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Damilare was an ordinary high school student enjoying her best life until she met Jules Hernandez one morning, when everything changed. Jules Hernandez was a typical adolescent until he was involved in an automobile accident that changed his life forever. Jules is now nothing more than a shattered vessel forced to endure unspeakable pain.

Romance / Humor
Raxhil. A
4.5 11 reviews
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Because this is my first book, there will be errors; please contact me so that I may repair them.

This book is not for everyone; it contains violence, vulgarity, and depictions of torture, among other things. If you have any questions, ask them. Just don't be impolite when you express your thoughts.

This is a BWWM (Black woman, white man) novel, so if you don't feel at ease, please go.

This book, as well as any other work by the author, may not be copied.
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