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The Devil’s First Love

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Hi, my name is Kara King James. I live in a tiny town, at a tiny apartment, with my not so tiny cat Tinkles on Broadway Street. My life was normal until he showed up, but let’s start from the beginning.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Kidnapping

POV: Kara

“Good Morning Tinkles,” I say to my fat kitty friend. He turns his head slightly the only acknowledgment I get that he heard me. Did I not mention he is lazy to. Anyways I get dressed into my normal attire, putting my strawberry blonde hair up for a normal work day at Joe’s Cafe. I go downstairs to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast, when all of a sudden I see a flash. As I turn my head it quickly vanishes as if it were never there. If it weren’t so early in the morning I could have sworn I saw a man with white intricate wings standing outside of my apartment. “You are not going crazy Kara,” I say to myself. I get into my car and head to the cafe, the man still in my mind.

As I headed into the cafe my best friend Gabe (short for Gabriel) greeted me with “Hey girl!” Gabe and I have been best friends since we were toddlers. Everyone thought we are a couple because of how close we are, but really Gabe is gay, and I literally trust my life with him. “So Kara, how are you doing today,” Gabe says. I laugh and tell him about the man with the wings that I saw this morning. He said, “You must be hallucinating or I have a crazy lady as a friend.” We both laugh at that.

When the day is finally over I say goodbye to Gabe and start walking to my car, but then suddenly I stop dead in my tracks when I hear something beating in the air. It almost sounded like… wings! Too scared to look behind me I look through the reflection of the window on my car. There stood behind me seemed to be a devil with wings. I closed my eyes and said to myself, “No Kara you're not crazy, when you look behind you there won’t be a tall demon thing staring at you.” I slowly open my eyes and turn around to still see the devilish angel behind me smirking. He seemed to be amused by you. Suddenly you feel yourself checking him out. He had black hair flipped to the side giving him a gangster look. His eyes were a beautiful hazel and had a little stubble on his chin. He must have noticed you checking him out because his smirk grew on his handsome face. The devil thing murmured his first words to her, “ Its’s not polite to stare you know.” That is when I snapped back into reality and realized why am I not running go Kara, RUN!!! That's when I took off to who knows where. I sprint as fast as I could, I can hear his wings beating inches away from me telling me to stop, but that just made me push to run faster. I see a thorn bush ahead of me and realized that's the only way to go, I know I can't out run him. Me being crazy, I dive headfirst into the thorn bush. To my relief I hear the wings stop beating right in front of the bush. At least it was worth getting pricked by all these thorns if he couldn't catch me. I move into the most comfortable position I could. My legs and arms were throbbing from all the thorns jabbing into my skin. The devilish angel said, "Please Kara come out I won't hurt you!" How does he know my name oh my gosh focus Kara. I reply back, " that's exactly what a person that wants to hurt someone says, so heck to the no!" He chuckled at that. "I don't think this is anytime to be laughing at me, " I say. He shuts his mouth and slowly dives into the thorn, though he was more graceful some of the thorns caught on his wings making him wince. I almost feel bad for him, wait no Kara he is going to hurt you if he reaches you. WIth that in my mind I proceed to go deeper into the thorn bush. This only makes the devilish creature more determined to catch me, speeding up his pace he starts gaining on me. I gasp and try to speed up but the thorns start to catch in my hair puling me backwards. That is the moment I realize I am stuck. I pull even harder at my last attempt to escape the clutches of the jagged thorns. When it was no use I look back to see the creature right in front of me. I scream as loud as I can hoping someone would hear and save me. She relized how much more scary and intimidating he is up close. As I continue to scream the devil creature puts his hand over my mouth shushing me like a baby. By now tears formed into my eyes. If I didnt know any better the devil creature looked remorseful, but only for a second. His eyes hardened producing a shield to cover his true emotions. “Don’t be afraid of me Mi Amor,” he says as I shiver with fear.
He slowly makes his way out of the maze of thorns, and before I know it we're flying in the air. For one second I forget about the creature and feel exhilarated and excited because I have always wondered what it was like to fly without a machine. It was an even better experience than I ever imagined. The creature seemed to be smiling at me until I did not realize I had a peaceful smile on my face. I quickly looked away and dropped my smile. Get it together Kara, you're being kidnapped here. This action made the devilish creature frown, but was quickly replaced with a blank face. We kept flying higher into the air. I involuntarily shivered. The creature must have noticed and pulled me closer to him where it was warmer. I unintentionally cuddled in closer to him. I slowly started to fade into a deep sleep, not before seeing the creature's eyes shining with affection. For me? I guess I wont find out til tomorrow. That was my last thought before I slipped into the dream world.
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