Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 11

I slowly begin to wake. I slept better than I have in years. The room is silent. I’m burning up, and I realize that’s what woke me. I go to roll over only to be stopped by a pressing arm laying across my waste. My eyes spring open, and my heart speeds up. Panic sets in, and I feel a scream building in my throat.
“Mornin.” Someone mumbles behind me. Not someone I realize, Logan. His voice is deeper than usual, groggy from sleep. I assume he’s not entirely awake since his arm still hasn’t moved from its spot. Shit! Is his thumb rubbing circles on my hip? He does it again. Yup defiantly not awake I tell myself, as I try to slow my breathing. I’m struck speechless, literally no words come to mind. I try to think but I’m drawing nothing but a blank canvas. His arm stretches and then pulls me closer, he buries his face into my neck. Oh god! I’m pretty sure he just sniffed my hair!
“Mm.” He mumbles something else but I can’t make it out. I clear my throat, and he instantly tenses behind me. Frozen. Everything has frozen. At least that’s how it feels. I bite my lip to stifle a moan. His morning wood his cradled between my ass and is growing by the second. Jesus he feels huge.
“Good morning!” I finally squeak. My voice several notes higher than normal, I’m pretty sure I look like a deer in headlights right about now.
“Shit, sorry!” He yells jumping from the bed like it’s on fire. I turn to try and defuse the situation, but am instantly drawn to his sweat pants. I sit there with my mouth hanging open, starring openly at his crotch for what seems like forever, but is really only a couple seconds. I look up to his face which is scarlet. He clears his throat, and then clears it again. He opens his mouth then closes it. He doesn’t say anything, he just turns and bolts towards the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. I sit there a few more minutes, trying to wrap my head around what just happened, but it does no good. He’s obviously attracted to me I think, but he doesn’t seem to want to act on it. I’ve never had a guy get so nervous around me, usually they just take what they want and be done with it. It’s a nice change I realize with a smile.
When I walk into the kitchen to find everyone eating breakfast, I’m still thinking about what happened twenty minutes ago. All the noise in the kitchen stops when I enter but I don’t look up, I just find a seat and sit.
“Sleep good?” Chelsea asks with a grin. Damn it of course she saw us wrapped up together, they all did considering they woke up before us. Great.
“Mhm.” I mumble trying to appear casual while taking a sip of the coffee Mac hands me. It burns the living shit out of my mouth making me wince.
“That’s it, no juicy details? I gotta say you all sure as hell must’ve been quiet cause I didn’t hear a thing.” She says making my head snap up. I stare at her with huge eyes, contemplating smacking that smug little grin off her face.
“We didn’t…” I snap my mouth shut when Logan walks in the room. Now everyone is staring at him, they all have these goofy ass grins on their faces. Well except Bobby, who just looks annoyed as per usual.
“Good morning Logan! Haley was just telling me how good she slept last night.” What? I sputter chocking on my hot as lava coffee. I’m gonna kill her! I look to Logan, who’s looking anywhere but at me.
“Uh.” He says. Does he every stop blushing?
“Oh for god’s sake nothing happened! We slept. That’s it, nothing more.” I says directing a glare at Chelsea who just busts out laughing along with Mac. Even Kyle is smiling like some kind of annoying ass Joker.
“You should’ve seen your all’s faces!” Chelsea says laughing harder. I’m starting to take back the whole being her friend thing I think, rolling my eyes.
“Priceless!” Mac says joining in.
“I mean who gives a shit if you two banged each other’s brains out?” Now it’s Logan’s turn to choke on his coffee. This girl seriously has no filter. “Hell these two wake us up all the time, with their loud ass grunting and “oh god Kyle, that feels so good!” She says making her voice drop a few octaves.
“Yeah, yeah. You’re just jealous I got a man, and your ass don’t.” Kyle respond with a grin, kissing Kyle right on the lips.
“Well we didn’t, okay? So can we just drop it, please?” I beg interrupting them.
“We’re heading out in an hour, figured we should hit the road at least by noon.” Bobby cuts in before Chelsea can say anything else. Thank god! I’m actually thankful for the giant stick that seems to be embedded up his ass all the time. I look over in time to see his eyes focus on me. He winks at me (yes winks), then stands to put his plate in the dishwasher. I sit there stuck in silence, what the hell just happened? I look to Logan and his eyes are boring straight into me, I stare back for a minute but this time I’m the one to break eye contact first. The way he is looking at me is making me nervous, and I’m still too shocked from Bobby’s reaction. It’s gonna be a long ass day I think to myself, and inwardly sigh.

We finally get all our bags packed inside the SUV. It took nearly two hours for everyone to get ready, since there’s only one bathroom and six of us. Kyle and Mac showered together, they said it was to conserve water but from the moaning we heard in the bathroom we knew it was a load of shit. I think it’s adorable though. How in love they are. They seem so comfortable with one another, it’s fresh and new. At least to me. Everyone else seems to just roll their eyes at them every time they can’t keep their hand to themselves. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like though, to have someone you feel like you can show everything to. Someone you can rely on no matter what, someone you would give anything for. I’ll probably never know.
I sit back in my seat trying to get comfortable for the long ride. I’m riding in the back with Chelsea, Kyle, and Mac. Bobby and Logan are up front. With Bobby the one driving. They told me earlier we were going to drive half way and then get a hotel for the night, continuing the rest of the trip tomorrow. I’m excited, not just because I’m getting to see my uncle (which I’m ecstatic about), but also cause I’ve never been on a road trip before. They said the hotel we are staying at is really nice, so I tried to dress somewhat decent in a pair of black yoga pants, and the green sweater Mac had picked out for me. I wanted to be comfortable since we’re going to be sitting in a car for nearly eight and a half hours, and also Mac has great taste. Even better than some of the things Chelsea picked, of course I’d never tell her that.
“Have you ever been to Iowa?” Chelsea asks me.
“Yeah, I spent a weekend with my uncle when I was eight. He practically had to kidnap me.” I tell her, laughing. “My father hates him, something to do with Uncle Tray getting the family business when my grandfather died. I think he was always jealous of Uncle Tray.” I tell her. She nods listening.
“Yeah, Tray mentioned he always had a hard time getting to see you, but your father would do just about anything for the right price.” Mac says, stopping as he realizes what he said. “Shit, sorry.” He winces.
“No he’s right. My father loves money, and he eventually loved drugs even more. I’m actually shocked my mother hasn’t left him yet. She loves to spend money even more than he does, and last I’d seen they didn’t have much more left.” I tell him with a shrug.
“Well your uncle does.” Chelsea pipes in. “Plus he’s totally hot! What’s he do anyway?” I laugh at her once again over the top comment, but stop when I notice Bobby starring at her in the rear view mirror with a frown. Yeah he’s definitely got a thing for her, I think.
“He owns a few different business firms. Advertising mostly, but he also owns a few night clubs. He branched out a bit after my grandfather passed.” I tell her.
“Oh that’s hot!” I laugh again. She isn’t lying, my uncle has always been an attractive man. At forty he looks more early thirties, with his shaggy dark hair, and perfectly sculpted face. He looks nothing like my father, which is probably another reason they never got along. He has a young soul, but he can also silence an entire room if need be. He always takes his business seriously, no matter what. When I was a little girl I had always wished he was my father instead of the dumb bastard I got stuck with. I sigh and listen to the music playing on the radio. It’s a station that plays nothing but oldies music. I hear ‘Your Song, by Elton John’ and start to hum along. After a few seconds I hear Mac softy mumbling the lyrics, I smile and join him. Chelsea hears us and starts singing louder. Eventually we are all three in the backseat belching out the words, even Kyle sings a bit when Mac starts to give him puppy eyes. I close my eyes and loose myself in the song. I love this song.
So far we’ve been on the road for five hours. We stop to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. We walk into a diner that looks like something out of a Grease Lighting movie with the pink walls and black leather booths, it even has one of those old juke boxes in the corner and old records hanging on the wall. We find a spot in the back and sit down, we have to use two booths since there isn’t enough room. Bobby slides in next to Chelsea, while Mac and Kyle sits across from each other at the the other table. I look at my options and realize I can either sit beside Logan, or go to the other table and be a third wheel. I reluctantly sit down trying to not brush my arm against Logan’s. The booths are actually quit large, but Logan is taking up majority of the seat with his huge frame and broad shoulders. I grab the menu and quickly scan over the items inside, it doesn’t take me long to figure out what I want. Folding the menu back up, I reach across Logan to lay it back in the rack beside the window. It’s only takes a split second but I still hear the sudden intake of his breath, and can’t help but wonder if he just smelled my hair again.
“Welcome, my name is Tracy I’ll be your server this evening. You all know what you want or you need a minute?” The woman looks tired, she’s probably been on her feet all day I think.
“I’ll have the number 3 with a Diet Coke, please.” Chelsea’s says. The lady turns to me next.
“I want the number 5 with a side of onion rings. Oh and a slice of cherry pie as well.” I smile. I know everyone is looking at me since I just ordered the largest meal on the menu, but I’m hungry and I’ve missed food for to damn long. Everyone else orders and we all sit making small talk as we wait.
“So, are you excited about seeing your uncle?” Chelsea’s asks me. I nod with so much enthusiasm I’m shocked I don’t break my damn neck.
“Yeah, I’ve missed him. Plus it’s nice to know I’ve still got someone out there that’s got my back.” I say trying to be only slightly be funny.
“Hey what am I, chopped liver?” She asks acting shocked.
“Of course not.” I respond seriously. I’m not sure what any of them are to me, but whatever they may be I know I can trust them.
“Have you decided on if you’re staying in Iowa, with your uncle?” Logan asks changing the subject, it’s the first time he’s said anything to me since this morning.
“Uh I’m not sure. I figured I’d just see how things go.” I tell him. He just nods and turns back to looking out the window. I can tell he wants to say something more, but he doesn’t. Ten minutes later our food arrives and the conversation dies out completely, everyone to enhanced with the plates of food. I eat without stopping once. I’m so full I might explode but I don’t care, I actually miss the feeling.

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