Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 13

By the time we made it to the hotel I was ready to crash, my back was killing me and I was sure I’d never fully get the feeling in my ass back. Walking into the lobby that’s bustling with people from the bar across the room, I make sure to stay close to Logan. I’m still not very comfortable around a large group of people, I’m not sure if I ever will be. Men seem to make me nervous, the only exceptions being Logan and Mac. I was still trying to warm up to Kyle, but since he didn’t talk much it was becoming a difficult thing to achieve. Bobby didn’t so much as make me nervous, I just didn’t trust him. I knew if it wasn’t for Logan he would have already left me sitting by the side of the road.
I make my way towards the front desk waiting patiently for the lady standing behind it to be done with her call. The bellhop is helping roll some of our luggage inside on a brass caddy. We didn’t need much since we were only staying the night. Hanging up the lady smiles brightly and asks for my name.
“Haley Morgan.” I tell her returning her smile.
“Ah, right here you are. Penthouse suite.” She says cheerfully.
“Penthouse?” I ask stupidly.
“Yes ma’am. Would you like any refreshments sent up?”
“Um no. Thank you.” I say as an afterthought. Why did Uncle Tray book us the penthouse suite?
“Very well. Here is your key card, if you would like to go on up, or if you would like a drink at the bar it’s located around the corner to your right. I hope you find everything to your liking Ms. Morgan.” She responds.
“Thanks.” I respond following behind the bellhop pushing our luggage. We all load into the elevator, watching the dial rise as we get higher. Finally it dings, the bellhop slides a card similar to my own into the slot and the elevator doors open. Wow. Chelsea gasps beside me, making me realize I’m not the only one that’s never seen something so extravagant. Walking into the room I see a huge cream colored sectional on the left side of the room with a flat screen TV on the wall. To my right is a small but beautiful black and white tiled kitchen with a bar, fully stocked. The wall directly across from me is nothing but glass. Literally the entire wall. I stare at the sunset for a moment then notice everyone making their way down a long hallway. I quickly grab my bag from the door and follow behind. The first door to my left is what looks like an office, so I quickly move to the next. I open the door to discover a bathroom. Finally coming to the third door I see Logan and Bobby, they look up when I walk in.
“Hey, I think Chelsea picked the room next door.” Logan says. I smile and walk further in the room, looking around.
“Is this the room you guys are sleeping in?” I ask not meeting his eyes.
“Yeah, Bobby and I at least. Kyle and Mac got the room across the hall.” He says laying his luggage on the bed. Bobby ignoring my presence entirely walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. I feel a nervous tightening in my stomach. I try to act natural as I sit across from him on the bed, spreading the white comforter under my hands. He continues unpacking his luggage, clearly not seeing the way I’m having difficulty speaking.
“Can I talk to you for a second?” I finally ask. He stops his unpacking and looks up, he must see something in my face cause he instantly responds.
“Yeah, of course.” He tells me.
“Um, well I just… I was wondering if maybe you would…” Jesus why am I acting like I’ve never done this? Cause you haven’t, I remind myself. Blowing out a shaky breath I try again. “I was wondering if maybe I could sleep in here, with you. I just didn’t really want to sleep alone, and I know you probably think badly of me but I just hate being alone right now, and well you’re the only person I fully trust right now or feel safe…”
“Around, and I promise I’m not trying to throw myself at you again. Trust me, once was humiliating enough.” I stop when he touches my arm.
“Haley, I don’t mind. Really. I’ll just tell Bobby to sleep in Chelsea’s room.” He says with a small smile.
“Oh.” I respond. I expected more questions. “Okay, yeah. Wait, you’re sure Bobby won’t mind?” I ask him.
“Trust me, he’ll probably be glad to spend a night in Chelsea’s bed.” He says with a cheeky grin. I knew he liked her!
“Okay. Well I’ll just go take a shower then and get ready for bed.” I walk to the hall to grab my luggage, but Logan beats me to it. He carries it in the room and lays it on the bed beside his. “Thanks.” I tell him. The bathroom door opens and Bobby walks out shirtless. I glance at his bare chest and feel…nothing. Not like I do when I look at Logan. He see’s I’m still standing there and raises an eyebrow at Logan, who suddenly looks a little tongue tied.
“It’s cool bro, you guys talk louder than you realize.” Bobby says with a small laugh, making me inwardly wince. “I’ll see ya guys in the morning.” He tells us as he walks out of the room with his bag over his shoulder. The door shuts closed with a click, and suddenly we’re alone. I grab some clothes and make my way to the bathroom, closing myself in. Jeez! That was harder than I thought. I strip naked and climb under the warm spray of water, praying I don’t make a complete idiot of myself. Why am I so nervous? We’re just sleeping, right? Right. Or maybe it could be more, I think. More than sleeping, but what if he turns me down? Well that would be humiliating, and a hard blow to my ego. What if he didn’t though? Would it even feel good? I’ve heard the other girls at the club having sex with some of the guards, and they always sounded like they were enjoying it. Only having ever felt pain and disgust from sex, I’m not sure if I’ll like it. Even if it is with Logan. What the hell am I thinking? I shake my head, pushing away the stupid thoughts running through it. Why the hell am I even considering this? Cause you like him, and you want to know if it can be different.
“Fuck it.” I whisper under the sound of the water.

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