Blind of sight for stepbrother

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She was born with out sight she was born in the city her mom was a single mom until she met someone and I was four years old when she fell in love with mick he had one son that was six years old and he had one daughter that was ten years old me an the six years old boy we became best friends and then we were

Romance / Drama
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His new girlfriend

One day someone asked me did I know him I said he is stepbrother they said can I take a picture with you I said weird yeah of course why not many people kept asking I had to find him before I loss it he was in the boys locker room I did not care what I was about to see I walked in and saw my stepbrother having sex with the worst girl I have every met but I did not care I said put on clothes I said we need to talk and he did she left I said why is everybody asking me to take a picture with me he said people found out about us I said what about us he said they think that we are not acting like we are brothers and sisters I said what is wrong with you we are brother and sisters ok and that Allie said what if I can change that I really like you more then a sister I said I am leaving you alone for the rest of the month I think it time to go a break. My teacher said she wanted us to do a essay about us I said why are we doing this she said because I asked you to I went home and stared written down my story and this what I had done she said we had the rest of the school year to find out what we want to put in our story mom told me I was like I am blind without sight so i wrote it down then told them how my life has been going on .
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