The last youthful summer

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Melissa is like any other 16 year old, scared of people being two faced and criticising her life choices. But this year she has decided to live her life how she wants to.. As she see it, school is basically over and it's her last summer to live freely before she has to grow up. It's Melissa's year to be herself. She will experience heartache from boy's and her best friend's, but bonds will be made stronger. As they say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' She hopes.

Romance / Drama
Charley-Anne Hardy
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Where to start

As the alarm starts going off at the side of Melissa's bed, she stays in bed staring up to the ceiling. She is contemplating weather today is ment to be a sad or happy day, because she is finally leaving the hell whole of a school that made her so anxious to get up and go. She starts going over the last few years in her head.

She thinks back through the 5 years she had to be there! Don't get her wrong the last 2 years haven't been as bad as the rest. She has made some very close friends but there are others there that she won't be so sad to say bye to.

It was definitely a school that has social groups. You have the standard people that have money and walked round like they owned the place, then you have the quiet ones that kept themselves to themselves. You also have the girls that would open their legs to anyone, The guys that would walk round all high and might that was also involved in the sports. There is also the group of people that smoke do abit of drugs and mingled with any of the other groups.

Then you have the group that Melissa was in, they are quite outside of their own bubble but a crazy and wild group when they got together, mostly outside of school.

When Melissa first started year 7 at school she had no confidence in herself at all. Her one close friend that she had from primary school was not in any of her classes apart from one.

And this so called friend pushed her away because she was trying to climb the social ladder and thought Melissa was dragging her down. Not long after she decided that it was the worst decision she made. Melissa was there for her when she hit rock bottom. It turned out that after being at the school a few months, her friend Rachel had been self harming and she caught her one day in the girls toilets after she ran out of the one class they was in together. Not long after that her mental health was not good at this school so her parents decided to take her out of the school and put her in a new one.

So Melissa was left on her own again. She had people she spoke to but not one of them she would class as a friend. But that changed.

She doesn't remember how they ended up being apart of her life, maybe it was the fact they are all in the lower sets of every subject, but they are there and they are the bestest friends she could wish for. It's the only good that came out of having to go school.

See Melissa doesn't have money and it's obvious. She wears clothes and shoes to the point she needs new ones. She can't just buy 3 lots of the same shoe's, she wears them till she can't super glue them on the sole no more. When that happens she either hopes it is close to her birthday or Christmas so she can ask for them as presents, she doesn't like being a burden on anyone and she also hates that she has to ask her grandparents as there is no point asking her Mum. All her Mum will do is ask her parents any way.

People noticed she doesn't have the update things teenagers have. She was lucky if she could manage to do a few jobs round the house for a bit of pocket money of her mum to buy make up. But even then she might not ever get it, she is use to empty promises.

She doesn't quite understand why she was put as a outsider at school. Maybe it was the fact she had no money, maybe that she is not smart enough or that she was just to quite so they just pick on the vulnerable ones. But such is life, as she puts it.

Most of the bullying and sly remarks stopped by the time year 10 came along, only because they was using her and she knew that but she was quite happy for the quite life.

Melissa was known for selling cigarettes and she would quite happily do it, she got extra money out of it and it funded her bad habit aswell. Every half a packet she sold she would be able to buy another packet or two. Her Mum was quite happy about this aswell because she would profit out of it as she was the one who use to buy the cigarettes for her. Though her Mum wasn't fully aware how much she was making because Melissa would keep abit of money back each time, just so she didn't need to ask her mum for any money now and again.

By this point Melissa was just caring for herself. Her Mum could be a complete bitch now again, but she just tried to keep out her way as much as she could without it being noticable being as she still need her to buy cigarettes for her. Also the fact it is her only parent she talks to.

Her dad has nothing to do with her or her sister now. At one point they would only see him on occasions like their birthdays or Christmas, being as he had it in his head that they only wanted to see him so they could get things off him. Eventually that turned in to a few texted now and again, then it turned in to not hearing of him at all. They was not going to waste their time chasing him if that what he thinks of them.

By this point Melissa's head is spinning. She has gone to deep in her own mind thinking about everything.

She looks at the alarm as the radio is still going off, she starts to panic seeing that she has been lieing there thinking for the past half hour and now she is running late.

She jumps up out of bed and runs to the bathroom for a quick shower. Once she has done shampooing and conditioning her dirty blonde hair that ends at the middle of her back, she decides that it's best to wear for black tight trousers today for school as she doesn't have time to shave her legs now.

She finishes off and runs in to her bedroom. Melissa looks at her black school blazer, white shirt and purple tie hanging on the wardrobe door, thinking this is the last day she has to wear this. She still doesn't know if she is sad or happy about this day but glad she doesn't have to wear that awful tie again after today.

She drys herself off and puts her hair in the towel on top of her head. She then chucks her underwear on and school clothes with a white vest top underneath her shirt, She then starts applying her makeup. She adds her foundation and applies some liquid eyeliner with abit of a flick at the corners of her eyes, then adding her mascara and a bit a blusher to her cheeks.

She looks at her eyes again. Staring in to her light blue eyes with a fleck of green to make sure her eyeliner is sitting perfectly. She mentally gives herself a pack on the back as it is a very good eyeliner day. She then puts her school tie on leaving it a bigger knot then normal with leaving her top button undone. She takes her hair out of the towel combs it throw and adds abit of mouse and oil so it doesn't dry to frizzy. She see the waves starting to take place as she scrunchs her semi damp hair up.

She puts her black Van's on and grabs her coat whilst looking at the time. She knows she has got ready in record time. She picks up her school bag chucks another school shirt in for people to sign.

Then taking one last look in the mirror to make sure she looks good. She tells herself.

"You've got this Melissa, one last day before study leave starts and you can let you hair down"

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