Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 15

My cries are silent, but Logan still notices.
“Hey, you okay?” He asks stroking my back. “Did I hurt you?” He asks like it’s truly a fear of his.
“No.” I sniff. “I’m sorry, I’m a hot mess.” I say giving him a watery laugh. “ I just never knew it could be like that.” I whisper into his chest.
“Like what?” He asks me seeming curious.
“Perfect.” I tell him kissing his neck. “Thank you.”
“Hey.” He says making me look at him. “It’s never been like this, even for me.” I smile and go to roll off of him. Sitting up I pull the blanket up around me, watching the muscles in his back move as he disposes of the condom in the trash can beside the bed. When he’s done he grabs me and pulls me up against his side, curling his arm under my head. I snuggle closer and breath him in. My head rises and falls with the movement of his chest.
“What do you mean, how was it for you?” I ask not really wanting to know about the other women he’s slept with, but also curious about his past relationships.
“Different. I guess for a guy it feels good no matter what, but she was just a means to an end.” He tells me.
“She? You mean there has only ever been one girl?” I ask looking doubtful. He laughs and rubs his hand over my hair, kissing my forehead.
“Yeah. It wasn’t a very good experience either.” He says with a slight blush coloring his cheeks.
“Why?” I ask curious.
“Well she um, didn’t want to fuck with the lights on. After a few times I begin to wonder why. At first I thought it was because she was shy, but then one night she was drunk and she slipped up. She told me my scars freak her out, that they uh seem to stand out at certain moments more so than others.” He looks so vulnerable and embarrassed.
“What a bitch!” I tell him getting pissed off. He gives me a slight shrug of his shoulders, trying to seem like it doesn’t bother him but I can tell it does. “Well I think your scars are sexy.” I tell him kissing the one under his eye. “They tell a story. They’re apart of who you are and I like that.” I say kissing him on the lips. He stares at me reading my face for any hint of lie. Eventually he smiles seeming to realize the truth behind my words. Pulling me closer he kisses me back. The kiss is slow and experimental, nothing like the others. I start to feel him growing more excited against my leg and laugh.
“What? You’re too much of a temptation, I can’t help it.” He says laughing with me.
“Hmm.” I mumble around his mouth. Eventually he stops the kiss and snuggles deeper under the blanket with me. We lay there in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, just basking in the wonderful afterglow of it all. Eventually my eyes begin to grow heavy, I don’t fight it it. I venture further into a comfortable sleep, his heartbeat luring me under.
I wake to the morning sunlight shining against my closed eyelids. Yawning I sit up and look over. Logan is still asleep. I watch him for a minute, enjoying the way his eye lashes flutter back and forth as he dreams about something. Standing up I make my way to the bathroom and quietly close the door behind me. Starring at my reflection in the mirror, I smile. I look so peaceful. Content. I grab my tooth brush off the counter and begin brushing my teeth, when I’m done I use the toilet and flush. Quietly making my way back into the bedroom, I find my clothes scattered at the foot of the bed beside Logan’s. Smiling again I begin to clean up. When I’m done, I walk to my suitcase and pull out a different set of clothes. I slide a pair of black laced underwear up my legs, bending slightly at the waist.
“Damn that’s a sight to wake up to.” Logan says groaning behind me. I laugh and look at him over my shoulder as I slip my bra around my back, and look for another shirt. He’s propped up on his pillow watching me. He looks at me hungrily.
“What time are we heading out?” I ask changing his train of thought. He looks to the clock beside the bed and groans, sitting up he wipes a hand down his face.
“Shit your right, we’ve got to start getting on the road. Everyone’s probably already waiting on us.” He says walking towards me. Sliding his arms around my body he pulls me against him. It feels so right. So natural. I close my eyes and turn my neck as he kisses against my throat.
“You gotta get ready.” I tell him, not really resisting. He blows out a breath tickling the side of my neck.
“Yeah.” He says turning me to look at him. I barely come to his chest, making me have to bend my neck and look up to see him. “You okay?” He asks studying my

“Yeah. A little sore, but in a good way.” I tell him with a seductive smile. He growls and crushes his mouth against mine, making me moan. Standing on my tip toes I go to wrap my hands in his hair, but he suddenly pulls away.
“If I don’t get ready now, Bobby is going to kill me.” He says with regret, walking backwards towards the bathroom. I give a sad little pout making him laugh, and then finish sliding my shirt over my body. When I look back he’s already closed the door. Bending down I slip my feet into a cute pair of brown boots that come up to my knees. When I’m done I just sit there for a moment on the edge of the bed, smiling like a complete idiot. I feel so free. The way Logan watched me as he was inside me last night, was nothing like I ever expected. He seemed to be opening himself up to me, dropping all the barriers. I think about what will happen when I get to my uncles. Will he still want me to come back with him? Do I still want to? My uncle is the only family I have, but Logan is different. The way he looks at me and the way he touches me. He makes me feel empowered. I shake my thoughts away and make my way to the kitchen. Who knows he might not even want me to go back with them, he might have just gotten what he wants and now he’s done with me. I try not to focus on the negative thoughts as I begin to hear voices and laughing around the corner.
“Well, well, well. Look who finally forced themselves outta Logan’s arms long enough to join us for breakfast.” Chelsea says having noticed me first. I ignore her and flip her the bird. Kyle hands me a warm cup of coffee and I gladly accept. I pick up a bagel off the plate in the middle of the counter and begin to nibble on it, but I’m suddenly feeling a little sick so I lay it back down.
“Where is lover boy?” Mac asks me eating his own bagel.
“Showering.” I answer, hoping they will get all of this out of their systems before Logan walks in. for all I know he didn’t want anything more than last night. Jeez, how humiliating would that be, to have everyone making jokes and he just completely ignores me, pretending nothing ever happened.
“Hello, earth to Haley.” Chelsea says waving a hand in my face.
“What?” I ask realizing everyone is staring at me, with looks of concern.
“You okay?” She asks me.
“Yeah.” Not really. Fuck! Footsteps sound from the hallway and I instantly tense. Well this is going to be a fucking disaster, I think and brace myself for the rejection.
“Damn, clearly Haley has done him some good.” Mac says making me roll my eyes, and Kyle elbow him in the ribs. “What? Satisfied is a sexy look.” Mac says laughing. Logan steps up to the counter and reaches between Chelsea and myself for a bagel, leaning over he brushes his lips against my temple.
“You should have waited on me, that way we could have faced these crazy asses together. They’re like a pack of wolfs.” He says beside my ear. His hand is squeezing my shoulder in an almost possessive manner. This is defiantly not what I expected. At all. Great, and now everyone is staring at me again, and this time no one is speaking at all.
“Uh yeah, sorry. I just figured you needed sometime alone.” I whisper back trying to be discreet, but it does no good. The room is so quiet you could hear a feather hit the ground at this point. Logan’s eyebrows crease and he gives me a look of confusion.
“Well we better go. Eat on the way.” Bobby tells Logan, throwing an orange juice his way. God I could kiss him! Well not really, that would be weird considering I just slept with his brother. I stifle a laugh and go to grab my bag. I’m ready to see my Uncle, I think getting excited.

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