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Juju is Unique. But Why? Who is she? Where did she come from? After coming from MIND NIGHT BLUE with Bampires. A young woman who is truly alone is trying to find where she fits in in this world. But little does she know her world is far from normal. And learning who she is and where she came from can be a nighmare. Especially when she is the key to everything.

Romance / Erotica
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Songs help us connect to a moment in time in our life that become special to us. What I want to do is give you a soundtrack for my book on Spotify. So you know how that moment in time felt when you read my book. Type SHE WOLF ALPHA in your search and have a playlist premade for you. Thank you for your time.

CUT BOTH WAYS sung by Gloria Estafan

BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME sung by Celine Dion

MONSTER sung by Skillet

Beautiful Creatures sung by ILLENIUM ft MAX

I SWEAR sung by John Micheal Montgomery

YOU WERE GOOD TO ME sung by Jeremy Zucker ft Chelsea

EVERYTHING I NEED sung by Skylar Grey

SAID I LOVED YOU sung by Michael Bolton

ANYTHING FOR THE sung by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine

I CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME sung by Bonnie Raitt

I STILL KNOW YOU sung by Jacob Lee

HERO sung by Skillet

WARRIOR sung by The Phantoms

CAN’T LET GO sung by Mariah Carey

I MISS YOU sung by Løv Li


HEART OF A WARRIOR sung by Dizzee Rascal ft Teddy Sky

MONSTER sung by All Time Low ft Demi Lovato and Blackbear.

One day Juju wakes up and crawls out of the pit with a small water basin, only to be surrounded by other wolves. Juju gets fed up and allows her wolf Ju to come out. Ju was twice the size of a standard Dire wolf. The standard size of a Dire wolf is the size of a half grown Polar bear. So twice the size was actually huge.

Once Juju shifts into Ju, all wolves freeze out of sheer fright. Ju growls an angry growl and the wolves yelp and dart away with Ju quickly on there heels. The wolves were bobbing and weaving through the forest trees with a very excited and very free Ju ready to kill at will. To Ju this was like a cat and mouse chase, because the actual comparative sizes were just that. Ju focuses on just one wolf now and this wolf was a bit bigger then the rest. The chase was on. Ju was like a freight train slamming into trees and knocking smaller ones over due to her size. Then she leaps through the air and pounces. The wolf is pinned on the ground in an instant and Ju drools excessive as her mouth opens ready to rip apart the threat.

In her mind, Juju commands Ju to freeze and not kill, to let go. The She-wolf does as she is commanded. The wolf that was pinned was a grey wolf with deep green eyes and a black tip for a tail. Ju lets the wolf up and takes a step back, whimpering because the fun was over for her. But Juju felt Ju’s disappointment and told her to go hunt and play for the rest of the day. While Ju the She-Wolf hunted for food and roam the forest, Juju sat back in the mind of the She-Wolf and thought about what she remembered from the recent memories and the short time of she spent with her family by before they were murdered by humans.


Deep in an underground bunker, experiments were happening. Screams can be heard while injections are made. One scientist rushes into the room.

“Professor Schwartz…. SIR….,” says the assistant. “What is it, I must watch this closely,” replies Schwartz. “We lost one sir. I tried everything I could,” as the assistant feared the reaction of the professor. Professor Schwartz shouted, “Damn! Did you do what I told you to do? “Yes sir, but it didn’t matter,” the assistant answered. Professor Schwartz finished his observation without ever taking his eyes off his project. He gets up walks over to a window peering inside a room and then says, “We have one shot left, lets not lose this one.”


Oh hi everyone, my name is Juju. For those who don’t know me, I recently came from MIND NIGHT BLUE. It was a crazy world that was created for Bampires by LB. It was filled with sexy and blood lust creatures that kept their existence from humans. If you want to know how I got here you must read MIND NIGHT BLUE 3 Nights with a Bampire. Anyways, my world is a blank slate. I lost everyone I loved and now I’m the last of my kind. I am a human/Dire wolf shifter. My people were protectors of the forest. But now I fear I am the last. What am I going to do now. No one knows I exist.

The world changed around me when LB the ultimate Bampire changed the future by going to the past. If you want to know how he did it, read MIND NIGHT BLUE 3 Book series. Now I awake from coming back from a fierce battle. Then I almost get attacked by wolves when I wake up this morning. You talk about one bad day, well at least I have Ju. Ju is my counterpart wolf. She is in control for the day while I mentally sort out my mind. My real name is Johanna. But my mom called me Juju because it is both me and my wolf together. Ju is my best and only friend right now. She is my protector.

Little did we know what was awaiting us in the crazy world. Let me start by telling you about this….. You know what, let’s just take it one day at a time.

Who is Juju? Why is she important? Was there ever a MIND NIGHT BLUE?

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