I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 3

The week flew by and suddenly it was Friday night. Carla and Ridian having gotten insanely close, had been nearly inseparable the entire week. He would walk her from class to class if he could, and he usually could since they shared many classes together to Carla’s delight.

Ridian was often jumping up from behind her in surprise hugs or playing with her hair and teasing her jokingly in banter that she always snarkily returned. He joined her and Sam at their lunch table but only had eyes for Carla which she was absolutely oblivious to, much to Sam’s disappointment.

Many of Sam’s lunch periods would wind up with Ridian and Carla talking animatedly to each other in a heated discussion with passion and light shimmering in each others eyes as Sam watched them smirking but actually sincerely happy for her friend finding love. He would walk Carla home from school, sometimes even carrying her bag if he could coax it off of her before leaving down the two blocks to Sam’s house, his new home.

Carla found herself falling more and more for Ridian. There was no doubting it. She had only known Ridian for a week but it was more than enough time before she wanted to do nothing but drown in the grey storm that flashed in his eyes. Only a week but being inside his arms already felt like home.

Whenever his face got near hers the only thing she could see were his lips, pink and looked soft to the touch. She, having never fallen for anyone before was slightly scared at the power this new emotion held over her and they way it dominated her life, her thoughts, and the way she acted.

Shaking her head to clear her mind of thoughts of Ridian, Carla straightened her top. She was wearing a white lace crop top that clung to her light brown colored skin accentuating the curve of her waist and her chest. Right below the top she wore a high waisted black skirt that was slightly pleated in areas at the bottom.

On her legs she wore a pair of sheer black tights that shimmered slightly in the light, and showed off the sexy contours of her legs. On her feet she wore her favorite black vans with blood red inner lining and wine red soles. They matched her vintage black leather jacket that covered her caramel colored shoulders and had a bold red inner lining as well.

Her left wrist was adorned with golden bangles that shimmered in the light and jangled whenever she moved her wrist. A steam punk leather studded bracelet sat tightly on her right wrist. Two black anchors hung from her ears, matching the rose gold studs that resided in her second holes.

A simple black loop glinted at the top of her right ear. Lastly, at the base of her neck hung a simple gold locket that when unclasped revealed a small image of her and her father that emanated warmth, joy and love.

They’d gone on a picnic in the park for the day. One of her happiest memories. She was three years old at the time, sitting on his shoulders with a wide grin plastered on her face as she cheesed at the camera. He was holding her little pudgy legs, head thrown back in a mid laugh.

Carla had spent two hours on her hair. It now hung lightly in waves around her face, bouncing when she turned her head and half of it pinned back on the right side to show off her piercings and the rosy blush of her cheek. Deciding to go with very minimal make up she’d put on some mascara, a little black eyeliner and some shiny cherry flavored lip gloss.

A small black crossover bag hung from her left shoulder to settle on her right side. It contained her fully charged phone, some vanilla flavored chap stick, forty bucks of emergency cash, her ID and her house keys.

With one last look in the mirror Carla gave herself a satisfied nod and turned off the lights before heading down the stairs, zipping up her jacket as she went. Her mom wasn’t home thankfully. She didn’t think she’d have time to redo her outfit if she had to suffer through another beating.

Grabbing her car keys off the hook by the front door she headed out the house making sure to lock it before she rushed down the front driveway and leaped into her SUV. It was a sturdy black Cadillac Escalade. Her family may not have had happiness but it had money.

After turning on the truck she blasted the heat while rubbing her hands together to get some warm feeling in the them. When the inside of the truck was nice and toasty she slowly pulled out of the driveway an into the night.

She glanced at Sam’s house as she passed it on the road, remembering that Sam had told her earlier in the week to meet her there as she and Ridian were going early to set up. The thought of Sam made her laugh as she remembered a conversation they’d had earlier in the week during lunch.

Sam bounced over to the table setting down her lunch tray on the gray marbled surface before sliding onto the curved bench herself. Their school had a large cafeteria with three different lunch lines for vegetarians, vegans and then everyone else. Today Sam had started her diet for dance team so she went through the vegan line, believing it was essentially the same thing.

“Hey Carla!” she exclaimed with a wide grin. Carla gave her a smile back as she gulped down her soda and munched her fries.

“Ugh, I don’t understand how you can eat that stuff when it’s so bad for you!” Sam said with a look of disgust towards Carla’s burger before delicately eating her own caesar salad. Carla simply gave her a blank look. Suddenly turned her nose upwards and began sniffing the air like an animal tracking its prey.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked with one eyebrow raised, slightly weirded out.

“It’s just,” Carla began before sniffing loudly.

“Can’t you smell,” she started again. She took one last large whiff and then locked eyes with Sam.

“Yep. I smell complete and utter bullshit.” Sam rolled her eyes and leaned back into her seat. “Just last week you were stuffing your face with Thursdays meatloaf surprise so don’t give me that crap.” Carla added.

Sam blushed and shoved more lettuce into her mouth. After a moment she swallowed and turned back to Carla with an excited glimmer in her eye. Carla immediately saw and almost choked on her food as she groaned.

“What is it now?” she whined. Her expression was one of weariness and faint amusant. Sam smiled wider.

“I’ve heard there’s going to be a huge party this Friday! Once I find out who’s it is you have to promise to come with me! Ridian can come too, the more the merrier,” Sam finished in a rush her voice overflowing with anticipation.

Carla simply stared at her with her brow furrowed for a moment as she tried to figure out how serious Sam was being. Once she realized that Sam in all honesty didn’t realize the party was hers she busted out laughing nearly choking on the Sprite she’d been sipping on and had to wipe her mouth and then her eyes. After a few minutes of Sam rubbing her back worriedly she finally calmed down enough to tell her.

“It’s your party dumb ass. Ridian said he was throwing one at your lake house to celebrate his move to town. I thought he’d told you,” Carla was still giggling as she talked but slowly her giggle died out as she took in Sam’s facial expression.

Her eyes were locked on something in the distance and her entire face was beet red with anger her eyes blazing. Carla could swear she saw smoke emitting from her ears. Slowly she turned around to see that Ridian had just come into the lunchroom and was now standing stock still, a worried expression on his face as he looked at Sam. Slowly his hands rose in a defensive position and he took a small and slow step back to which Sam responded with a growl causing him to remain motionless once again.

“Now Sam,” he said cautiously. “I swear I was going to tell you. It just didn’t seem like that big of a deal...” he filtered off wide eyed as Sam’s expression got fiercer if that was even possible.

“Ridian,” she hissed out taking one small step in his direction. Carla watched him gulp in fear and started giggling again.

“I,“. Step.

“Am,“. Step.

“Going,” Step.

“To,” Step.

“KILL YOU!!!” She roared the last part and charged right at him. Ridian immediately bolted and just made it out the double doors before he was tackled and beaten in the hallway by Sam.

Carla couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the memory. She’d never seen anyone look so scared in her life. As she reminisced over her friends silliness she didn’t realize that she was pulling up on the lake house.

It had been such a short drive and she wasn’t entirely sure if she was ready to go in. Suddenly nervous to see Ridian and everyone else she parked the car in the driveway among the other vehicles before shutting off the engine and took a deep breath.

Surrounded by the silence of the forest and the quiet of the night her nerves slowly went away and what had been a racing heartbeat returned to a normal rhythm. Quickly checking her reflection one last time in the rearview mirror she opened up the door and hopped out of the truck into the cool fall air, locking it behind her and then dropping the keys in her bag.

As the wind blew against her her skirt, lifting slightly off of her newly chilled legs she pulled her jacket collar up, burying her face into it until only her eyes could be seen and shoved her hands deep into her pockets.

I don’t understand why he’d have his party at a lake house in mid fall. It’s freezing as fuck out here, she thought. Hunching her shoulders against the cold Carla began to make her way towards the house.

The pathway was lined with tiki torches about every yard or so that threw large shadows against the surrounding trees. Her vans clacked slightly against the gray pebbles that made up the gravel pathway and a crunching sound filled the air with every step she took. As she emerged from the trees, still a little ways away from the house, the lake came into view. Carla gasped at the sight.

A full moon had risen high in the air, a brilliant white that shone down in soft rays on the frozen over lake. The surface was milky white on the edges but towards the middle where the ice was less thick you could see the stars reflected in the navy blue depths of water hidden beneath the surface.

But that’s not what made Carla gasp. Along the bank, wrapping around the lake as far as the eye could see were thousands of glistening violet-blue flowers that shone in the moonlight. All of them stretching their upturned faces towards the moon, pedals wide open to accept the light.

After a short while Carla began to once more feel the chill of the night work its way up her thighs and she snapped out of her trance hurrying the rest of the way up the concrete steps towards the front door.

She noticed the beautiful flowers lined the sides of the house as well. The house itself was a magnificent feat. Three stories made entirely from a combination of pebble stone and brick it had a long chimney that exhaled a steady stream of smoke into the sky. Four greek style white pillars surrounded the large pale door that was centered in the front of the house.

There was a large wrap around deck but all the furniture had been covered in sheets to protect against the weather. Leaves of autumn color that matched the trees littered the floor, ranging in hue from sunset orange to auburn red.

There was a soccer goal on the front lawn, a ball tangled up in the white netting from someone who’d used it and forgotten it there. The sight made Carla smile. She’d been doing a lot of that lately. Taking another deep breath she raised her right hand clenched tightly in a fist and knocked solidly on the door.

Almost instantaneously the door opened showering Carla in a gust of warmth and golden light. Different sounds filtered out from the open door into the quiet night. Music, laughter and the melody of people enjoying themselves.

Raising her head from its burrow inside her jackets collar Carla looked to see who had opened the door for her. It was Sam. A flash of disappointment rang through her causing her shoulders to slump ever so slightly and her eyes to dim a little as well. A smile still worked its way onto her face as she stared at Sam’s shocked expression as she took in her appearance.

“Well take a picture why don’t you. It’ll last longer,” she teased as Sam stared slack jawed at her. Eventually she snapped out of her trance an invited her in all giggles and laughter but soon fell silent as soon as Carla took off her coat. She clapped her hands in front of her face and broke Sam out of her daze.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered out still wide eyed. “You just look so frigging hot! Like goddamn! Who are you and what did you do with my best friend?” she exclaimed. Carla blushed and looked down at her shoes.

“You don’t think its too much? I agonized over what to wear,” she finished giggling and looking back up. Sam quickly shook her head back and forth so fast Carla was afraid she’d get whiplash.

“You look absolutely gorgeous! I think I might just take a picture because I don’t know when this will happen again. I must say I like the new you!” Sam gave her an approving nod as she looked her over.

Sam herself was dressed in some high waisted black shorts, brown combat boots with silver plated heels, a black hawks crop top and a yellow snap back that said SWAG TEAM in bold lettering.

Her hair was brushed out and down, laying loosely over her shoulders and back. With no makeup on her eyes till shone and she looked amazing. Studying Carla again Sam’s eyebrow rose and a mischievous glint appeared in her eye.

“You’re trying to impress Ridian aren’t you?” she teased. Carla immediately blushed but she didn’t get a chance to respond as a voice sounded from behind them.

“Impress me with what?” Carla spun around to face him. As Ridian took her in his eyes widened and he got a little slack jawed himself. Carla was too busy checking him out to notice.

He was wearing a pair of grey skinnys over some black high tops. He had on a navy blue muscle tee with The Deadly Syndrome, one of Carla’s favorite bands scribbled in sharpie across the front. His hair had that perfectly messy, fresh out of bed but still hot look that made Carla just want to run her hands through it.

His eyes were as enchanting as ever, and as soon as she locked on to them and they both just stood there grinning at each other stupidly. Sam looked back and forth between them before smirking and walking away calling out over her shoulder, “Bye bye lovebirds!” Carla snapped out of her daze and responded.

“We are NOT lovebirds!” Sam simply turned around sticking out her tongue before spinning and prancing away, disappearing into the party. Carla turned back to Ridian. They were both still standing in the foyer in front of the staircase, not yet joining the party. Ridian stepped a little closer to Carla.

“I’m glad you could make it,” he said softly his eyes still transfixed on hers.

“I told you I wouldn’t miss it,” she said equally as softly back.

“Well let me give you the grand tour, since I heard you’ve never been here before,“. Ridian said suddenly rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly with his hand. Carla noticed he did that when he was nervous and giggled lightly causing Ridian to gaze at her again.

“Sure,” she agreed brightly. Ridian took her hand and led her into the party.

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