A Secret Transfer

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Chapter 7

I will never show myself to anyone else again but this man.

Carolyn was standing next to the king-size bed. She had told Derek to wait while she put on something special, the Mio Destino set she’d wanted to put on for him. She chuckled when he knocked on the door.

“Are you decent?” he asked from the hallway.

“No,” she said. “But come in anyway.”

He came in and was stunned when he saw her. She could feel his gaze gliding over her body, admiring her, wanting her. She had not felt this kind of admiration for a long time. She sensed his desire for her. She felt like a real woman, not the housewife who is taken for granted. It was as if she were growing taller. Stronger.

“You are so beautiful,” he said.

Derek’s words engulfed her. Carolyn could hardly stand still as he walked around her, taking in every inch of her body. He brushed his fingertips over her skin, making her shiver with delight. He was behind her now, and he lowered himself, following the line of her torso with his fingers down to her buttocks and her thighs and calves. His hands glided over her feet and up her shins as if he were drawing her body off the cuff. She could feel his breath on her skin. She closed her eyes, so she could concentrate on his touch. Still behind her, he rose, still following her curves with his fingertips. Goosebumps were covering her in a trail of his caresses. He was so delicate that she thought he was maybe not touching her at all, but somehow stroking her with his energy. One hand went over her chest, which was laid bare by the half cup she wore. He spread his fingers, and they wrapped around her throat. He brushed her long hair aside and kissed her neck. She inhaled deeply and felt the impact of that kiss shoot down her spine. With both his hands, he took her hair, lifted it, and started kissing her along her neck and shoulders. By now she was taking in short, erratic breaths, her mouth open, her tongue eager to touch another tongue. But Derek remained standing behind her, and she knew she was to stay still for as long as it pleased him. He teased her with his caresses and his kisses, carefully avoiding the parts of her body that screamed to be touched. Every time he got close to her lips with a finger she opened her mouth wider, eager to lick it, to suck it. But he just brushed over her lips and let her snap at the air as his fingers found some other spot to tease.

Carolyn opened her eyes and half turned to him. Derek was beaming with pleasure, and she knew he had planned something. He smiled and kissed her on the lips. He let her push her tongue in to find his. With their mouths open wide, their tongues twirling, Carolyn wanted the kiss to last forever. He bit her lip gently, pulled, let it go, and took a step back. He showed her the black silk blindfold in his hand. He’d hidden it well from her. It had an elasticised band secured with long ribbons to adjust the fit. Her blood was pumping, and she swallowed hard. She turned around again to let him put the blindfold on. The fabric was soft and smelt of lavender. He pulled the ribbons tight. With her eyes open, Carolyn could only peek a little bit down towards her feet.

Derek continued caressing and kissing her, but his touch was heavier now, and he used the tip of his tongue as he brushed his mouth over her skin. He slid one hand under her briefs and stroked her buttocks, one finger following the line of her crack. It was impossible to stay still. She wanted him so much. She wanted to be ravished, split wide open. She longed for him to make her come over and over again in a tsunami of bliss.

“You’re impatient, I know,” he said as if he had read her mind. “Come, get on the bed. I’ll help you.”

He steered her to the bed and made her sit on all fours. Her arse stuck out towards him, and he kept on caressing that part of her body. The delicate lace that barely covered her was just a thin film between her skin and his hands. His fingers easily slipped under it to further explore her. When he brushed her pussy lips, she let out a cry. It made her arch her back and push her bum up. Her breasts were swaying as she leaned on her arms. A shiver shot through her when he gently pushed the fabric of her panties aside and blew on her bare pussy. She was not completely shaven, as she disliked that girlie look on a mature woman. But her vulva was well kept, and her slightly protruded inner lips were clearly visible as she arched further to open herself for him. Then all was silent. It seemed he had suddenly left the room. She felt some of her wetness drip from her pussy along her thigh.

Where is he? Oh god, I can hardly take this.

Carolyn was panting with anticipation.

“I feel like a genie.” His voice sounded very close. “Here to fulfil your wish.” He was right in front of her.

“What lamp did I rub?” she panted, hardly able to control her breath.

He laughed out loud.

“You’re funny. What lamp indeed.”

Derek took her head in his hands and kissed her. He sucked hard on her tongue, and after letting it go, he licked her mouth sideways flat out with his tongue. It was like he had lapped her. No one had ever done that to her. It was animalistic, and Carolyn loved the sensation of it. He lapped her ear too and then tickled it with the tip of his tongue. He continued licking and lapping her like this. Her face, her neck and shoulders. He then slid under her and took her boobs out of her bra to lick and suck them too. He gently bit her left nipple and pulled it between his teeth. Small shots of pleasurable pain bolted through her, and just when she felt she could not bear it anymore, he let go. He had sensed it perfectly. To ease the electric sensation, he flicked his tongue around her nipple and areola. Then he sucked her right tit before pulling that nipple too, as far as she would let him. His body right under her, she smelled his skin. He was surely naked. In her darkness, she pictured his manhood erect. So close, yet unreachable. It was torture. A rapture of sensual torture.

Derek pulled himself further down underneath her, kissing her belly, moving towards her vulva. As he moved, Carolyn could feel his cock brushing against her. She stuck out her tongue and just about managed a lick. It passed her cleavage and her belly. She knew it would soon brush her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. When it did, she shivered and let out a cry.

Oh please, fuck me.

Derek had manoeuvred himself from under her and seemed to be standing behind her now. He caressed her puss through her briefs. Carolyn was wetter than she’d been in a long time. Her lips and clit were swollen and so sensitive she thought she could come instantly. Derek started to remove her panties. As he bent to pull them over her ankles, he kissed both her exposed holes. A wave of pleasure made her arms give in. She ended up leaning down on her chest, her face buried in the sheets and her arse upright. She spread her legs some more to find a new balance. She heard a faint tinkle she could not place as if bits of crystal from a chandelier were hitting each other in the wind like chimes. But it was not crystal, she soon found out. It was the sound of ice cubes in a bowl. When the cold of the ice hit her buttocks, she shook so much she could hardly keep herself up. But, realising what he had planned, she knew she had to make the effort. The reward would be worth it.

One night in The Box she had confided a secret fantasy to him. That’s why he’d said he was like a genie fulfilling her wishes. Knowing what was about to happen, without knowing how it would feel, made Carolyn’s head spin. Her still-hard nipples pressed against the sheets, and she moved so that the fabric rubbed them. Every inch of her body was wide-awake. It was like her skin vibrated with energy.

The wet coldness of the first ice cube glided over her pussy lips. Her own hot wetness clashed with the frost, creating an incredible sensation she could only describe as fireworks. Derek rubbed her clit with the cube, and she shuddered into her first orgasm. Her body reacted like it was finally liberated from a tensity she didn’t know she had. She was wide open now, in every way possible. Bereft of her sight, Carlyon could feel all of her other senses were heightened—she could smell, hear, and feel the whole room, it seemed. She cried out as the euphoric waves from the orgasm passed through her body. She had no thoughts; no words formed in her mind. She was all feeling.

As soon as the orgasm subsided, Derek hardly let her catch her breath. Her secret fantasy manifested into reality when he gently pushed the ice cube inside her. A loud grunt escaped her. The sight of that cube disappearing into her pussy hole triggered a moan from him too. She heard the tinkle from the bowl again and knew more would follow. When he slipped the second cube into her steaming hot slit, the first one had already melted. The icy water mixing with her cum now created an explosive sensation inside her. She could not hold herself up anymore, and she collapsed on the mattress. She clenched the sheets in her hands and spread her legs even wider. She totally surrendered to him. He continued slipping in ice cubes, counting them.

“Three, four, five, six . . .”

With every count, she yelped. It seemed impossible that her cunt could feel icy cold and violently hot at the same time, but it did. It was like she was fucked with something that enflamed and quenched her desire at the same time. She was already close to another climax. It came when, instead of another ice cube, Derek’s long, hard cock entered her.

“Seven . . . ah . . .” He groaned hard as he felt the fiery sensation of her icy juices enveloping his hot tip.

Derek now lay on top of her. Feeling the weight of his body pressed against hers, as he buried himself deep inside her, Carolyn felt the flow of her orgasm was different. It was an amazing embrace but from the inside out. Carolyn felt consumed. She drifted away on the rhythm of Derek’s movements. He breathed hard close to her ear. His panting and moans were all she heard now. She pushed herself up again, and he immediately freed her from his weight. On her knees again, leaning on her elbows, her back arched, Carolyn felt like she had come up for air after a long dive in a tropical sea. She sighed deeply, filling her lungs with oxygen. Derek pulled out and steered her onto her back. She felt his hands undo the knot of the blindfold. As it came off, she opened her eyes. They looked at each other, and both saw the wild erotic desire that was in the expression of their eyes. He took her ankles, spread her wide, and entered her again. His balls banged against her bum, close to her arsehole. Her boobs swayed heavily with every thrust. He was fucking her hard now. Pubis against pubis, he hardly moved out of her. His thrusts remained inside of her, the tip of his cock reaching her innermost parts. She felt a completely new sensation, and she pushed herself harder against him to encourage him further. He put his hands under her and grabbed her buttocks. He lifted her, and she slung her legs over his shoulders. The move heightened their delirious pleasure. Derek looked deeply into Carolyn’s eyes as he banged her harder and faster. Her back was arched as she hung on to him. Her belly and chest pushed upward. They both seemed to float, unaware of any physical effort or strain. She did not see her boobs move violently in front of her. She was locked in his infinite gaze.

Derek had never fucked a woman in such a deeply passionate way. Carolyn was perfectly shaped for his cock. Every move felt right, no matter the position. He looked down on her now while he thrust himself into her. Her tits swayed back and forth, her nipples still hard. Her mouth was open, and she moaned loudly every time that his crown touched her cervix. He was holding her firmly by the hips and pushed her against himself. Inside her, he throbbed intensely as if his heart pumped all of his blood straight to his cock. He was close now. He was about to explode. It was an almost seismic feeling. He locked eyes with her and pushed himself as deeply as he could inside her. Something seemed to encompass his tip, and he felt how her vaginal muscles contracted around his shaft. He had never felt this before. It was sensationally intense.

“Oh . . . my . . . Fuck!” Carolyn screamed.

Her chest heaved, and then she thrust herself forward. At first, Derek did not realise what he felt, but he came in a delirious blast, shooting his cream deep inside her. As he shook and shuddered through his orgasm, it dawned on him that Carolyn had squirted when they came together. The now lukewarm water from the ice cubes mixed with her hot juices had splashed out of her against his belly.

I fucking squirted! He came so deep inside me that I squirted!

He collapsed on top of her. She immediately grabbed him tightly. They kissed ferociously, as if only by kissing they would survive the aftershock of their orgasms. He pushed himself up on his arms to look at her. They were panting like crazy. Their smiles went from ear to ear.

“Did you . . . ?” he asked, completely out of breath.

She nodded, laughing. She couldn’t stop laughing.

“Oh, baby,” she said. “You’re my fucking Jean Genie.”

After a while, he rolled off her, and only now did they both realise the sheets were soaked. Their crotches, thighs, and bellies shined with their cum and juices.

They lay there next to each other, still catching their breath, overwhelmed by it all. They could faintly hear the birds in the chestnut tree outside announcing the end of the day. Soon they slumbered into a deep, blissful sleep.

Outside the mill, the sun was setting. It looked like the picture that Derek had put up in their room in The Box. That virtual world was oblivious of the ecstasy that Carolyn and Derek had just experienced. And they themselves were unaware that she would miss her transfer to Berlin. Pandora’s box had been opened.

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