I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 30

“Let’s go,” he whispered to Sam. “What are we waiting for?” They were crouched by the side of the car where’d they’d run back under Sam’s frantic request. Peter was frowning too.

“Hold on,” she said slightly out of breath from panic and the short run. “She just got home and it’s only five. Lets wait another hour or two until darkness falls and her mom is home. If things get crazy we’ll need an adult, a doctor no less,“. Ridian begrudgingly agreed due to the sensibility of Sam’s plan and they all got back into the car.

He settled into his seat to wait and he heard Peter getting comfortable in the back. He hadn’t said much the whole “mission” but Ridian decided to just leave him to his thoughts. A sudden wave of fatigue hit him, probably from all the stress he’d been under worrying over Carla and he momentarily closed his eyes. He must’ve fallen asleep because suddenly Sam was nudging his shoulder and whispering him to wake up. When he opened his eyes, darkness had fallen.

“What is it?” He asked. Sam simply pointed and he followed her gaze finally seeing what she saw. Danny was walking up to the front door jingling his keys with a little pep in his step as he whistled a show tune. Ridian immediately tensed up at the sight of Carla’s older brother. Peter’s voice sounded in the back.

“What’s he doing here?” He hissed to Sam. “Do they live together now? Is that what’s wrong with her?” Ridian made to answer but Sam responded first.

“How the hell would I know?!“Sam exclaimed exasperatedly. “I know he moved in but that shouldn’t be enough to make her act like this. Let’s just go follow him. I don’t think he shut the door properly. Idiot,“. She muttered the last part under her breath as she exited the car but Ridian still heard and it made him smile. He followed her lead and got out the car locking it behind before hurrying up to the front door of their house which was sure enough, unlocked.

“At least it’s not breaking and entering now,” he said softly trying to ease the tension but Sam ignored him. He took a deep breath before applying pressure to the door.

Slowly and silently they eased the door open stepping into Carla’s house. Neither Peter or Sam had been here since the time Sam invited themselves in. Carla had always made up an excuse to stay at Sam’s house for sleepovers instead of the other way around and Carla and Ridian’s relationship had been so rocky so far since the dinner there was never an opportunity. All three silently looked around in awe at the sheer size and luxury displayed within the house, momentarily forgetting their intent. Carla was rich; thank god she didn’t act like it.

All the lights were off except for one filtering down from a bedroom upstairs. It was deadly silent and it left an unsettling and eerie silence to rest on the two siblings shoulders.

“Let’s just go,” Sam whispered.

“What?!” Ridian whispered back incredulously his grey eyes wide. “We’re already here how can we turn back now?” Sam bit one of her nails anxiously.

“This just doesn’t seem right. I mean I never thought the next time I would be in my best friends house would be by breaking and entering,“. Ridian gave her a blank look of slight annoyance.

“First of all since the door was opening it isn’t breaking and entering and second of all we are here to help her because we are concerned for her well being so I really don’t think she’s going to incriminate us. Calm the fuck down,“. Sam glared at him brown eyes sparking before nodding and taking a step forward into the house. Peter silently followed them, his eyes dark in thought.

He’d reverted to his standoffish, quiet and sarcastic self after the Halloween party when Carla didn’t choose him but he’d still been close to her and had definitely noticed her change. He was too tense and nervous now at what they might find to really speak.

Suddenly they all heard a scream come from upstairs and they both snapped their heads in that direction.

“NOOO! PLEASE DON’T! PLEASE! PLEASE! I BEG YOU PLEASE DON’T! NOOO!” The loud sound of sobbing and a desperate struggle filtered down to the entrance hall. Sam, Ridian and Peter were all frozen in horror where they stood. Ridian’s heart was pounding in his chest. That was Carla’s voice. Suddenly a loud piercing scream of pure agony rang out through the air hurting Ridian’s ears. He unfroze and raced up the stairs calling out Carla’s name.

“Carla! Where are you?! Babe I’m here! Where are you?!” He only got another scream in response. Spotting the room where the light was filtering out from he raced towards it with Sam and Peter hot on his heels. Bursting into the room he immediately froze to the spot as his eyes took in the unbelievable scene before him.

Carla was lying naked on the floor of her room, her body covered in thousands of cuts and scabs, burn marks; some healing and some not and bruises littering her arms and throat in the form of fingerprints. She looked up at him in horror.

“Noooo!” she screamed. Tears were already streaming freely down her blotchy face. “Leave! Leave! NO!” She screeched. Ridian couldn’t move even if he wanted to. His gaze was locked on a pair of bright blue eyes belonging to her brother Danny. He was naked on top of Carla, raping her.

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