Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 16

We arrive at our destination at nearly one. I’m so nervous I can’t stop my leg from shaking up and down. Logan seeing me, places his hand on my thigh stopping me.
“Sorry.” I tell him looking out the window. He doesn’t respond, but I can feel his eyes on me. We haven’t said much since this morning at breakfast. He helped me carry my bags to the car, and then chose the seat across from mine. He spent the majority of the ride looking out his window with a frown. He appeared to be worried or angry about something, but I didn’t have time to worry if he was upset with me. I was to focused on thinking of what I was going to say when I finally get to see my Uncle.
Bobby turns the SUV into a long narrow driveway, and stops beside an iron gate. It’s been so long since I’ve been here I barely remember what it looks like.
“Can I help you?” A nasal voice asks from an intercom.
“We’re here to see Mr. Morgan, his niece is with us.” Bobby responds. The gates clicks and then opens, revealing a three story home. Driving up to the front door, Bobby parks. I take a deep breath and get out. The house is white with a double metal red door placed in the center. Before I can make one step, the doors swings open, and Uncle Tray steps out smiling.
“Hey sweetheart.” He says to me. I don’t wait another second. Running I throw myself in his arms, basking in the familiar smell of home. Crying I just stand there and let him hold me. I’ve missed him so much. I hear him talking to someone behind me, but I still don’t let him go. “Come inside Haley bug, let’s talk.” He whispers in my hair. I nod against his chest and let him lead me inside. When we walk into the living room he sits me down on a black sofa. “I know this may be a ridiculous question but, are you okay?” He asks me wiping the tears from my cheeks.
“I am now.” I tell him as a fresh wave of tears run down.
“There is so much I want to ask you, but for now I want you to make yourself at home, and relax. Alright?” He asks me, but I can tell it’s not a question. I nod and try to smile at him. He looks just like I remember. His long shaggy hair that reaches his shoulders, and the same brown eyes as mine. He has two permanent frown lines marking his forehead, but other than that he hasn’t seemed to age at

We sit there for a few more minutes when suddenly a crash comes from the hallway followed by a feminine curse, turning to see what it was I notice a woman. She has long blonde hair and bright green eyes, that are currently starring at my Uncle with a look of apology. She is wearing a bright red pencil dress, with a v shaped neckline and black high heels. I focus on what she dropped and realize it’s my bag. I guess I had dropped it outside.
“Sorry sir. I didn’t mean to interrupt. The guests are all comfortably in their rooms. I’ve made sure to hold your calls until further notice.” She says in a timid voice. My uncle nods at her, but his eyes linger slightly before turning back to me. She walks out of the room taking my bag with her. I assume to take to my room.
“Come on we better get you settled before Hollie breaks everything in that bag of yours.” He says with a slight grin.
Following behind him on the second floor, I notice a camera in the corner following our movements. We come to a door towards the end of the hallway, and he opens it letting me pass. Inside is a huge King size bed with a white comforter spread across it. There is a vanity set in the corner near a window, and a TV across from it. The other wall is lined with a brown bookshelf that contains books up on books. I notice two other doors and walk towards them. In the first one is a walk in closet filled with clothes, all in my size I notice reading the tag on a few shirts. I turn to my Uncle with a look of surprise, he just smiles at me.
“Figured you could use some new clothes.” He tells me with a wink. I shake my head at him and walk towards the other door. Inside is a bathroom. It has a large tub on one side and a shower on the other. I close the door back and just stand there. “If you don’t like anything I can change it. Whatever you need.” He tells me.
“It’s perfect. Thank you.” I tell him and give him another hug, which he gladly returns.
“Well good, I was worried you wouldn’t approve.” He says with a laugh. A laugh I’ve missed. “Hollie said that white and purple were colors any girl likes.”
“She’s right.” I tell him with a wink of my own. Walking over to the bed, I notice my bag has already been unpacked. “Where is everyone?” I ask him.
“They are probably unpacking. I’ve invited them to stay the week, if that’s okay with you?” He asks like maybe he should have talked to me first.
“Of course. They’ll love it here.” I tell him. He seems to relax. “They’ve been great.” I tell him honestly. “They have helped me more than necessary. I like them.” He’s watching me, clearly seeing something in my face that he hadn’t expected, but luckily he doesn’t comment.
“Well I’m glad to hear. I wanted you to be as comfortable as possible.” He tells me looking like he wants to say more. “Well when you’re ready, you can come down stairs. I’ve arranged a dinner for everyone around five. If you need anything don’t hesitate. My room is the entire third floor, you are welcome there whenever.” He stops talking and just stands there, then finally he retreats out of the room and closes the door, leaving me by myself. Blowing out a breath, I fall back against the bed. How did this happen? I wonder. I jump from the bed and walk around the room, touching everything in sight. I see a small ballerina perched on the vanity table. Picking it up I twist the little lever making music spill out of it. I look at a few of the books and notice majority of them are to do with dance; mostly ballet. I smile and walk back to the closet. I see a grey dress hanging in the far corner and pull it out. I walk over and lay it across the bed. It’s beautiful. It’s strapless with a heart neckline. I pull off my clothes and slip it over my head. Standing in front of the mirror beside the bed, I do a simple turn. The dress hugs my every curve, making me look more like my old self again. I walk back into the closet and find a pair of grey heels, with a small yellow bow perched on the sides of them. I slide my feet into one and then the other. They fit perfectly. I jump when knocking comes from the bedroom door. Making my way to open it, I smile thinking it might be Uncle Tray. When I open the door Logan is standing on the other side, his fist is suspended in the air like he was getting ready to knock again.
“Hey!” I greet him with a smile. He shuffles his feet and nods. Okay, why does he seem so nervous? “Want to come in?” I ask him moving aside. He walks by me and I close the door. Turning I watch him look around the room taking it all in, his eyes stopping for a few moments longer on the ballerina. “Is everything okay?” I ask, slightly confused by his silence.
“Yeah.” He says clearing his throat and facing me. “I was going to give you some time with your Uncle, but I wanted to talk to you.” He says meeting my eyes.
“Okay. Should I be worried?” I ask with a laugh that he doesn’t return. Fuck, should I be worried?
“Are we okay?” He asks with his adorable blush coming to the surface.
“Um, yeah. Why wouldn’t we be?” I ask him. Confused about what he means.
“Cool.” He says starring at the ground. “Well I guess I’ll see ya at dinner.” He says going to walk around me. I grab his arm and pull him to face me again.
“Logan, what’s going on? Are you upset…with me?”
“What? No of course not.” He says like the thought alone is ridicules.
“Then what is it? Cause you’re kinda freaking me out.” He rubs a hand through his hair making me want to do the same.
“You just seemed a little standoffish this morning at breakfast, and I kept telling myself it’s cause you where nervous about seeing your Uncle, but then you gave me the impression you didn’t want the others to know about us. So I was just…” I don’t let him finish. His rambling and the way he blushes around me is making me crazy. I just grab his face and smash my lips against his. At first he seems shocked, because he doesn’t move. Right when I feel like I’ve made my point and go to let go of him, he wraps is arms around me. Lifting me off the ground he walks a few feet till my back hits the door. He’s kissing me like a starving man, and I’m loving every second of it. Moaning I thread my fingers in his hair, and tug. He groans against my mouth. The simple vibration rolls straight to my clit. I squeeze my legs together around his waist, trying to find some kind of relief. He turns and starts walking again, after another few steps I feel the bed underneath me as he lays us down. Our mouths never stopping their attack. His hand goes to my waist and begins pulling the fabric above my hips. I arch for him and start to un zip his jeans.
“Fuck you’re so sexy. I’ve wanted you so bad, all day I’ve thought of what it feels like when I’m inside you.” He says against my throat.
“Please.” I beg without shame. He stops kissing my neck and looks up at me.
“I can’t go slow baby. I need you to bad, but I don’t wanna hurt you.” He tells me.
“You won’t.” I respond instantly. I finally get his jeans un done and I begin pulling them down with the edge of my heels. After that our bodies are nothing but a constant battle of who can get the closest, with clothes flying everywhere. He doesn’t wait a second longer, he lines himself up and pushes inside me. Instantly filling me. I gasp and he checks my face for pain. I arch into him rubbing my beast against him. He pulls out and then slams back into me. I moan biting his shoulder. He growls and does it again.
“Fuck you where made for me.” He says between thrusts. “Tell me your mine baby.” He demands. I moan again as his pelvic bone bumps against my clit. “Tell me, Haley.” He growls.
“I’m yours! Fuck Logan, it feels so good.” I say grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him even further into me.
“Cum for me baby. I wanna feel you.” He pleads while he fucks me with so much force I feel like I may explode. I can feel his body claiming mine. Taking everything I am. I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to. “Yes, baby. Fuck I’m gonna cum!” His words are my undoing. I stifle a scream by biting my lip so hard my mouth instantly feels with the metallic taste of my own blood. He grunts into my neck as he thrusts once, twice, and then he’s coming. Feeling me with everything he has. I take it greedily.
“Wow!” I say trying to get my heart rate under control. He rolls making sure to not squish me. He laughs at my lack of words.
“Wow in a good way?” He asks smiling at me.
“Wow in an awesome, I can’t feel my legs way.” I tell him snuggling into his side. Laughing he pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around me. “Mm” I mumble basking in the sweat gesture.
“Did everything go alright with Tray?” He asks after a minute.
“Yeah. I really missed him, I can’t wait to spend the week with him.” I respond.
“So you’re staying then?” He asks seeming to hold his breath. I raise up on my elbow looking at him, wanting to see his face.
“Do you want me to?” I ask him.
“I want you with me.” He tells me looking far more serious than I thought possible. I smile and trace my thumb across his scar.
“Me too.” I whisper. He leans up and gives me a soft gentle kiss that ends sooner than I’d hoped for.
“So you’ll come back with me?” He asks still seeming unsure.
“I don’t know.” I respond with a cheeky grin. “Can I spend every day and night like this?” I ask kissing under his jaw.
“You can have whatever you want.” He tells me rubbing my back.
“Hmm I like that answer.” Right when I’m getting ready to pull the covers over us and have my way with him again, there is a knock at the door making Logan groan.
“Yeah?” I yell.
“Come on you two, I’m starving!” Chelsea yells through the door making Logan and I laugh.
“She’s right we should probably get down there before my Uncle comes up here and beats the shit out of you.” I tell him still laughing. I reluctantly roll over and crawl out of the bed. Standing up I walk into the bathroom to clean up. Bending over I turn the knob. After I get the temperature the way I like it, I pour some bath salts inside. The smell of lavender invading my nose. I light a candle that’s on the back of the toilet and make my way back to Logan.

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