East Side Academy

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Chapter 45 - The Game

“I’m stronger cause you made me / You will never faze me / You can never take me down / ’Cause you know that / I’ve been doing my thing / I’ve been running my game / And you know I won’t look back / You know that / Everywhere I go / When everyone who knows me / Knows that I would stand alone / It’s all part of the game” – The Game, Alyssa Reid


There are only six teams in our area to compete against for the county championship. We each play each other once and then the bottom two teams are knocked out. 1st place vs. 4th place and 2nd place vs. 3rd place in the semi-finals, with the winners of each match playing each other in the finals for the championship. The winners would then go on to play in EOSSA to play the best soccer teams in Eastern Ontario. Currently, the standings for the senior girls’ soccer team is as follows:

1st – West Side Academy

2nd – East Side Academy

3rd – Greenwood Academy

4th – Whitewater Academy

The standings for the senior boys’ team is as follows:

1st – West Side Academy

2nd – East Side Academy

3rd – Whitewater Academy

4th – Silver Valley Academy

Both James and I would have to play the third-place teams while West Side got the easier job of playing the fourth-place team, but I was confident in both our teams being able to take home the championship.

“Hope you don’t choke this time as well, Arya,” Isabella says to me as we step out onto the field for our semi-final match. “What’s that? Five games you have been in this rut? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we win this championship with or without you.”

“Like how you beat West Side?” I say, and Isabella glares at me. “Look, Isabella, we have to work together for this team. You know that together we could crush these teams easily. Yes, I have been in a rut since the beginning of the season, but it stops today.” I say confidently.

“Just stick to your side of the pitch,” Isabella says, walking over to the left edge of the center circle and I stay on the right.


“Same lineup as last game.” Mr. Quirrel calls from his clipboard.

“Coach!” Daniel says, “You’re seriously keeping Fox on the starting line up? He hasn’t been able to play the past five games!”

“Quiet, Daniel,” Mr. Quirrel says, “I will do what I think is best for the team. Now get out there and let’s show them who’s the better team!”

All the guys cheer, going out on the field, pumped to play in the semifinals, and get one step closer to the championship game.

“You better not fuck it up this time, Fox,” Daniel says, passing me by.

Don’t worry, captain, I think to myself. I’ve got the girl back and my touch as well.


Both East Side teams won their games. Neither game was even close. Both the girls and the boys dominated their games with their star players finally back to their star performance level.

Both West Side teams won their games as well. It was what the town always hoped and looked forward to every sports season, a West Side vs. East Side championship match. And now there would be two.

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