Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 14

“Do you mind if I watch some TV?” Logan asks when I walk back into the room, I shake my head no and continue drying my hair with my towel. He has yet to look at me, and I’m starting to feel slightly nervous again. I take a brush out of my bag, reminding myself to thank Chelsea tomorrow for grabbing it when we stopped at that gas station earlier. She also picked me out a toothbrush, deodorant, and even a pregnancy test. I was a little freaked out when she suggested it, but quickly agreed. Thankfully Shane had always worn protection and the few times he allowed anyone else to touch me he made them do the same. So at least I had that to be thankful for, and when we snuck to the bathroom trying to not let the guys see what we where up to, I got an immediate result on the little stick. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of relief I felt when I sat on the closed toilet lid seeing the little negative sign starring back at me.
I sit up and begin to pull down the bed. Logan is propped up on his side of the headboard starring at the TV. I carefully crawl under the blanket and lay on my side facing him. He doesn’t seem to notice me looking as he laughs at something on the screen. I scoot slightly closer, trying to be careful not to startle him. Once I’m nearly touching him I notice his chest rise and fall with a slight shake. He stares at the TV but I’m certain he isn’t really paying attention to whatever is on. I sensually reach my hand forward and place it against his chest, he slightly jerks under me while sucking in a breath.
“What are you doing?” He asks me in a gravelly voice. He still doesn’t look at me though. I don’t respond, I just lean up and place my lips against his taut stomach making him hiss out a breath. My eyes flick to his face and I see his eyes are now watching my every move. He seems hesitant and slightly nervous, making me feel empowered. I scrap my nails gently up around his neck and into his hair, climbing closer towards his face. Right as I bend forward to bring my face closer to his, he stops me.
“Haley, you don’t want to do this.” He whispers looking torn. He’s wrong.
“Yes. I do.” I whisper back. “I want to know what it can feel like when it’s with someone you want.” He’s starring straight into my eyes, he seems to be battling something in his head, but I don’t give him time to think. “Show me. Show me it can be different.” I whisper. His eyes close shut and a frown mares his face, I don’t think I just lean over and kiss the spot. I linger for a moment letting my warm breath fan his forehead, then I make my way to the scar on his face and place my lips directly over the puckered line. I drag my lips all the way down the jagged mark until I reach his neck, then I slowly swipe my tongue out and lightly lick the tiny scars freckled across his Adam’s apple, his soft stubble brushing my cheek. He takes in a shaky breath.
“If you don’t want me, then tell me to stop.” I tell him softly. He blows out a harsh breath blowing my hair slightly.
“Haley.” He groans, seeming to lose the battle. I smile and place my lips against his. I lightly run my tongue against his bottom lip and then nip. He jerks under me, and then gives up what little restraint he has left. He smashes his lips to mine making me moan, and arch further into his arms. He rolls us so I’m now underneath him, and continues exploring my mouth. He gently bites my lip making me gasp, he takes the opportunity and snakes his tongue into my mouth. Our bodies begin to grind together. I spread my legs and wrap them around his waist, urging him closer to me. There are too many clothes I think and begin to pull at his sweat pants. He releases my mouth and looks up at me, his breathing his coming in fast pants.
“Off.” I demand reaching for his pants. He wraps his hand around mind stopping me.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispers an inch from my mouth. “I couldn’t live with it, Haley. I need you to be sure this is want you want. Because once I have you, I won’t be able to let you go.” He watches my face for any kind of regret, but there isn’t any. I grab his face in my hands, bringing our mouths closer again.
“I want this. I need this. Please Logan.” I hope he sees the truth in my eyes. I’ve never needed something so bad in my life. I feel like I’m drowning in his scent, the smell of musk, sweat, and Logan. It’s instinct for me to want him. He kisses me, but not the same way as before. This time is softer, gentler like he’s trying to show me without words how much this means to him. I arch my back pulling my tank top off and throw it to the floor, my breast’s spring free and my nipples harden against the cold air. He looks at me greedily, his gaze full of lust. Bringing his mouth down he lightly sucks one into his mouth, instantly making me see stars. He sucks and nips making goose bumps break out against my skin, then switching to the other he gives it the same attention. After a few minutes he raises his head to look at me, he seems done with fighting this. He wants it just as bad as I do.
Standing back off the bed he slowly pulls my shorts from my waist, taking my underwear with them. When the material falls to the floor I just lay there letting his hungry eyes soak me in. He reaches for his jeans at the foot of the bed and tugs out his wallet, grabbing a condom from inside he lays it down beside me. Reaching down he unties the string around his waist letting his pants slide to the floor, giving me a turn to take all of him in. He’s gorgeous. Ripped, and all man. There are more scars lining his ribs and down his legs, making him even more beautiful to me. He stands there, not moving just waiting for my reaction. I look up to meet his eyes and give him a soft smile. He seems to release a breath he’s been holding and lays to put his weight back on top of me, instantly kissing me with such a force I can’t hold back a groan. The pressure of him on top of me should freak me out but it doesn’t, instead it makes me crazy. The feeling of his skin against my own is more than welcome. He starts kissing my neck and gently bites my earlobe.
“You’re so perfect.” He whispers in my ear making me shiver. I grind against him shamelessly making his cock bump across my clit. This time he’s the one who groans, I smile against his neck and do it again. He rolls taking me with him so I’m now straddling him. He picks up the condom and tears it open, I notice a slight shake in his hands. When he gets the condom on he grabs my hips and I automatically rise to my knees.
“You’re in control.” He tells me in a serious voice. “Take however much time you need, and if you want to stop we will.” I nod my head. I can see the sincerity in his eyes, he means it. If I asked him to stop right now, he would, and that thought makes me smile even bigger. Grabbing a hold of his cock in my hands I line it up at my hole. I linger there for a moment, my body suspended over his. Then I very slowly begin to lower myself, sheathing his cock inside. He’s big. A lot bigger than I realized. I gasp when he finally hits the end of me. I sit for a second just feeling him, he’s hot and throbbing. I feel so full. I look to his face and notice his eyes are squeezed shut like he’s in pain, I slowly rise back up and then slam my body back down, making his eyes spring open and a loud groan escape him. I rise up and do it again, making his hands squeeze my hips. Our harsh breathing is the only sounds in the room, as I ride him with steady strokes.
“Logan!” I gasp when he thrusts up into me.
“Fuck you’re tight baby, I don’t know how long I can last!” He moans. I ride him harder and faster, squeezing my thighs against his waist. I feel the pleasure building inside of me, it’s amazing. Logan is underneath me starring at me in awe. He palms my breast’s as I fuck him harder.
“It feels so good!” I gasp around a breath. He grunts in response.
“Come on baby, I wanna feel you squeeze me.” He growls. I stare into his eyes as I race closer to my goal. I’m now fucking him so hard my ass is smacking against his balls. His arms flex as he lifts my hips up and down with his hands. I feel myself come alive and a tingle run down my spine, my toes curl and the scream that comes from me can’t be stopped. He continues to fuck up into me expanding the length of my orgasm. I fall to his chest trying to catch my breath as he grunts from underneath me having found his own release. We lay there trying to slow our breathing. Then I start to cry.

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