian. “Catwoman and Harley Quinn eh? Both sexy and creative. I’d tip my hat to you if I had one but instead I’ll just do this.” He then proceeded to roll his stomach like washboard abs making Carla blush furiously and Sam grunt in appreciation.

Ridian was the only one giving him a death glare which Peter completely ignored. After a moment or two he stopped and winked at the two girls.

“I must be going now ladies. Got some alcohol to drink, food to eat and friends to get wasted with. Good luck in the contest.” Carla and Sam weakly waved goodbye while Peter turned to go but Ridian stood in his path and gave him a tight lipped smile. Peter’s grin was brilliant and wide as he took Ridian in.

“Oh! Ridian. Didn’t even see you there. You just kind of blended in to the crowd. Try and stand out more will ya?” Peter asked in what was on the surface a joking tone but underneath anything but and sidestepped him before walking away. Carla sighed. This was more awkward than she’d thought it would be. Luckily that’s when the contest started, hosted by the DJ of the party.

“Let’s get this contest started!” He roared into the mic as the music shut off. The crowd roared back in approval.

“Alright this is how we’re going to do this. The contestants are going to line up on the second floor and perform a little “cat walk” down the stairs for us. There’s an online ballot in the app I created called DJ Hallo in the main page. The contestants are already there so just cast your vote for your favorite’s and we’ll project the winner on this screen who will win a 3 days 2 nigh trip to the Bahamas curtesy of Sam and Ridiannn!!!!” The crowd thundered at the announcement of the prize, even those who weren’t competing.

Sam’s Aunt was planning a trip to the Bahama’s with her husband but it fell through when she caught him cheating on her at a work function and gave the tickets up to her favorite niece; Sam. The DJ started playing a light bass beat as the contestants made their way to the second floor via the back staircase.

“Are you nervous?” Sam asked when they reached the landing and were close to the front. They could hear the chorus’s of cheers and boos that were coming up from the ground level as each person did their thing.

“A little. Actually a lottle. It’s like a little but more.” Sam laughed at Carla’s explanation and gave her a rub on the arm.

“You’ll be fine. Just pretend your me!” And with a wink and flip of her hair Sam stalked away to the top of the staircase before making her decent, hips swinging all the way down. Carla smiled at the theatrics of her friend and the loud cheers of the audience told her they liked it too. She heard the crack of a whip and the cheers got louder. She laughed, not fully believing Sam had cracked her whip on some poor party goer.

Then it was Carla’s turn. Her legs were shaking slightly as she made her way to the top of the stairs. Then she took a deep breath and took the first step. And tripped. But she caught herself with her bat, making it look almost intentional as she was now leaning against the railing, one leg sexily raised. The crowd cheered for her and she smiled.

The rest of her walk went smoothly and she even pretended to hit a few people with her bat, having fun. She went for the cutesy look bobbing her pigtails before going sexy and opening her legs wide while leaning forward on the bat. The crowd roared for her the entire time and then it was over. Carla returned to the top of the stairs breathless only to be engulfed in a hug by Sam.

“I told you you’d do fine!” Carla laughed along, slightly hysterical as the thrill of what she’d just done left her.

Sam won the costume contest probably because she was the sexiest thing in the house but Carla was happy for her, clapping along with the rest of the people. She’d avoided eye contact with Peter since he’d said hi before he contest and now she was looking for Ridian. She went up to the second floor, peering over the railing on the landing to get a better view when a voice sounded in her ear.

“Looking for something?” She jumped biting back a scream and whirled to find Ridian smiling at her.

“You cannot keep doing that!” she hissed making him laugh. After he saw her pouting he sobered up.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry. Forgive me?” Carla stared at him still glaring before sighing and uncrossing her arms.

“I was looking for you because,” then she smirked slyly and reached up to whisper into his ear. “I want to see your bedroom.” Ridian’s eyes widened and he gulped before taking her hand and immediately turning heel towards the third floor where his room was. Carla giggled at his eagerness.

The first thing Carla noticed about Ridian’s room was the size. It was so large. A king sized canopy bed in the center of his room, one wall entirely made up of closets, two bedside tables, a wall that sunk into a large nook that housed what looked like his office space, dressers to the right of the door and then his instruments to the left. Then Carla noticed what was on the navy blue walls.

Band cover posters covered the walls displaying a range from the classics like The Smashing Pumpkins to more recent like Coldplay and Greenday and some pop alternative like All Time Low and some ragers like Metallica and My Chemical Romance. Carla smiled happy that they shared the same taste in music. His desk was littered with books, unfinished homework and a bunch of CD’s. There was an electric drum set in one corner of his room to the left of the door and an acoustic guitar lay on a stand next to it.

Sports medals and trophies filled up one bookshelf, books on the other. There was a large dresser near the door to the right with a mirror on top of it and some cologne and deodorant on top of the dresser. He had double walk in closets on one wall and they were both open revealing one was for shoes and hats and the other was for clothes. A plush black carpet lay on the floor. Carla took of her shoes and squished her toes in the soft material.

“I love your room,” Carla murmured. Ridian came up behind her hugging her waist and resting his head on her hair.

“I love you,” he whispered back. Carla froze then immediately snorted out a laugh turning to face a blushing Ridian. “What?” he asked defensively, arms still loosely around her waist.

“Nothing,” she said through giggles. She stopped when she found Ridian smiling at her. “What?” she asked. Now she was the defensive one.

“It’s just your smile has become real again.” Carla’s eyes widened in shock. She hadn’t really noticed it but ever since Ridian had come back it’d become almost natural for the corners of her mouth to turn up.

“You’re right,” She said more to herself than Ridian. “Thank you.” She said looking him dead in the eye before impulsively reaching up on her tip toes and kissing him. The sweetness of the kiss was soon gone. Carla backed him up into his door frame and when he slammed against the wall he grunted but didn’t cry out, just kissed her harder.

His lips were soft and pushed and pulled in a rhythm with hers as sparks tingled up her spine. His hand trailed down her waist around her butt gently squeezing it before moving to her thigh which he hiked up against his leg, making her skirt ride up. In a swift movement Ridian turned them so Carla’s back was against the wall but she was off the ground, both legs wrapped around Ridian’s waist and he was hoisting her up by her thighs.

Carla trailed her tongue along his bottom lip requesting entrance to which he immediately consented. Then she was exploring the inside of his mouth. She pulled back for a second to gently nip his lip which made him groan and her smile. She trailed kisses along his jaw up to his ear where she paused and nipped again, letting her breath ghost across his skin and she felt him harden beneath her.

With a lot of effort she pushed him off of her dropping back onto the ground. But she kept pushing until he fell back on his bed. In one tug she pulled the string of the bow holding her corset up and it came undone, sliding off of her. She shrugged her shoulders and the sleeves followed. Ridian who’d been watching her finally got the memo and ripped off his cape standing up to drop his kilt.

Carla slowly swung her hips as she unzipped her skirt making it fall to the ground pooling around her feet. She turned so her back was to him before bending over and slowly pulling off her tights so that she was in nothing but her black lace underwear. She hear his intake of breath and when she turned back there was nothing but lust in his darkened gray eyes. She smirked but then yelped when he reached for her, grabbing her by the waist and lightly tossing her on his bed.

She bounced slightly and then he was on top of her. He rested on his elbows and knees so as not to squash her with his weight. He dipped his head and she met him halfway so that their lips were touching and another kiss was underway. She gripped him snaking on hand into his hair and tangling in his chocolate brown locks while another gripped his back while she arched her back till their chest were touching.

She barely noticed him unhooking her bra, only when his fingers danced across her stomach and breasts did she take in a breath. He broke away from the kiss trailing small ones down her neck, nipping her in that sweet spot above your collarbone before trailing around her breasts. His tongue snaked out now and then and Carla’s back arched as pleasure rippled through her.

Then he was between her legs removing her black lace underwear. His head came back up to hers, his lips hovering above her own while his hand lay between her legs. Then his fingers started moving ever so slowly and it wasn’t fast enough.

“Ridian,” she groaned out through her teeth.

“Are you sure this is what you want?“he asked in a husky voice.

She kissed him then and felt him smile against her lips as his fingers began to move faster and faster before slipping in. Pleasure radiated through her body and she let out a loud moan no longer being able to concentrate on kissing Ridian as she panted. Her eyes were closed.

“Open your eyes,” Ridian whispered in her ear before slowing down right when she was about to reach the climax, teasing her. She complied with great effort and he sped up again. Her eyes almost flickered closed immediately but he said it again, this time against her lips. She was so close and he knew it. All she needed was a little push but he went full on Hulk, using his thumb to push the button that turned on her machine of joy.

The moan Carla let out was so loud Ridian had to block it off with a kiss while her fingers dug into his back, waves of pleasure flowing throughout her. After a good minute they finally subsided and she fell back breathless onto bed. Ridian was still placing kisses on her jawline.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Carla breathed out her fingers playing lightly with his hair.

“The same place I learned to do this,” Ridian replied before thrusting his hard length inside her up to the hilt so hard and fast she let out a little scream from both pain and pleasure. When he was sure she was fine he pulled back before thrusting in again. Carla let out a low moan as he started his rhythm. It quickly sped up, the time for slowness and foreplay gone as both him and Carla reached their tipping point.

Carla fell of first gripping him to her while burying her face in the crook of his neck so she wouldn’t alert the party goers downstairs of what was happening with her loud moans. Ridian was still moving inside her until he too reached his climax and slowed gripping her just as hard as him, both their bodies shuddering against each other. When it was over they fell back onto the bed, Carla curled up into Ridian’s side, his arm draped over her stomach.

“I love you,” Carla stated sleepily, suddenly drained. “And it’s not because you just rode me like you were horseback riding.” Ridian snorted before burying his face into her soft brown hair, the pigtails from her costume had long since come undone.

“I love you too cupcake,” Carla smiled at her nickname. Ridian spoke again the smirk evident in his voice. “And I was right, with just the right topping you are swee-” He was cut off with a grunt as Carla’d elbowed him in the stomach.

“Shut up you’re ruining it,” She muttered tiredly into the pillow, as sleep began to take her. Ridian chuckled pulling her closer to him.

“Goodnight Carla,” he whispered tucking her hair behind her ear. All he got was the soft sound of her breathing, as she was already fast asleep.

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