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Ella has been working in a coffee shop for about two years now, and then comes a boy named Elijah who catches her attention.Elijah is in the Mafia. His family plans to take down Spain's Mafia, so Elijah must go undercover to form a plan. What happens when ex's, family, and jealous friends enter the equation. Will they run away? Read more to find out. AUTHORS NOTE: Please leave comments. I would love to hear ideas for future stories. Will post a new chapter twice a week. Thanks for choosing this story! Not the best at spelling....

Romance / Mystery
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New beginnings


I woke up this morning feeling different, better I guess. Like something good would happen. Of course I thought to myself "like something good could happen to me". I pushed that feeling to the side and got ready for work. If you don't already know, I work in a coffee shop. And it's not as bad as it sounds. My best friend Hailey works there. She keeps me going. I quickly straightened my hair as I looked at the clock and noticed I was late for work.

I rushed into the kitchen and greeted my dad and mom. "Hey honey" dad said as he was reading something on his tablet. Mom insisted on getting him one since he read all the books in our home already.

Why not get him a tablet so he can download reading apps? My mom had said. "Hey dad, I'm running late so I'll have to skip breakfast. I'll eat at the coffee shop. Mom home?" I said as I was slipping my boots on.

"No she left for work early. Said something about how Samantha didn't know how to edit the project properly." I just laughed. Samantha was my mom's best friend.

They both work at a book publishing company. Mom and Samantha have both been illustrating a kids book. It's quite a lovely job as my mom put it. They put smile's on kids faces.

"Well I'm out dad, Scott's going to give me a ride." I said walking over and giving my dad a kiss on the head. "See you later kiddo" he said as I was walking out the door.

Scott, my neighbor gave me a ride to work. And yes he's just a friend. He moved next door when we both started highschool. We've already established we weren't into each other. Just besties.

As soon as I got there my boss told me "Why hello Ella, I see you decided to show up". I rolled my eyes and said "Well yes Mr. David, how could I possibly go another day without seeing the world's worst boss". He quickly told me he could fire me any time of the day, at any time of the week. I apologized to him because without this job, I wouldn't be able to go to college.

My mum and dad can't afford for me to go to college because I have three older brothers who used all the college money to go to Harvard. I don't know how those idiots ended up going to Harvard but they made it.

Besides mom and dad said they would help out as much as they could when I get into college. We sure aren't the wealthiest family, but we are loving. Without my family, I don't know what i would do.

"Ouch!" I said when I turned around. "Omg Ella, I'm so sorry" said Hailey. My absolute bestie since the third grade. Sorry Scott. "It's fine" I said. "You kind of get used to being burnt with coffee when you work at a coffee shop." Hailey laughed and we got back to work.


As I woke up this morning it was different. Like something good or bad was going to happen. I didn't really like this feeling because it was a mystery. And some things I don't want to be left unsaid. I guess it was just the excitement of my new job today.

Today was my first day at working at a cafe. I was pretty excited but a little nervous considering it was my first job. My family is pretty wealthy but I want to get out the house and actually work for money. I don't like to brag about how much money my family has because I've always been the one to consider people's feeling.

That and I have a secret...me and my family are in the Mafia. I have to go undercover so we can hide from the Spain mobsters while we form a plan to take them down. My dad is head in charge. Soon to be me.

I got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed out. Both my parents are lawyers, so they are always working. Obviously they are in the Mafia, but they have to have some sort of job to stay undercover. I'm sure my brother, a year older than me. Was still laying in his bed asleep. Seth was supposed to be in college right now, but he's just a playboy.

I could care less. He'll just live off of our parents money. He was supposed to be appointed head in our Mafia but he turned it down. Anyways...ain't gonna let him damper my mood. We'll discuss more about him later.

I soon got in my Jeep and drove to work. My boss Mr. David called me yesterday saying a girl named Ella would be training me. Quite a lovely name I thought. When I got to "David's Cafe" I went to the locker room and grabbed my hat and gloves. I was told to wait until a girl named Ella greeted me and started training me.


"Guess what" I told Hailey. "What!" She said immediately. "Mr. David it going to let me train a boy named Elijah today!" I said with a toothy grin. "Oh really" said Hailey. "He sounds hot". "Omg shut- up" I told Hailey as I was laughing.

"Anyways I'll let you know how it goes" I said, waking out the room. "Tell me everything" Hailey said as I left. I was pretty excited. It was my first time training someone. As I walked in the kitchen I met eyes with him. His eyes were like honey, hair brown like an oak tree. Nice and curly. I just wanted to run my fingers through it. He had soft looking skin. Like he has good hygiene. I was completely lost in his eyes. I snapped out of it when I heard a loud pan hit the floor.

"Gosh" I thought in my head. This was the most handsome boy I had ever seen. I slowly walked up to him introducing myself. Good thing he didn't see me staring at him. He was looking up at the ceiling the whole time. When I got to him I said "Hi... My name is Ella. I'll be training you for the next week".

He didn't say anything for the longest time so there was an akward silence. About a minute later he said "Oh sorry..." I blushed SO hard. He laughed saying sorry for coming on weird. Then he proceeded to say "I'm Elijah". "Nice to meet you..." I said.


"No, nice to meet you I said". I could see her face turning red as she pushed her hair behind her ear. "So..." I said trying to start conversation. "What should we do first?" I said. "Let's start off with a basic coffee" she said. But how could I focus on her training me as beautiful as she was. Her beautiful blue eyes, the color of a light sea, dark midnight hair, pale skin, and gorgeous red lips, like the reddest apple there was.

She was absolutely perfect. There was no doubt to it. But how could someone so pretty go for me I thought to myself. I quickly responded saying "black coffee, or some with a little cream?". She laughed and said "Hmm... Let's go for coffee with cream. "Ok" I said. "I like things sweet". She once again blushed hard. Maybe it was possible she would go for me.

She took me to the pot and told me to push three different buttons. I quickly said "Umm... I'm sorry which button again". She laughed and grabbed my hand. They were quite soft, and she was very gentle. I immediately got butterflies. Or at least I think. I wouldn't know to be honest.

It was like I immediately just gave her my heart. I was wrapped around her tiny pinky. Of course I was silly to think this. We just met. But I looked forward to every day I would spend with her. "Thanks" I said. "No worries" she said. "It's your first day. You'll get the hang of it."


After I showed Elijah how to use the coffee maker he soon got the hang of it. I soon just showed him how to clean the dishes properly and where everything went. By the time you new it, it was time to go. "Really" I said to Hailey. She was supposed to give me a ride home because my dad put my car in the shop today because the break's were going out.

"I know Ella I'm so sorry, but I have to go pick up Seth from his art class today. Mom is running late from work". She said tiredly. "It's ok" I told her. "I'll just walk". "You sure you'll be ok?" She asked with a concerned tone. "I'll be fine, go get Seth" I responded through the phone. "Thanks for understanding" she said. "Of course" I said.

Now I'm normally iffy about walking home by myself, but It was around Christmas so everyone was being nice and weren't acting like complete douches. As I was walking home Elijah saw me. Of course I was embarrassed. He rolled down the window and asked "Do you want a ride? I have the room" he said. "No thanks I replied . Your still a stranger to me. Besides your girlfriend wouldn't want me to ride with you". I said with a smirk.

"Well is this your way of asking me if I have a girlfriend" he said with a smirk if his own. "Maybe it is" I replied. "Well if you should know, I don't have a girlfriend, so would you like a ride?". "Hmm" I said. "It's getting cold" he said laughing. "Alright but if you get into a reck, your paying my hospital bill". He immediately started laughing and replied with an ok.

"I'm just up here on Palm street. It's about 10 minutes out" I said. "Alright well what should we do in the mean time" he said. I told him "truth or truth". He looked into my eyes and replied with a soft ok. I smiled knowing he saw me staring into his eyes. "So" he said. "Have you ever been in love?" I paused for a moment. "I have not" I said. "What about you?". I asked back.

"I have" he said with a frown.. There was a pause for about ten seconds and then I decided to go to the next question. Not wanting to push it. "What movie genre do you prefer to watch?" I asked. He said "Romance, I like how people find there other half". Making me swoon over him even more. "As well as me" I said.


Ella knew what to say. Next thing you knew we were at her house. She lived in a pretty nice home. I could see her Christmas tree from the window. "I really appreciate you taking me home"she said. "It was nothing, let me know if you ever need another ride". I replied. "Thanks"she said with a big grin on her face. I walked her to her house and I did something I wouldn't expect.

"Would you like to go out with me on Friday?" I said. Looking down at her nervously. "I would love to" she said. "Great!" I told her with a grin. "Could I get your number please" I asked. She gave me her phone and I put my number in. As I walked to my car she had already messaged me saying "Miss me yet?".

I smiled hard, looked at her window as I saw her watching me leave and I replied "Possibly 😉". Her cheeks turned red as I waved goodbye. She smiled and waved back. When I got home and laid in my bed, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I was ready for tomorrow. To see what awaited us.

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