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A Vacation? Why?!

"What! I don't want to go on vacation, I only have five months to get my piano solo perfect!" I kept ranting to my parents about the surprise vacation they planned - Only it was a surprise just to me, because they'd apparently had this planned for about 3 months.

"It's only one week Giselle," my mother responded. "They have a piano in the resort lobby you can go all out on. I even called and they said they'd let you play."

"But it's not the same," I whined. "I'm not good at anything but the piano. I'm not going to have fun at all and it'll just ruin your guys's time. You guys can go, I'll stay here."

"Well here's the thing," started my father, "we've invited one of your friends to come along and join us, on the condition that you'd be coming, and that they'd have their own separate room. They've needed a much needed break too."

"I only have like, three friends dad. And none of them would want to come on va-Wait. Why would they need their own separate room?"

My father smirked and looked me straight in the eye.

"You don't mean...Blake?"

My parents both nodded their heads. Wow...My boyfriend Blake agreed to go on vacation with me and my family. Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad vacation after all. "Are you serious?" I asked excitedly.

"Of course we're serious, Giselle," answered my mom. "But you know the rules, no sleeping in the same room an-"

"And no rambunctious playing when other people are around so we don't disturb them," I finished, cutting her off. "We won't cause any trouble. Oh thank you guys!" My parents gave me a hug and then went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I'm an only child and life gets pretty lonely when your parents are both working to help pay for 6 hour a week piano lessons, plus the cost of living. I have a (Calico) cat named Snickers who keeps me company when I'm not playing the piano, and of course, my boyfriend, Blake. We met at a music camp 2 years ago and became good friends with each other, after discovering that we both loved the piano and music in general. His goal was to get into the NLMP too, to study under another instructor, Rosa Valdez, one of the founding teachers.


7 years ago, I stopped playing the piano. Now I'm 18 years old and really excited at the possibility to get into the NLMP with Blake, who is 20, and learn more advanced music together. But everyone who knows me knows that I get lonely very often and music, along with it being my passion, is also my comfort and the thing that's there for me when I feel like no one else is. Even though it's frustrating sometimes, it's something that I'll always love. And nothing can ever take that away from me.


After my parents told me about the vacation, I felt a little scared. I was always homeschooled so I didn't have a *lot* of friends, but I did have some good ones that I met from the plays that I did, and I always spend my time when I'm not practicing the piano (which hasn't been much lately) with them. They've been getting a little short with me though, saying I'm still young and have tons of potential to do other things and should dial it back on the piano a little. But they really don't understand. They're just mad I'm not able to spend as much time with them as they want me to.

I was worried that they'd find out about my vacation and say that I was just ignoring them only to go have fun with my boyfriend. But oh well, in the end, my life isn't theirs, so I should get to choose what I do with it. Maybe a vacation is good. It'll help clear my head and get me back into the swing of things with my audition piece. I can only hope it won't make me even more sloppy.

After dinner was over, my parents asked me to pack for our vacation. Apparently, we were going to Clearwater Florida so we'd be near the beach. Not being a hot weather fan, I reluctantly packed my purple and white swimsuit and some flip flops, some of my lavender-scent lotion that Blake gave me on our 1 year anniversary, and several t-shirts and a few pairs of shorts.

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