Friends with benefits

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My book is full of drama you will want to keep coming back for more, It's so romantic and has smut and lot's of language NO KIDS ALLOWED 18+ ONLY (I"M SERIOUS)

Romance / Erotica
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Sasha Pov:

I am at Mcdonalds with Charlotte and we see two really sexy black dresses in the stores window across the street. “We need those dresses” said Charlotte. “I know they are perfect for the party tonight” I sighed. “Yeah, Yeah” said Charlotte. “Look at him he is hot as hell!” Screamed Char. ” Damn girl chill, but the one with the man bun fine as hell” I said.

The next thing I know Charlotte is walking up to them. I walk to and Charlotte says ” Roman, Seth this is my best friend Sasha” Roman says ” We know shes Raw women’s champion” ” Wait your Roman and Seth as in the Shield Roman and Seth I see you guys backstage but I don’t say anything because y’all always surrounded” I say. Seth says ” Yeah that sounds like us, anyway we gotta got but we will catch y’all later ok” ″ Ok” Charlotte says. We wave goodbye and pay for our food and go.

I get home and Mikaze is Laying on the couch with a beer in his hand sleep, “You have to be kidding me” I say, I don’t even bother him I just go to our room and take a Shower.

I check my phone when I get out the shower and put my pj’s on. I see a text from an Unknown number It says

Unknown” Hey It’s Seth, Charlotte gave me your number.

Me: Oh hey what’s up

Sethie💋💙: What’s my name in your phone?

Me: Sethie💋💙, I made it up it’s so cute 😊😍

Sethie💋❤️: Change It NOW! 🙄😑😤

Me: Pwease 🥺🥺🥺

Sethie💋💙: Fine, look I got to go Stop Roman and Dean from ripping each others heads off, But Good night beautiful

Me: Night

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