Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 12

Everyone else is done except Chelsea and I, who are currently devouring the cherry pie I ordered. It’s literally like heaven in my mouth.
“Another three hours and we should get to the hotel.” Kyle says coming back from the restroom.
“How much further till we get to Uncle Tray’s?” I ask.
“About another seven from the hotel, if we leave out at six we should be there by one.” He responds.
“Well let’s get going!” I say, jumping up and throwing a hundred on the table. That should cover everything and leave a nice tip, I think with a smile.
“We can afford to pay for our own food.” Bobby says behind me. I roll my eyes at him.
“I’m sure you can, but I did anyway. You’re welcome.” I respond dryly. He doesn’t comment so we make ourselves outside to the car.
“I can drive for a bit.” Kyle tells Bobby. He tosses the keys in his direction and gets in the passenger seat. I climb in the back and sit across from Logan, making sure not to touch him. He doesn’t pay me any attention, just picks up a book out of his bag and starts reading. After we drive for about an hour I get bored. Leaning over slightly I read the title of his book. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Okay, I was not expecting that.
“I love that book.” I tell him making him jump slightly.
“Uh, yeah, Chelsea bet me I couldn’t read it all the way through without completely and utterly falling in love with Mr. Darcy. Her words, not mine.” He says with a bright smile, making me smile back.
“And?” I ask him. Seriously curious as to what he thinks of it.
“It’s not as bad as I expected. It’s kind of missing some stuff though.” He instantly looks like he wants to take the words back.
“Like what?” I ask intrigued.
“Sex.” He blurts out making me laugh, and of course showing off his sexy little blush I’m starting to really enjoy. “I mean…”
“No, no. I agree.” I tell him holding up my hands, while trying to keep a straight face. “Mr. Darcy should definitely grow some balls, and ask Ms. Bennett to strip out of her bodice and lay naked in his study.” He busts out laughing, making everyone else look towards us. I can’t help it, a smile plays at the corner of my mouth.
“What’s so funny?” Chelsea asks poking her head through the seat.
“Yeah, I’ve never seen Logan laugh so hard.” Mac says joining her.
“He was just so adequately informing me of the wonderful book you so kindly suggested he should read.” I say with my best English accent. Which is horrible, making him laugh again. Totally worth it, I think watching his Adam’s apple bob up and down in his throat. Damn I wonder what he would do if I leaned over and licked it. I turn staring straight ahead scared he can read my thoughts. He’d probably think I’m a whore if he could.
“It’s one of my favorite books!” Chelsea says.
“Mr. Darcy is in every fantasy sex dream I’ve ever had.” Replies Mac.
“Oh my god, yes! What I wouldn’t give to be Elizabeth.” She replies. They eventually retreat back to their seats, still talking about their new common interest.
“Are you nervous?” Logan asks breaking the comfortable silence we had fallen into.
“About seeing my uncle?” He nods. “A little. I still can’t believe that you guys found me, that he figured it out. I guess I just hope he doesn’t look at me differently.” I say with a shrug.
“Why would he look at you differently? You can’t control what your father did to you anymore than I can control what my father did to me.” He tells me in a soft voice. I smile at him, knowing he understands what it’s like to have someone close to you scar you so deeply.
“A lots happened. Changed. I just hope we can go back to the way we always were. Ya know?”
“He doesn’t see you as someone broken Haley. He sees you as his niece, whom he loves and would do anything for. He knows you went through something. Maybe not every gory detail, but he knows you won’t be the same seventeen year old girl from before.” He tells me.
“I hope not.” I say. She was weak. I think turning my head to look out the window.

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