I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 20

Peter sat for a quite sometime outside on the love seat. He wasn’t entirely surprised that Carla had chosen Ridian over him but he’d hoped he’d showed her just how much he cared. He’d thought he would be enough but sadly he wasn’t. Taking a deep breath he got to his feet. No longer really in the mood to party he wandered back into the party and nearly ran into Sam coming downstairs.

“Woah, woah blondie where are you going in such a rush?” Peter asked steadying Sam before she fell flat on her face. Instead of laughing like she usually would she turned a deadly glare on him causing him to back up with his hands up in defense.

“I do NOT appreciate being degraded down to a stereotypical dumbass who is nothing more than her bleached highlights!” she snapped. Peter gulped a little scared.

“Okay so no blondie,” he cautiously responded. Then he stepped forward a little making Sam flinch back as he peered into her face. Her eyes were slightly red rimmed. “Have you been..crying?” He asked his brows creased in a worried tone. Sam had become like a little sister to him and he was concerned. Sam sniffled once.

“Maybe,” she muttered to the ground shuffling her feet.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Peter asked. “I may not live here but I know of a quiet place,” he said with a small smile. Sam returned it her glare finally fading and followed him as he walked back out onto the porch. Peter plopped back into the love seat he’d been in only moments before and patted the seat next to him.

“Come on, tell Uncle Pete all about it,” he grinned with his arms open. Sam snorted at his idiocy but she sat down and he wrapped an arm around her in a side hug.

“Well for one thing Ridian is an asshole.” Peter slightly tensed at his name but quickly relaxed a moment later.

“Don’t I know it,” he muttered. Sam looked up at him apologetically but he waved for her and gestured for her to continue.

“I told him to buy four kegs. FOUR. One for the kitchen, one for the game room, one for the basement and one for outer sitting room where most people are dancing. Equally spaced so that people have access and don’t all have to crowd in one place. But not so much people can go ridiculously crazy. This also saves money on buying beer bottles and other hard liquor and stops people from tapping into my parents wine cellar.” She glanced up at Peter and he nodded to indicate he was still listening.

“So tell my WHY this bloody idiot goes and buys FOURTEEN KEGS?! Like how does four sound like fourteen? Can he not freaking count?!” Sam finished yelling and gesturing her hands about in exasperation. “Now I have more kegs than I know what to do with and people are going bat shit crazy with the keg stands and more drunk than I ever anticipated and it’s just horrible ugh.”

She collapsed back into Peter’s arm covering her face with her hands. Peter rubbed her arm comfortingly before speaking.

“Sound’s like he’s taken one too many lacrosse balls to the head.” Sam grunted in reply. “Tell you what,” Peter began gently lifting her hands from her face. “I know a guy who works at a club downtown and he’s always in need of booze. I could have him send some guys to pick up the kegs and take them off your hands. They’ll be here in thirty minutes tops.” Sam lifted her head up her face a little blotchy but her eyes wide and hopeful.

“Really? You can do that?” He nodded once and she broke out into a grin and hugged him. He chuckled and patter her head before leaning back.

“Now as stressful as that sounds, that doesn’t sound like enough to make the mighty Sam cry. Did something else happen?” Sam’s smile slid off her face and her shoulders instantly drooped. “What is it? What happened?” Peter asked.

“That.” Sam stated blankly her face void of any emotion as she pointed back through the window towards the top of the staircase. Peter squinted his eyes and made out two figures very clearly making out.

“I don’t see...“he started but Sam shook her head.

“Look harder.” Peter returned his gaze to the couple and he studied them. After a moment they broke apart giggling and his eyes widened as he made one out to be Chris. They widened further when he discovered the other figure was the goalie on the lacrosse team.

“Oh.” He said slowly turning back to a sulky Sam.

“Yep,” she said popping the “p”. “I’m such a horrible girlfriend I made him go gay.” Peter laughed awkwardly.

“I’m not exactly sure that’s how it works.” Sam only grunted in response. “Well at least you weren’t dating for that long...” he started but trailed off at Sam’s glare. “Okay wrong thing to say,” he concluded before falling silent.

Sam stayed with her arms crossed glaring at the next house like she was mentally lighting it on fire. After what felt like forever she finally sighed and leaned back uncrossing her arms and ran a hand through her blonde hair that was curled and ran free around her shoulders.

“I know that it’s not my fault he’s gay and I know it’s not his fault either I mean you like who you like you can’t control that. I just wish he could’ve figured that out sober and a month ago instead of drunk and tonight. You know?” Sam turned to Peter with saddened eyes and a downturned mouth. Peter poked her face and lifted her mouth at the corners until it resembled a smile.

“What are you doing?” she tried to say but more like mumbled from his grip on her mouth. He shushed her and continued to push her lips up.

“Finished!” he suddenly announced with a wide smile.

“What?” she asked with a frown.

“Why kitten, I turned your frown upside down!” Sam stared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing and she didn’t stop for a good five minutes. Peter simply watched with a small smile on his face happy it had worked and she was back to herself.

“First thing,” Sam gasped out between giggles. “That was so childishly stupid it was funny so thanks for that.” Peter nodded once in acceptance and Sam continued.

“Second thing,” she sat up straight wiping tears from her eyes. “Kitten? Really? I feel like your my pimp daddy.” Now it was Peter’s turn to laugh and Sam’s turn to smile and watch.

“I only called you that was because all though you’re good at acting tough, don’t get me wrong you have claws and they hurt,” Peter began still chuckling. He then leaned forward and ruffled her hair in a caring gesture. “You’re all fluff on the inside.” He finished with a wink. Sam smacked his hand away but she was smiling. After a moment she spoke.

“In my honest opinion, I think Carla should have chosen you.” She said it simply and in a matter of fact tone. Peter looked at her surprised.

“Why do you say that?“. Sam turned to face him, her chocolate brown eyes steady.

“You’re just better than him.” Her tone was honest and Peter smiled.

“Well I know that already so can I get some specifics?” Sam punched him lightly in the arm while he laughed.

“God you’re annoying,” she said with a laugh of her own. Peter smirked down at her.

“Just think of me as your brother by choice kitten.” Sam looked at him when he said kitten again.

“Is this going to become a thing now?” Peter looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Yes. I believe so,” he said looking down at her. Sam snorted to herself. Peter raised an eyebrow. “What’s so funny?“. Sam shook her head.

“I was just thinking it doesn’t help that my costume is catwoman now does it?” Both Peter and Sam burst out laughing at this. When it finally died down she got to her feet. “Speaking of which I need to go get ready. You too,” Sam said gesturing to Peter’s casual wear. He stood up to and followed her into the party.

Before Sam went off to find Carla she turned back and looked at Peter a small blush around her neck.

“Thanks for this Peter,” she said quietly. He smirked slightly and winked.

“Anytime kitten.” Sam rolled her eyes laughing slightly before walking off. Peter went to the coat room to receive his costume that he’d left in his bag. All he had was a silver chain that ended in a cross, a blue tattoo and some black cargo pants. After he got his bag he went into a nearby bathroom to get ready.

He gelled up his hair so that it resembled that of his character and waited the ten minutes for the tattoo to stay on his chest. He slipped the chain on and it hung loosely on his bare chest but not as loosely as the cargo pants were hung so low his hard V line he’d acquired years ago from hip hop lessons was clearly visible. Smirking at his hot appearance he left the bathroom to the where the rest of the party was now congregating for the contest.

Almost immediately he spotted Carla. She was hard to miss in her Harley Quinn costume. It hugged the curves he knew she’d had but had yet to see in full glory. Her breasts were pushed up and almost flowing over which angered him that so many other guys were seeing this. He wanted to throw a sweater over her and bring her back to his room.

Despite all that she still looked beautiful as always, her emerald eyes shining and his heart softened a little. Then he remembered she’d never be his and he tensed up. He began walking towards her and noticed Sam in her catwoman costume. A smile came to his lips as he remembered their conversation from earlier. It widened when he realized both her and Sam were checking him out.

He ignored Ridian when he walked up. He was dressed as a gladiator. His abs were out as well, though not as impressive and he looked ridiculous in that leather skirt. He bit back the comment about the TV show Sparta that was itching to come out and instead engaged in conversation with the two girls. After a short while he became tired of the feeling of a molten glare and decided to leave. When he turned to go Ridian stepped into his path and he mentally rolled his eyes at his little attempt at dominance.

“Oh hey Ridian! Didn’t even see you there. You kind of just blended in with the rest of the crowd. You should try and make yourself more noticeable in the future yeah?” Peter said with the widest, fakest and most sarcastic grin he could manage before side stepping a now fuming Ridian and heading over to the liquor table where he saw some of his friends.

“Yo where you been bro?” One of his friends greeted him. He was one of the only ones not completely intoxicate yet. Peter grabbed a cup and filled it up from the keg next to the table.

“Just around,” he said with a shrug. His friend studied him and saw he didn’t want to talk about it. Rather than push him he just nodded and smiled while reaching for a cup of his own. Luckily the DJ started the contest right then so Peter didn’t have to try and make awkward small talk. The contest was soon underway and everyone was having a good time.

When Sam came down the stairs Peter found himself laughing at her theatrics. She even wimped some poor scrawny bot near the stairs who was looking at her like she was a sex god which she kind of resembled. Then it was Carla’s turn. Peter was too entranced to cheer, his breath catching slightly as she immediately tripped but played it off like it was intentional and no one else noticed.

She then got more into it even posing a little bit with the bit. Peter laughed at her attempts to be sexy which were working in some aspects as the drunken crowd cheered but he just saw her as this cute and sometimes feisty little thing who he liked to make blush. Sam was the one who ended up winning despite Peter making all his friends vote for Carla and he clapped politely along with the rest of the crowd watching her reaction.

She didn’t seem to care, genuinely happy for Sam. Another thing he loved about her, her humbleness an compassion that she didn’t seem to realize she had. He mentally scolded himself for being so hung up on her and tried in vain to tear away his attention. After the contest ended he watched her go up to the second landing and scan the crowd as if she was looking for something.

Ridian snuck up behind her making her jump but she soon smiled and he knew that’s who she’d been looking for. His grip on his drink tightened as did the knots in his stomach as he watched the two interact, bitter that it wasn’t him making her laugh and blush. That it would never be him.

Peter watched with dead eyes as Carla stood on her toes and whispered something in Ridian’s ear. By the look on his face Peter could guess what it was and his heart further sank into his stomach when he watched them disappear up the stairs. He downed his cup of beer before turning to his friends with grim resignment and a fake smile before shouting, “Let’s get wasted!“.

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