Love my Neighbor

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Chapter 4 - Joshua

“Mom, I am home!” I announced and threw the house-keys on the kitchen stand. I shrugged my bag and removed my jacket off.

“Mom?” I yelled again. I heard some shuffling from her room.

Knocking on her door, I gently whispered, “Mom?”

She looked at me with a tear-stained face. I hurried towards her.

“What is it? What happened?” my voice rang with panic. I kneeled next to her bed. She gave a nervous laugh.

“Nothing. It’s nothing”, she replied hoarsely trying to brush my concern off.

“Stop shitting me Maa!” I grabbed her knees and shoved them slightly. Mom’s eyes widened, and she tugged my right ear.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What are you doing woman?” I squinted my eyes and tried to free my ear.

“Shitting me? Is this the language you use while talking to me? I will whop your ass”, she almost detached my ear with her force.

“I am sorry! I am sorry!” I yelled pathetically. Mom spared my now reddened ear with a huff.

“Go take a bath. We’ll talk later”, I was sternly directed to the bathroom. I quietly did as instructed. Something or someone has bothered her. I didn’t think it to be wise to probe her right away.

Rubbing my sore ear, I sighed. Once I cleaned the dirt, grime and sweat from a school day, I went to the kitchen where mum was fixing dinner. In an eerie silence, I began rinsing the dirty vessels in the sink. After I was done, I looked at my life-giver, who still refused to make eye contact with me.

It didn’t take a genius to make two and two, four. A blind man could’ve guessed the fateful jamboree that must’ve occurred in the few hours of my absence.

“Father called? Didn’t he?” I bitterly gritted. My palms coiled and ached to punch something with vicious ferocity. Mom stopped stirring the gravy and gave me a glance.

“What does he want now?” I fumed when she refused to reply.

“He wants us to get back together”, my mother whispered in a frail voice.

“And?” my father isn’t the type to remember mother just for ‘getting back together’. My adolescent life has taught me that there’s always a motive with him.

“Josh…there’s no ne-“, my mother tried to deviate and bring in some tranquility.

“What. Does. He. Want?” I bit out each word. She sighed.

“I am not sure”, she said tiredly and sat on the chair.

Mother looked at my determined expression and continued in a shaky dejected tone, “It was a very long conversation. It initially began with apologizing and pleading. Then he threatened me. He wants you to work for him. He says you are the family legacy.” She covered her face with her hands.

I roughly opened the fridge to gulp in some cold water. If only the coolness of the water could rinse away my scorching spirit. The audacity of that man.

“I want nothing to do with him. Next time he calls, tell him to keep his empty threats to himself” I tried reigning in my rising temper.

“Josh-” mom again tried to still my brewing storm.

“No, mom. No. He hurt you. Not once, not twice but again and again. Once a cheater, always a cheater.” My tone resonated with unwavering certainty. To put an end to this forlorn conversation, I gazed out of our living room window.

I heard mom sniveling and resuming her stirring. My facial expressions hardened.

Out our windows, I saw my mysterious neighbor, Reagan. She was returning home with hunched shoulders carrying the weight of her backpack.

Her brown skin glittered with the sun’s rays, and her hair layered her face like a flowing river. Her two friends I acquainted today, surrounded her in an animated conversation. They regarded her with a butchering intent. The funny part is, she looked like a willing sacrificial lamb.

An involuntary smile crept up my face.

Her eyes kept shifting between the boy and the girl. The boy, what’s his name? Dante? Oswald? Renaldo? Whatever-was-his-name hugged Reagan and whispered in her ear. Her face turned red, and she pushed him away. He laughed and twirled her into her house.

An unexplained discomfort arose in my chest. My smile vanished, and the closed-door only aggravated my foul mood.

Now, I really need to punch something.


I pettily sulked in my room for the rest of the day. My head felt like it was going to burst from stress.

First, I had a hard time hunting a decent part-time job. I have a few interviews tomorrow. Though I am not very optimistic. My mom’s position as a receptionist could pay only so much.

Second, those classmates at school. I groaned just by thinking about them. I did have a decent social life in my previous school, but I cared less about it anymore. My parents’ mess has drained me out of any energy necessary to keep up with social norms. I simply wish to exist. Is it too much to ask for some breathing space?

Third, why is my schmuck of a father still bothering us? I could never understand that man. And now, I don’t wish to.

I twisted and turned on my pillow. A thudding sound grabbed my attention. Looking under my bed, I found a bundle of magazines that fell from my study-table.

I picked the first one, and a massive pair of tits stared back at me. I smirked. I just need to de-stress.

Thank goodness, my porn collection survived the shifting of houses. Before I could jump into action, I made sure my room was locked, and my blinds were tightly shut.

I internally cringed when mom walked into my action months ago. My body shuddered from that awful memory.

I switched on my night lamp. The light was enough to accentuate the delicate features of female bodies on these poorly printed pages.

Discarding my pants, I held my ready member. I pumped and turned the pages. With every flick of a page, my strokes increased their rhythm.

Unsurprisingly, these models weren’t enticing enough to help me reach my end. Just like every day since the past week, I ditched the magazines in frustration and let my imagination take over.

All my creativity could picture was her beige skin glowing brighter than gold, eyes deeper than coffee and hair smelling like first rain’s earth. The mental image of her lips forming a ring on my cock, her tongue twirling my tip and her cheeks suctioning with vigor was all I needed to jizz thick ropes of semen.

I placed my arm over my face. My orgasmic high faded, the reprehension begun. Picking up a fresh tissue, I wiped away the shameful evidence.

I banged my head softly on the mirror. My guilty eyes reflected back at me.

Why do I keep thinking about Reagan? On any occasion, I haven’t spent more than five minutes with her. It is just ridiculous that my body has decided to dedicate all its pleasures to her.

When I saw her in the hallway today, I needed to know if I have any classes with her. But, no. Why would fate make one thing easy for me? The girl turns out to be my junior.

Sure, I can walk over to her house and hang out, but has anyone seen the muscle on her brothers’ body? I am a horny teenager, but I am not an idiot.

The knock on the door interrupted my endless perplexity.

“Honey? Dinner’s ready!” mom announced.

“Coming!” I replied and switched on the lights. The sun had set, and my room had grown shades darker. I opened my blinds to find myself gazing at my mysterious neighbor napping in her room with unlatched windows. My deflated body-part began to twitch in need. Again.

The next time I talk to her, I will subtly emphasize on closed windows and drawn curtains. What if someone invades her privacy? I mentally prepared the scolds she would potentially receive.

“Josh!” mom yelled. Adjusting my throbbing and fully erect member, I followed my mom’s voice.

On the dining table was mom’s gravy and a dish I didn’t recognize.

“You cooked this too?”, I asked, helping myself with a large portion. If anything, my sexual diversions has built a massive appetite.

“No, the new neighbor dropped it off. His name is Sol, nice family”, mom helped herself. I tasted it and immediately moaned.

“That is so good!”

Mom simply laughed. We ate in comfortable silence. Before I retired to my bed, my mother decided to stop me in my tracks.

“Joshua? I know you are angry with your father. Though, his misdemeanors were directed to me and not you. He wants you to work with him every year during the summers. He has even offered to pay for your entire college tuition. You know, I can’t afford that. Think about it, calmly. Please”, mom gave me a pleading look.

I just nodded to avoid another argument.

My mother knows that with father, everything comes with a price. What she doesn’t know is that he makes no exceptions. Even if it’s his only son.

Author’s Note:

Joshua – Shut your windows Reagan, anyone can see through your windows.

Reagan – Are you talking about you?

Joshua – Ahem

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