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Outrunning Angel

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Angel is my name. A name I despise. A name that haunts me. I've been a prisoner for nearly four years. Trapped. Held against my will. I fear I'll never escape, and then he saves me. Logan.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The beating in my chest felt panicked, I felt panicked. I felt this way every night right before it was my turn to walk out on stage. I always hated this part, but sometimes I wondered if I was becoming numb to the feeling. The feeling of extreme sickness when one of those disgusting men put their hands on my body, like they owned it; owned me. The feeling of being revolted when their greedy eyes wondered all over my body, like I was a slab of meat. I felt all of this on the inside, but on the outside I never showed those feelings. It was my job. Simple as that. I didn’t have the freedom to simply smack their hand away or turn and cover myself. When I was on Purple Pleasure’s stage I had to be a different person entirely. I had to be Angel; my stage name. A name my father used to call me. A name I think I’ll never escape. I’ve never gotten to be Haley. Sometimes I wonder if she even still exists, hell if she ever existed at all.
I finish applying the last touches to my outfit and make my way down the hall, my bodyguard Jack following quietly behind me. He never says much unless I’m summoned to my keeper, Shane. The only reason he follows me around is to protect Shane’s property, nothing more. None of the other girls have a bodyguard. For the longest time I couldn’t even begin to fathom why I do, considering Shane never has had an issue with sharing me with his ‘business colleagues’ before. That was the thing though; he just didn’t want to share me, unless it benefited him. I was a business transaction. Nothing more. Sometimes I wondered what life would’ve been like if my father hadn’t sold me to him three years ago, but there was no use in day dreaming about things that aren’t true. I was his to do with as he saw fit. I never decided what I got to wear, what I got to eat, or who I got to fuck. Those decisions where his to make, and I like a good little slave, obeyed. I knew not to step out of line. I had once before, and I would never make that mistake again. Thinking back on that day, it makes me feel sick. I had done everything he had asked of me for nearly six months, but that night I couldn’t bring myself to pretend. He had just ordered me to get on my hands and knees, and ‘take care’ of a fat balding man whom he was hoping would agree into doing business with him. He expected me to make that happen. What better way than by giving one of my “handy blowjobs” as he had always referred to it, because they’re accessible and convenient he had always told me.
“No.” I whispered with very little force, but nevertheless I stood meeting his harsh stare with one of my own. I hope he could feel the hatred I had for him from just that one look.
“Excuse me?” He asked with a slight twitch in his eye.
“I said no!” I screamed at the top of my lungs; spit flying out of my mouth.
“Angel, darling you seem to have misunderstood me. I did not ask. Now get on your knees and do you’re fucking job, or you will regret it.” He replied in a calm eerie voice, a voice I would soon learn was a warning.
“You can’t possibly hurt me anymore than you already have. I won’t do it.” I said stubbornly. I was wrong. He didn’t hit me like I expected, another thing I learned early on, and my face was far too valuable to him. Instead he nodded his head at the two guards standing by the door that had already been coming closer as I had been yelling. They each grabbed one of my arms and held me down over top of the glass table in his office. I was still topless from being on stage earlier so the cold glass pushing into my nipples made me hiss. I struggled but it did no use, my skirt and thong where ripped off me without warning.
“You won’t make this same mistake again Angel.” He whispered in my ear with a soft sigh, like I was a disobedient child that needed punished. I guess in his eyes I was. The sound of a zipper made me tense. Granted he had made me please a few business partners, but he never let them fuck me. Instead he had taken that for himself. Maybe he was just going to fuck me while they watched. It was a sick thought, but I could only hope he wasn’t going to let that vile fat pudgy bastard rape me.
“Wear a condom; I don’t want to catch whatever the hell you fuckers have.” My breath caught in my throat, no. This couldn’t be happening.
“I’m sorry! Please don’t do this. I’m sorry.” I ended on a whisper. Tears where now blinding me, but I could still see his sad smile through all the blurry. What the hell did he have to be sad about?
“Not yet, but you will be when this is over.” Then he walked out of my line of sight. I could hear the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open, and the fat bastards breathing coming and going. He sounded like he was a dog being given a bone by its master. All I could hope for is that it was over soon. I tried going to another place in my head, but it was no use. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it would explode within my chest at any moment.
“Try to relax Angel, I’ll take it gentle.” He whispered in my ear. I could smell cigar smoke and garlic on his breath. His hand was rubbing circles on my ass, with a slight squeeze here and there. I couldn’t hold back a gag. I felt him nudging himself between my legs. I realized this really was happening, and willed my body to relax. If anything I could stop the physical pain.
“Damn she sure has a tight little asshole doesn’t she?” He said, while his finger played around the entrance of my ass. I could feel him pushing inside me slowly. Luckily he didn’t seem to have a very sizable penis that thought at least made me smile. I’m going crazy, I thought.
“What’s so funny bitch?” He growled while he finished forcing himself all the way in me. He took a deep breath and reeled back, then with more force than I thought possible he slammed back into me. I gritted my teeth against the burning; all you could hear was his harsh panting and grunts. His forced weight on top of me made it difficult to breath, the bastard had to weigh more than a damn car.
“Yeah not so funny anymore is it you dumb whore?” He bent over and licked the side of my face. I tried to block him out but my natural instinct was making me want to puke. There was this horrid slurping sound where he had rubbed spit on me.
“Fuck she’s tight; I’m going to blow already!” In the next second he began to grunt louder and his hand on my hip tightened. He sounded like he had just run a marathon, the way he wheezed behind me. His movements got all jerky and then he stilled, his hands where clammy as they rubbed against my ass again.
“Damn Shane, you think I could fuck her ass nexttime?”
“You got more than what you asked for, shut up and sign the contract George.” He removed his softened dick from me with a hiss, and walked to the other side of the room. I imagine throwing away his condom. Fat fucker. It took everything in me not to say the words out loud. The sound of two zippers being pulled down made my breathing pick up again. The door opened and closed, then I could hear Shane sitting back down in his chair.
“Better open wide darling, this dick is a lot bigger than the last one.” Shane’s voice rung out across the room. I went to struggle again when I realized I was no longer being restrained. I lifted my head to look around. One of his guards was standing in front of me with his hand wrapped around his dick. It was huge, and pointing straight at me.
“Better not bite darling, can’t guarantee he won’t retaliate.” Shane called from his seat.
“And make it good.” The guard said with a sadistic smile. He pulled my head back by my hair and forced himself in my mouth. He didn’t wait. He immediately started fucking my face. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, he was stabbing my throat. My jaw hurt from the intrusion. He’s too big. Before I had time to react the other guard slammed into me from behind, my scream was muffled around the guys dick, then I began coughing.
“Fuuuck, do that again! This bitch is going to make my balls explode!” The guy behind me immediately started slamming into me, harder and harder. The only sound was skin slapping together and my choking. Fresh tears where streaming down my face, the guy behind me was huge and he seemed to enjoy my pain more than the others. Every time I screamed he fucked me with more force, his dick felt like it was splitting me in two. In the next second I tasted the saltiness as the one guard emptied into my mouth.
“Fuck yeah, swallow it slut.” Fuck him. I thought, and spit it on his leg. His face changed into a look of annoyance.
“Better clean up your mess Angel.” He whispered beside my ear, my name coming from him sounded so slimy and wrong. I didn’t have time to reply before he shoved my face in his hairy ball sack.
“There ya go, every last drop bitch.” He said rubbing my face against him. “Fuck I’m getting hard again boss, you think I could fuck her next?”
“You got one, now get back to work.” He let my head drop and smack against table, while the guy behind me was still pounding into me. I could see Shane jerking himself off across the room, while watching the whole scene play out in front of him. The guy behind me spit down the crack of my ass, and started pushing a finger inside. It burned more than I expected.
“Stop. Please, It hurts.” I begged shamelessly. He simply laughed, and shoved another finger inside me. I couldn’t help the whimper that escaped me, as he scissored his fingers back and forth.
“Damn she’s tighter than I expected. I think she likes it boss, the bitch is getting my dick soaked!” He grunted. Actually that’s your disgusting spit you dumbass, I thought while trying to focus on anything but the pain. He was slamming into me so hard now my skin was beginning to burn from rubbing up against the glass table. He was bruising my hips in his forceful grip as he slapped into me over and over again.
“Damn boss, you’re. One. Lucky. Mother. Fucker, ahhh!” He emphasized with each thrust. I stared at Shane, begging him with my eyes to let this be it. No more. God no more. He ignored my look and walked over to me.
“Yes, I am.” He whispered under his breath. He spit into the crack of my ass, sheathing himself with a condom he pushed himself into my virgin hole. I screamed so loud my voice cracked. Standing us up he made me watch by directing me to look across the room at the mirror hanging on the wall.
“I’ve been so gentle with you Angel, but now I’m going to make you mine.” He kissed the side of my neck in such a gentle way you would almost think we where lovers. I felt something being pushed into me from the front, while his left hand squeezed by breast. I realized what it was from the vibration on my thigh. He nudged it into me slowly at first, then he started slamming into me from both ends. It was too much, I was to full. I began to feel my legs shake and a tingle wash through me.
“I’m gonna make you cum with me inside you, and then you will realize who you belong to Angel.” He grunted in my ear. I could feel his spit coated dick sliding into me over and over again, the dildo was vibrating against my clit. My breathing picked up and I slung my head back against his shoulder. I couldn’t stop what was happening to me, god why is this happening? What is wrong with me? I began to buck against him. No, make it stop I pleaded over and over again in my head, but it couldn’t be stopped. He was forcing my body to do things I didn’t want it to, this was worse than anything he could’ve ever done to me and he knew it. He was enjoying breaking me. I could feel the orgasm making me its prisoner. A long silent scream emerged from my throat.
“There you go baby, let it go. I’ve got you, fuck you feel so good on my dick Angel.” He kept whispering in my ear over and over again about how good I felt. I felt so dirty, ashamed, then all of a sudden he was grunting and jerking. I could feel his cum shooting inside of me, load after load, I never thought it would end. He finally pulled out of me, and then slapped me on the ass. “Go clean up in the bathroom, we’ll be going home soon.” He said like none of this had just happened. Like he hadn’t just let three men rape me, and then proceed to rape me in the ass himself while letting two of them watch. I turned to walk into the bathroom, my insides where screaming, and I’m pretty sure I was bleeding. Every step I took shot a raw pain up my ass, I tried to wrap my arms around myself but the sting from my breasts was too much so I simply let them hang loose at my sides.
“Damn boss you opened her asshole up wide, watch it drip out of her.” The room filled with their nasal laughs.

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