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The Secret Angel 3

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18yo+! Abuse scenes, violence, and sex, suicidal thoughts, pregnancy loss Book 3 in The Secret Angel series I walk away and I see her get up to follow me as we round the corner of the building where there isn't anyone. I turn towards her as she runs straight into me. She looses her balance, when I wrap my arm around her waist quickly to steady her. She stands there nervous as I slowly lift my other hand under her chin and lift her face to look at me. My god she is gorgeous but she is covered in bruises and a busted lip. Jesus christ what the hell. I look at her face as I see tears start to fall. "Who did this Cami?" Cami "My alcoholic parents. Don't worry I turn 18 in a week and will be out of the shit hole soon enough. Don't bother to pretend you care because no one does." "Cami baby, I do care! You are a gorgeous girl and if you don't want me involved fine, but if you want out I can get you out. Just give me your phone and I will put in my number. Text it and I will get you out." She just looks at me trying to figure out whats in it for me. She slowly pulls out her phone and hands it to me. I take her phone and enter my number showing her where it's at. Cami "Your name is angel?" "Oh no Cami baby, my name is Jace Maxwell. If you want out text it and I can be there within minutes and will get you out." Cami "Why me? "Because Cami.... you are my goddess!

Romance / Action
Melanie Gomez
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Ch 1

Jace pov

Finally my senior year has come. I have been going to school and working with Nate when he is here at the estate. He even gave me an office next to his which is cool. I help with filling out paperwork with easy stuff, employing new guards. All the boring stuff, but it’s all part of the business. So I need to know all aspects so I can fill in everywhere.

I have fun at school, but all the girls always annoy me. They try just too damn hard for attention. If I give one a smile to be nice apparently she thinks we are now engaged or some shit. So I don’t talk or look at anyone. I am so tired of the drama, I am so glad I only have this year left. I have seen some cute girls but nothing that stands out.

Nate and dad say I will know who my goddess is the moment I see her. I will get that tightening and butterflies and the urge to do nothing but protect her from the world. Sounds more like I will want to bubble wrap her. I just try to imagine what she will look like, and where I will find her. More than that wondering if she will want to be saved. What if she doesn’t and never calls?

I lay here thinking after I hit my alarm and get up quickly showering and getting ready. I try my damndest to be ahead of uncle Frankie. After watching Nate and Jocelyn taking forever getting ready. I figured I would give him a break. I quickly exit my room and head downstairs grabbing a muffin and head out through the chaos of everyone else getting ready.

“Hey Jace, Nate stuck some paperwork for you on your desk. It can wait till you get home today.”

“Ok, thanks Jocelyn.”

I watch as she starts getting yelled at by Nate and Jessie for her and Mandy to hurry up. I just chuckle to myself when I stand to the side. I watch as Mandy says goodbye to Mason and their daughter Molly. My parents stay home with the grandkids and have just decided it’s better to work from home. If they even work, I swear we get home and have more work slipped on our desks that weren’t there in the morning.

After a few minutes Frankie comes running in and sees me all ready to go and just smiles. We walk out and quickly load up and head towards the school. As usual it’s a pretty quiet ride till the school comes into view when we see people all standing out front. When we pull into the driveway we wait in line to unload when all the conversations stop and everyone stares. Nothing new anymore, sure it gets annoying. Our family has a reputation at the schools from elementary to high school.

I know just about every girl here so if someone is new I usually notice them right away. I slowly walk over to my locker and unload my books. When I shut my locker I see a bunch of random girls standing around. Well I guess they know where my locker is this year. No doubt there will be double the girls tomorrow.

I turn around to walk away when I have to catch myself from running into Tamara. This girl drives me up the wall, she is way too pushy. She is the most popular girl, cheerleader, track star, plays softball amongst anything else. She has also slept with the whole football team, and still feels like I should be remotely interested.

“Jace baby why don’t we start this year on a positive note and have you take me out to dinner?”

“How about no.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to? I’m not even remotely interested.”

“So you will think about it?”


Tamara steps forward rubbing her hand down my arm. I instantly step back and look down at her.

“You say no now but just wait, soon you will be saying yes to everything I can offer.”

“Highly unlikely.”

She just smiles, winks and walks away. My lord that chick is delusional. Who would want something that’s been ridden by everyone around the town. I just shake my head when I head towards my first class, and just try to make it through the day without seeing her again.

I get through my morning classes with no one luckily bothering me. At lunch Tamara came to sit next to me to eat, but I just got up and left. Luckily I was done already so I didn’t miss anything. Once my afternoon classes were done I quickly walked out towards the car. When I turn the corner I see Tamara twirling her hair talking to uncle Frankie and Tank. I just nod at them and we jump in the car and wait for them to get in so we can leave.

“Who was that girl Jace?”

“The school slut Uncle Frankie.”

Tank was taking a drink and spit it out all over the car which got him a verbal lashing from Frankie about how he is cleaning it up. I just laugh and well let’s be honest it’s the truth. No one in their right mind would want that. Besides, I am waiting to find my goddess. The one that needs me as much as I need her.

It doesn’t take long before we pull up and park at the house. I quickly make my way to my office, and sit down doing what homework there is, before I start on work stuff. I am getting paperwork together for my parents to fill out when my dad walks in, perfect timing. I hand him the papers and tell him to give it to mom so I can get work done.

“Did you find her at school?”

“No dad, not yet. I don’t think she goes there. I know she is out there somewhere. I just have that feeling that I will find her soon. It’s weird to describe like something is turning in my body, but life hasn’t changed yet. Does that make sense?”

“It does! You have that gut feeling that you will find her and things start changing mentally to prepare.”

“Yes! Like I am trying to concentrate but it’s like my brain isn’t wanting to.”

He just chuckles leaving my office and at least I know I am not crazy. So I do the best I can with filing some papers and filling out forms. The last thing I see is new requests for employment and see some names that look familiar from school. If they were interested why didn’t they talk to me directly? I will leave a note for Nate to show him these kids are from my school. So maybe I can sit in on the interviews to see them myself.

I quickly get through all the paperwork and drop stuff off on Nate’s desk as I head upstairs for the evening. I grab a plate of food before I head up and sit on my couch in my bedroom. Once I got older I wanted a neutral room so I have cream walls and tan rugs. My king size bed frame is a light wood with pale blue sheets. I love the beach so I went with a beach theme. When you enter I have a fireplace wooden furniture sitting around. A “mini bar” although I don’t drink so it’s filled with sodas and water. I have a huge walk-in closet next to the walk-in bathroom.

It relaxes me as I just sit and listen. I even have a machine that makes beach sounds. I just hope that when I find my goddess she loves it as much as I do. I slowly eat my dinner and walk over to jump in the shower. For days I have had this dream of me walking up to her. This broken girl that is just sitting there. I can see her but can’t at the same time. I just think about her and my body reacts so I just turn the shower to cold to try and ease my issue.

When I get out and dry myself off, I just throw on some boxers and crawl in bed. I fall asleep as my thoughts are to her again, and this time I can see her. I still can’t see her face but see her sitting there, and know it’s her. She is in rough shape so I know I will have my work cut out.

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