The Evil Lady Becomes Villian Fiance

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My name is Kim Yoo Jung. I used to be a Korean.But right now I am inside my favourite novel 'Asteria'. The name of the novel is based on the protagonist (female lead) Asteria. And currently I am the villianess 'Alexia De Salvatore' who used every means to kill the protagonist in order to get together with Male Lead. But at the end she died at the execution ordered by the male lead. But I don't love the male lead I don't want to die. God has given me a second chance. I will live even if it means for me to become VILLIAN FIANCE

Romance / Fantasy
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CH:-1 Into the novel "Asteria"

Ah my head hurts." "I guess I have drink too much last night."

Slowly a slight looking girl younger than her twenty years open her eyes. Her eyes were like the open blue sky where the clouds were moving and her golden hair same as the shinning sun. Wakes up like a sleeping beauty
waking up from her long dream.

"Ah the ceiling is so... beautiful. It.. same like novel... like European architecture.Getting up from the bed she was in such a shock she began to scream "What the hell is this place and why am I here? What's up all with this luxurious items?".

As she was screaming suddenly a maid dress
in maid clothes came inside the room with a elegant posture said in a trembling voice.
"My lady you're awake".

The maid even didn't there to look at her as if she was very afraid.

Upon looking at the maid she was even more shocked she asked the maid in confused tone "You..are...Mia."

The maid was even more frightened and she said " Yes, my lady."

The girl in her thoughts " No if she is my lady then.'As if the whole world have turn upside down and she said to the maid
"Mia Go bring me a mirror."

The maid couldn't believe that her lady was not shouting at her today and said
"Yes my lady."

After few minutes she arrives with a mirror in her hand. Even though it was a small mirror it was decorated with high quality crystals and beads. By seeing it one can tell that it was a costly item.She handed the mirror to the girl sitting in the bed with an expression like what the hell is going around her.

After taking the mirror the girl told the maid to go out from her room.And she hesitated to look herself in the mirror.
"No..No..please I am not her."
As she look herself she began to describe.
"Fair skin,blue eyes, golden hair,Rosy lips."
"No way I am her Alexia De Salvatore. The villaness who was abondened by everyone even by her own father."

She began to praise "Gosh she was a real beauty.She is more is more beautiful that myself."

Coming back to her senses."Focus.. Focus..Why am I even here?" "And what am I in Alexia's body?"

"Wait yesterday. After finishing my evening shift at hospital.I went to the bar for my highschool reunion party. There I drank a lot .After that..I was walking through the road and then a girl came to me and said ...said"

She was trying hard hard too remember what happened"Ah..What did she said..Ah..Oh yeah..She said something like :-
"Do you accept my invitation?"

And then I took the letter or something she called invitation and I collapse.

"Wait did something like that really happened no I must dreaming that ...." "I drank too much so I must be dreaming and so did I just died."

"I just died like that due to drinking too much of wine.Are you kidding me God?"

She was cursing herself to being reincarnated into the novel"Asteria".
She said " Let see currently I am now in Asteria, And I am currently the villaness."
"Who could meet a dead end?"
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