A Secret Transfer

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Chapter 5

She had jerked him off and blown him already before lunch. He squirted his cum over her voluptuous tits, and she rubbed it over them. He watched her as she relished his juices, tasting it on her fingers before she licked his dick clean. They took a shower afterwards. He fingered her there, and she came fast and hard.

“This is only the beginning,” he said.

“I have only seven hours,” she panted.

“We will make them last,” he said and handed her a towel.

As soon as they’d entered the mill they’d embraced. The anticipation of the last two weeks had been unbearable for both of them. They’d kissed long and deep, both in disbelief that this was all real. He’d told her how beautiful she was. Through his eyes, she did feel pretty. She remembered an image of herself from twenty years ago. At the time, she did believe she was beautiful. On the street, entering a pub or a shop, she’d always made men turn their heads. She had an open and radiant face with high cheekbones that enhanced her pretty features. Her green-brown eyes matched her hair perfectly and looked into the world with eager curiosity. Back then, she made a portfolio for modelling agencies, and you could see a twinkle in her eyes on every picture. She was always smiling. She held her bosom proudly and prominently. Her legs stood firmly on the ground. Because of her portfolio, she’d had an offer from an agency for glamour models. She’d gone to the interview but becoming a page-three girl had scared her. She felt uncomfortable with the idea that everyone she knew would see her nude. Her parents, her siblings, neighbours, fellow students. No, it wasn’t her. She wouldn’t have known how to deal with the response it would generate. In the end, she’d declined the offer and ended up doing hand modelling. Safe and anonymous.

But what the hell had happened to her in those twenty years? Going from potential glamour girl to the insecure wife of Tim who himself had changed into a man she hardly recognised anymore? Seeing herself reflected in Derek’s eyes, she rediscovered the young woman she once was. She felt bold and forceful. She had grabbed his groin as they continued to kiss. Feeling how hard his dick was, she couldn’t wait to take it out of his pants. She’d thrown off her coat and led him to a couch in the living room.

All spaces in the mill were of course circular. But a rectangular extension had been built on the ground level. It had been renovated, and the facade now consisted of large glass windows. It had become an extension of the kitchen, creating an orangery-like space to eat and lounge. Derek, being an architect, had designed it himself. It was an amazing place. It was only after showering and sitting down for lunch that Carolyn realised she was probably in a house that featured in glossy residential magazines. The couch she had led Derek to earlier looked very expensive, probably made by some Italian designer. She really hoped she hadn’t stained the upholstery.

Sitting down before him on her knees, she’d undone his pants. The beautiful handwoven rug on the floor felt soft and comfortable.

No dirty knees, she’d thought, giggling.

Derek let her hands find their way to his balls and cock. She looked into his eyes as she kneaded his testes with one hand and softly stroked his long shaft with the other. She wanted to see every muscle in his face respond to her massage. She loved to hear his breath quicken and watch him slowly give in to her. His prick was just like she loved them. Long and slender, but thick enough to open her wide when entering. His bell had a nice round shape, making it perfect to suck like a lollipop.

Over the years, she’d perfected her skills pleasuring a man by jerking and blowing him. She knew how to make it last without risking losing his attention. In her experience, it wasn’t easy for a man to come this way. He had to hand over the controls, so to speak. She had a knack for sensing when to speed up or to slow down. She knew the fine balance between moving her hand up and down his shaft and sucking and licking the tip. The rim there, for instance, could get oversensitive too soon if you didn’t play it right. Combining all this with massaging his balls really demanded apt handling. Some men had loved to have their rocks pulled hard as she went down on them; others withdrew as soon as she touched them. With Derek, she’d found he liked the pulling, and when her fingers slid along his bridge, he’d responded even more. But she’d left it at that. This romp on the couch was indeed—like he’d say afterwards in the shower—only the beginning.

When she sensed he was close to coming, Carolyn paused. He looked at her, surprised, but soon relaxed to watch her take her top and bra off. She showed him her tits, and it was clear that he admired them. She took her nipples between her thumb and index finger and rubbed them until they were hard. She pulled them until it stung and watched him closely as he took this all in. But he did not move. He was enjoying the little intermezzo she put on. Massaging herself as Derek watched her with his hard cock right in front of her made her horny as hell, but she wanted it to be his turn first. She crawled back to him and pushed her boobs against his erection. Carolyn loved feeling a throbbing knob against her soft flesh. Her D-cup bosom was perfectly shaped to hold an erect dick. She pushed her tits up and clenched him between them. Bouncing up and down and jerking him off with her boobs made Derek groan and moan. She looked at him as he tilted his head backwards and pushed against her. He started to fuck her between the tits. She held them firm, making sure not to lose him. She relished the view of the tip right below her, glistening with precum as it slid in and out of view. Carolyn’s panties were soaked now.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned. “Come for me. Shoot on me.”

She felt his load shoot up his shaft, and she arched back to let him squirt over her tits.

“Fuck me!” he groaned as he came on her.

Some of it landed on her chin, and she stuck out her tongue to lick it off, making sure he saw her do it. She caressed her creamed breasts and erect nipples and inhaled his scent. As he caught his breath, he watched her licking her fingers clean.

“You like that, huh?” he said, panting, and Carolyn nodded, grinning wickedly.

She leaned in and took him in her mouth again to savour every drop he’d spilled. He shivered as she took him in whole before she slowly withdrew with pouted lips. She climbed on him to kiss him and make him taste himself.

“I think you’re yummy,” she whispered.

“Best fucking blowjob I ever had,” Derek said.

After a long, passionate kiss, he took her to the bathroom, which was as splendid as the rest of the mill. Half-naked, Carolyn followed him up the winding stairs into a semicircle-shaped space. There was a small window letting in the daylight, and Carolyn saw the branches of a beautiful old chestnut tree outside. Derek got her out of the rest of her clothes. As he pulled down her wet panties, he smiled.

“You dirty little angel,” he said.

She shrugged, smiling, and raised an eyebrow as if to say, “What can a girl do?” But when he touched her pussy, she forgot her playful act. She was so horny she wanted to come fast.

The bathroom had one of those big rain showers. As the warm liquid fell on her like a waterfall, Carolyn let him rub her and enter her with his fingers. He sensed how immensely eager she was and did not muck about. He fingered her hard, two fingers inside her while his thumb rubbed her clit. She groaned with pleasure and held on firmly to Derek’s broad shoulders. Standing on her toes, her legs spread wide, she wanted him to fingerfuck her even harder.

“Yes yes yes! Fuck yes!” she yelled.

Derek’s fingers were now sliding in and out of her fast and hard. She could feel the climax coming. She wanted it now. Her body shook and shivered. Her cunt clenched his fingers just before she came in a big wave of delight. She held him in an almost desperate embrace. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, she felt the orgasm rushing through her body. Her tits were pressed against his chest, and they both held on tightly to each other, lingering over a heavy kiss. The water fell down on them and washed away the rest of the world. To Carolyn, there was only the here and the now. A time and place of sheer joy.

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