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Stoic f**king Dokken, his name reflects his character. Impossible to read, always serious, always silent, difficult to reason with, tough like a f**king boulder. The man is built like a beast, towering over the crowd like a true Nordic god. His deep blue eyes reading right through people’s souls. Stoic is the man that grown men fear, the object of every woman’s desire, and the mother f**king bastard my parents want me to marry. What should do when I only have one month and two options, escape from the clutches of the devil himself and lose my family or be forced to live the rest of my life on all fours, breeding for a gigantic misogynist asshole and making my father proud. Time is running out and the words we don’t say out loud empowers our forsaken homonym silence.

Romance / Erotica
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~Authors note~

First things first, Thanks for taking the time from your precious lives to read my book. It means a lot to me. Really, thank you.

This is my first book and English is my second language so I guarantee you will find many errors/horrors. I’m trying to learn as I go so if you can provide me with constructive criticism I would absolutely appreciate it.

Second, this is an 18+ book so if you are not 18+ bye Felicia. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

This said, this book has strong sexual content, the worst language I can come up with, edgy and possibly controversial topics, lots of fucks, and rape so if you are not comfortable by all means stay away.

Right from the get-go, trigger warning starting in the first chapter.

For all of you that have decided to stay, enjoy! Feel free to comment, rate, and share.

Once again, Thank you!

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