I've Decided to Trust You

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Chapter 7

“And that,” Carla said breathlessly. “Is how you kick some ass,“. She flopped down onto the couch completely winded as she smiled triumphantly at Ridian’s lifeless looking form sprawled out on the floor. They had played ten rounds, all on master mode and although he had managed to keep up in the beginning, he soon fell behind with mistake after mistake while Carla got to hear the lovely sound of “Perfect!” “Perfect!” “Perfect!” as she hit arrow after arrow on beat.

Sam had wandered off bored around the fifth round and Carla had no idea where she was. Chris had watched in amusement cheering her on and shouting out encouragements to Ridian that sounded more like insults. After the tenth “Be a man you little pussy! Are you really going to let your balls get handed to you like that? Bust a move!” Ridian had shot him a killer glare that shut him up for the remainder of the match.

“Alright,” she heard a near dead voice say coming from the direction of the floor. “I admit it. My ass has been whooped and my balls have been handed to me. I concede,” Ridian panted before completely knocking out. Light snores started to come from his direction. Carla laughed before turning to Chris.

“Is he seriously asleep right now? Like damn I’m tired but I can’t just knock out in a strangers home,” she giggled and Chris smiled at her.

“Something tells me he’s pretty comfortable around you,“. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Carla blushed.

“As if,” she muttered. She heard a snort from the opposite end of the couch. Peter had curled up with a cushion and his phone in the closest chair to the outlet and hadn’t said a word the whole time they’d been in there. Chris got up and left to the kitchen for more food.

“Do you have something you would like to share,” she asked sarcastically. She hated anti social people who acted like they were too cool for everything.

“I just didn’t know you were that kind of girl,” Peter said cooly before putting his phone down and sitting up to face them. His hazel eyes were emotionless but a smirk played around his mouth.

What is his problem? Carla thought.

“And what kind of girl would that be?” Carla asked sassily as she crossed her arms and turned her whole body to face him, already offended at what he could be insinuating. Peter slid down the couch until he was hovering right above her, his hazel eyes suddenly dark. He slid one hand behind her on the couch and used another to lift her chin so that she met his gaze.

Carla immediately started to blush at being such close proximity with a boy. When she looked closer she saw that Peter was actually very attractive and his hair looked extremely silky. The smirk on his face brought out his dimple and Carla resisted the urge to poke in a matching one on the other side of his face.

“The kind that doesn’t realize how beautiful she is,” he whispered huskily. His gaze flicked down to her lips before returning up to her eyes. Before he could get any closer he was suddenly thrown off the couch and onto the floor. Carla looked up wide eyed and saw Ridian standing above them slit eyed and huffing angrily.

Peter rolled onto his back on the floor and laughed emptily. Lazily turning his head to face Ridian he got to his feet and sat back down on his original spot on the couch.

“Wondered when you’d get up,” he laughed again. Ridian glared dangerously at him.

“What’s your problem? Don’t try that shit again or-” he growled.

“Or what?” Carla snapped suddenly. Ridian turned his head to face her with a surprised expression. “Why are you acting like this? It’s not like I’m your girlfriend,” Carla huffed. She was surprised at herself and didn’t know why she was so angry but she couldn’t stop the words from coming out. Ridian continued to stare at her surprised while Peter, now bored went back to his phone.

“What just happened?” Sam said as she came down the stairs a confused look on her face as her eyes flickered between Ridian and Carla. Carla frowned at the direction she came from.

“Where the hell have you been?” she snapped a little harsher than she intended. Sam looked surprised and then embarrassed.

“In your room,” she admitted. Carla’s eyes widened and she blushed angrily.

“With what permission?!” she yelled. Sam looked at the ground shuffling her feet awkwardly. Chris walked back into the room at this moment his arms full of bags of popcorn.

“I had a feeling this would happen,” he sighed while shaking his head. He walked to each person in the room and handed them their own bag of popcorn before pushing them lightly into the crouch until everyone was crammed in. He then took his own spot in the middle while everyone watched him curiously. Chris turned on the TV opened Netflix, selected White Chicks and pressed play.

“We are going to watch this movie, we are going to laugh, and we are going to be civilized,” he announced in a tone that left absolutely no room for discussion, before turning to the opening credits as he started munching on his popcorn. Carla wondered where he got the popcorn from since there was none in the house and also under whose authority was he ordering them around but decided to just leave it and watch the movie. It was one of her favorites and the popcorn was pretty good.

Carla found herself snuggling into Ridian’s arm as he wrapped it around her shoulders, her head resting on his chest. At one point she fell asleep to find her head on his lap and her stroking her hair making her sit up straight and stiff as a board while Sam giggled softly at her.

The tension that had previously been in the air lifted off the group and dissipated as they all sat back and watched the film, laughing when appropriate and silent at other moments. Even Peter seemed happy and engaged, his phone off and forgotten on the charger. It was nice and by the time the film was over, the clock read 9:00pm.

“Alright I think It’s time for us to go,” Sam said with a huge yawn as she sat up straight and turned off the TV. Carla nodded once before stretching her stiff limbs and pulling down her shirt when it rode up slightly revealing a sliver of belly.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she teased lightly. Sam glared at her slightly.

“Don’t act like you didn’t totally love having my wonderful self and our friends over!” she huffed with her hands on her hips. Carla giggled at her before conceding.

“Yes, yes it was absolutely amazing. Just next time maybe come over invited and like knock on the door first rather than just waltzing right in yeah?” Carla teased again as she poked Sam slightly. Sam blushed embarrassed and nodded a quick yes. Everyone stood up and shuffled over to the door in various degrees of sleepiness to say their farewells.

“Bye Carla!” Sam cried giving her a huge hug that Carla lightly returned before waltzing off the doorstep towards her car, a cherry red Benz.

“Great meeting you Carla. Text me sometime, I put my number in your phone,” Chris said with a wink before turning around and walking towards the car. Bewildered Carla checked her phone and saw that indeed there was a new contact; Super Sexy Can’t Wait to Blow Chris. She rolled her eyes at his childishness.

“See ya I guess,” Peter said gruffly. She nodded once and he walked off towards the car, head once again buried in his phone. Last one up was Ridian.

“Bye cupcake, don’t be a stranger,” Ridian said pulling her into a surprise hug. He smelled good like the forest and spearmint. She hugged him back and pulled away smiling shyly.

“Bye,” she said. He smirked at her before walking off and hopping in the passenger seat. Shortly after they pulled out and down the street. Carla’s smile faded until she had no expression and she shut the door locking it tightly. Her bruises were sensitive and her whole body was sore from the stupid dance match. She slowly shuffled upstairs not even bothering to change into her pajamas and shut her bedroom door.

As the fatigue of playing hostess all evening finally started to kick in,full force Carla sank into her mattress and welcomed the soft embrace of her galaxy patterned comforter and multiple pillowed bed. Letting out a giant yawn that made her eyes water she snuggled in deeper and curled her body up into a little ball, letting the peaceful darkness of sleep and all the dreams that came with it, take her.

A little boy crouched in the grass the blades tickling his small and pudgy bare legs as he picked flowers. Carla crouched in front of him the same way, picking flowers as well. Her hat started to slide off her head but she raised her right hand and held it there.

The little boy continued to stare at her as the golden afternoon light shined down on her face illuminating her chubby cheeks and tanned skin. Carla looked up and caught him staring. He blushed in embarrassment and ducked his head, furiously picking flowers as fast as he could. Carla laughed, the sound of wind chimes floating in an afternoon breeze.

“You have to pick the right flowers silly!” She exclaimed a smile on her face as she gestured between her pile and the little boy’s. Her pile was a neatly stacked array of sunflowers and red tulips while the little boy’s had more dirt and grass than actual flowers. Carla laughed again and this time the little boy joined her, his laugh like the changing color of leaves in Autumn.

“Grab the base of the stem like this,” Carla began as she demonstrated the proper way to pluck the flower. “And then carefully snap it to one side and lift.” As she finished she pulled out a perfectly plucked sunflower with which she tucked carefully behind the little boys ear. “You look so pretty now!” She clapped her hands excitedly.

The little boy shook his head making the flower fall out before sitting back on his haunches. “I’m a boy. Boys don’t wear flowers.” He huffed looking up at the sky. Carla looked at him curiously for a moment before picking up the flower and tucking it behind her own ear.

“Then I’ll wear it then.“. She too looked up at the sky for a moment before speaking again. “But it looked prettier on you,“. The little boy looked at her and Carla grinned widely back. He laughed and the two young children stood up and chased each other around playing tag and hide and seek in the meadow for the rest of the day. At last Carla heard her mother call for her to come home.

Carla quickly stopped and gathered up all her flowers before giving the little boy a quick hug which he returned a mixture of surprise and happiness on his face. Carla started to run off before stopping and turning back. She ran back up to the confused looking little boy and took one of the flowers from her bunch, offering it to him.

“Here,” she said. “Go on take it,” she prompted when he didn’t immediately grab it. Slowly the little boys fingers closed over the flower as he blushed a beet red and Carla beamed before running off and waving behind her. “Bye! See you tomorrow!”

The little boy waved back as his gray eyes followed Carla’s retreating figure, still clutching the small flower in his small fist.

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