Love my Neighbor

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Before they were lovers, they were friends. Before they were friends, they were neighbors. Not every story needs a villain. Joshua and Reagan had their own demons. For Reagan it was her stutter and being bullied. For Joshua it was a miserable life with an estranged father. Before they even realized, their paths quickly entwined locking their hearts together. Join their journey where they realize all they need is each other. Disclaimer: 18+. Copyrights owned by author. Series Information Book 1: Love my Neighbor Book 2: Love my Foe (coming soon) Book 3: Love my Child (coming soon)

Romance / Erotica
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Reagan Age 10

Dear Diary,

Where is mommy? I heard dad cry last night. Adam, Noah and Sol won’t tell me anything. I am ten years old, and I think I should know these things.

Why is dad always sad? He said to me that mom is taking a vacation and going away for some days. Its been a month now. Is mom coming back?

Mom and I were supposed to make decorations for my brothers’ birthday next week! They will be eighteen now!

I think I will start on some handmade decorations on my own. My fingers are still stuck together because of super glue. Thank God, nobody noticed. Otherwise, they would ruin the surprise.

Should I bake a cake? I did burn everything last time. I found Grandma’s secret recipe book! That should help, right? I hear someone coming!

Sssh.. my plans must remain a secret at any cost.

There isn’t enough time, and I may need to sneak into Juliet’s house to bake the rest. Maybe even blackmail Andy to sing the birthday song. He is taking Guitar classes! This does sound like a perfect plan. Okay, I am done for the day.



I shut my Diary and hid it under the pillow when loud yelling resounded from the living room. Clutching onto my teddy, I peeked through the staircase railings and saw Adam, one of my three older brothers. He was smelling and laughing funny.

Noah and Sol angrily paced the room while daddy looked at our family photo with a sad face. I am scared. They all look upset. Mommy, where are you?

“What in fuck were you thinking Adam? You enter our home, drunk and drugged?” Sol hissed at Adam and went to punch him on the head. Noah tried to cease the brutality.

My legs felt cold; tears dripped my eyes. My brothers never fight.

“Well, our mother left us. Our father is drowning in debt. Instead of figuring this shit out as a fucking family, he prefers wallowing in silence. The house is going to be on sale soon. A little high is well deserved and called for”, Adam exclaimed in a higher octave after every word in an uncanny voice.

I held my teddy close to me. Did mommy leave us? Is she not coming back? Silent tears streamed from my ducts and onto my clothes.

“We will figure this out. You have a younger sister. Didn’t you think about her? What if she sees you like that?” Noah whispered furiously at Adam.

“I am thinking about her! My life! Everything! We’re going to be homeless! Didn’t you register that?” Adam howled throwing a punch in the air to Noah. I closed my eyes and ran upstairs.

I went under my bed and found my piggy bank. I saved 90 bucks so far. I was going to use it for the triplet’s birthday. It felt heavy in my hands now.

My throat hurts with emotion, and my head loomed with an impending ache. I clutched the money in my hands and picked up every unopened decoration. I had purchased them last Christmas with mom. Mom. I bit my dried lips to prevent the violent sob from escaping.

I found some more shiny, unopened things. We could return them and get the money back, right? I struggled to carry it with my hands in the tensed living room. I stood quietly and looked at my distraught family.

“D-Daddy?” I whispered. All eyes shot to me.

My brothers were seconds away from destroying the house with their bloodbath. Sol had Adam by his throat while Noah kept trying to reconcile peace. Daddy looked at me with red-stained eyes. My nervousness set in while I slowly dropped all the items on the floor.

“I wa-was going to use this for Adam, Sol and Noah’s birthday. But, it is all un-un-used. We could sell this and give back to the store. Can the money save the house? Can it? I… I… I…heard mommy is not coming back. I…I…c-can cook something. I f-found the s-secret r-recipe boo-boo-okk. I amm s-sorry. I ca-ann h-eelp. D-ddo n’tt ffaa-igght. I…pu-lease”, the lump in my throat refused to form words. My nostrils didn’t deem smooth breathing worthy.

My brothers stopped their marring and rushed towards me. Sol picked me up and hugged me. Noah tried hushing me by patting my back, to calm me down. Through my blurry eyes, I saw Adam walking and hugging Dad.

“S-sss-oorr-iee”, I tired croaking.

“No darling, don’t be sorry. I am sorry. I am”, Adam whispered in my ear and hugged me while I was still in Sol’s arms. He began to cry on my shoulder. I pulled his hair with my tiny fingers and embraced his face with my arms.

Dad walked over to us. He used his hand to graze my cheek.

“It’ll be fine. We will be fine. Don’t cry sweetheart”, dad whispered soothingly.

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