Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 17

Walking back into the room I see Logan still sitting in the same exact spot I left him. He’s starring at his hands, which are slightly shaking. He doesn’t even look up when I walk towards him still naked.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask coming to his side.
“Fuck.” He mutters burying his head in his hands.
“Logan, what’s going on?” I ask becoming frightened.
“Damn it this is all my fault. Fuck!” He yells standing up and pacing. I jump back startled from his sudden change of mood. What the hell is going on?
“Logan you’re scaring me.” I tell him. He turns and looks at me. He must see the fear written on my face, cause his instantly softens and he stops pacing.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He says walking towards me. He places his hands on either side of my face. “Okay, don’t be mad.” He says pleading me with his eyes. I nod agreeing to anything as long as he tells me what the hell is going on. “I kind of forgot to wear a condom.” He says watching my face.
“Oh.” I say with no emotion at all. I fall back on the bed and stare at him but not really seeing him.
“This may be a stupid question, but are you on birth control?” He asks me. I shake my head no. He curses again and then sits down next to me. “Fuck, I’m sorry Haley. I wasn’t thinking, I was just so fucking excited to see you and to be alone with you again. It’s pretty obvious I was letting my other head do the thinking for me.” He says trying to make a joke. I don’t laugh though, not even a smile. I just sit there starring at the floor. “I’m clean though.” He clears his throat. “Do you know if…” He stops when I snap my head in his direction.
“Shane always wore a condom, and he always made everyone else.” I started on a shout but ended on a whisper. Fuck he doesn’t need to know about that, I think wincing.
“Sorry. Right, okay. So basically we just have to worry about you getting pregnant.” You getting pregnant. No us getting pregnant, just you.
“I’m sure it’s fine. I’m not due for my next um, period for a while. So I’m okay. Don’t worry you’re fine.” I tell him standing and walking towards the bathroom. Before I even take a few steps his arms wrap around me from behind. I tense against him. I need to get away from him before he sees me break down.
“Hey. I didn’t mean anything by that. I just don’t want you to hate me for something you might regret or not want.” He tells me gently. I spin around shooting him with a glare.
“Why wouldn’t I want it? Cause I’m some fucked up stripper that spent the last three years being raped?” I’m now yelling in his face. “Well fuck you! I’d be an awesome mom! No it wasn’t part of the plan, but neither was being sold and held against my will either! I don’t need your dumb ass apology, I’m fine!” I stop yelling and take a breath, trying to calm myself. Im defiantly not fine. Logan looks shocked from my outburst but he quickly gains control.
“I never thought that, nor would I ever. Okay? Fuck Haley, do you have any idea how much I care about you? This isn’t just some meaningless sex to me. It never was. Why do you think I took you that night? Not just because it was the right thing to do, but because I wanted you for myself! Maybe that makes me just as fucked up as Shane, I don’t know. But I’d never hurt you or hold you to me, if you didn’t want it. That night when I saw his hands on you, I wanted to end him right then and there! I couldn’t fucking stand the thought of anyone but me touching you, and I hadn’t even had you yet. I could see the disgust written all over your face, but I could also see loneliness and helplessness. I saw the same fucking thing I see in myself every single day, and it killed me seeing it in you too! I don’t give a fuck if you’re pregnant with ten of my fucking kids, because they would be a part of you. I’d take that any day, even if some people may think it’s too fast. Well fuck them I don’t care! You’re mine, and any baby inside of you would be too!” He’s now breathing hard, and the muscles in his neck are bulging, but he continues. “But I never for one fucking second thought you’d be a horrible mother, if anything I know you’d be an awesome one. I know because I can also see a goodness in you. A will to fight, and I know you would protect any child including your own with everything in you.”
I stand there in shock. Tears streaming down my face. I have no idea how to respond to him. He looks the same way I feel. Vulnerable. I don’t say anything I just grab his hand in mine and lead him to the bathroom. He follows without question. Stepping into the lukewarm water I slide forward to give him room. Stepping in behind me he wraps his arm around my stomach and pulls my back against his chest, making the water ripple slightly against the tub. I release a sigh. This feels so natural, like I’ve always been meant to be here.
“I’m sorry.” He whispers after a while.
“I’m not.” Is my only response. I grab a rag and pour some soap on it, turning slightly I begin washing his arms. He watches me with interest. I make my way towards his chest and then I dip my hand under the water and grab him in my palm. I slowly wash away the evidence of me off of him. I feel him harden in my hand but I ignore it and begin washing myself. He helps by massaging shampoo in my hair. When we’re done he wraps me in a towel and then himself. I stand there studying him for a minute. He’s everything I’ve always wanted, and everything I thought I’d never have. I can’t help but feel I’m already falling for him. He goes to walk back into the bathroom but I stop him. Grabbing his face in mine, I have to stand on my tip toes to get closer.
“You’re nothing like Shane.” I tell him. Not giving him time to respond I make my way into the room, and begin getting dressed. I notice him still standing in the same spot, not moving. I go into the closet and find another dress since we wrinkled the last one. When I come out wearing a solid white sundress, he’s gone. I slip back into the yellow and grey heels from earlier and slip my hair into a simple bun. When I’m done I open the door and go to make my way down stairs. Taking a deep breath, I walk past each room not knowing which one is his. When I make it to the dining room everyone is already seated and talking. Ignoring their stares I take my seat.
“How did you guys find your rooms? Everything okay?” My uncle asks when I’m seated.
“Oh yes Mr. Morgan, thank you. Your home is so beautiful.” Chelsea replies for everyone, while batting her eyelashes at my Uncle. Really? I roll my eyes as Bobby snorts across the table. I’m seated beside my uncle who is at the head of the table, on my other side is Kyle and next to him is Mac. Directly across from me is Logan and beside him is Chelsea and Bobby.
“Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. If you need anything, Hollie my assistant will be more than happy to help you.” He tells her with a wink. She giggles (yes, giggles) and gives him a flirty smile. Turning to me he graciously dismisses her. “You’re going to love it here Sweetheart. There is a pool, tennis court, and even a piano room. I’m having it set up for you to be able to practice in. I’m sure you will be excited to get back to dancing.” He tells me.
“Oh, I’ve actually been thinking about going back to New York.” I respond looking towards Logan who is watching me. My Uncle notices and looks towards him as well.
“Interesting.” He says studying him. “Well if that’s what you decide, I’d hoped you’d stay with me but of course that’s your choice. Do you plan to go back to Juilliard?” He ask me.
“Um, no. I’m way to old now.” I tell him blushing. “Usually a dancers career is over by the time they’re thirty.”
“Well you’re only twenty, you still have a few years.” He tells me, like I don’t already know.
“Yeah but I’m so out of practice. I’d have to take extra courses to catch up and that’s even if I got accepted.” I respond easily.
“Hm. Well I could make a few calls if you like.” He pushes.
“No, really that’s fine. You’ve already done enough, but thank you. I’m actually not as into dancing as much anymore.” I tell him. After being a stripper for three years dancing is the last thing I want to do. He gets it because he lets the subject drop and turns back to his food. I start to pile some salad on my plate. Reaching for my fork I dig in.
“So your coming back to New York?” Bobby asks clearly having overheard our conversation.
“Uh, yeah. I mean if that’s okay with you guys. Logan said…”
“I told her she’s more than welcome to stay with me.” Logan says interrupting me. The way he says me instead of everyone, makes it clear he’s telling them that we are a thing. What exactly we are I have no idea. Boyfriend? Wow that sounds weird, I think focusing back in on the conversation.
“Cool.” Is all Bobby says as he continues eating his food. Cool? What the hell is going on with him? Chelsea must have really knocked some since into that thick ass head of his, I realize.
“Well where are you going to stay? I could have Hollie find you a comfortable apartment if you’d like.” My uncle offers.
“Um, no that won’t be necessary.” I tell him. “I’m actually going to be staying with them at the safe house.” I say nodding towards everyone.
“Safe house? Well that’s insane. Why don’t you all look into getting an apartment?” He asks.
“The safe house is pretty comfy.” Mac speaks up.
“Yeah, but an apartment with our own rooms and space, would be awesome!” Chelsea joins in.
“Well then it’s decided. I’ll have Hollie look into it, maybe she can have something by the end up the week. I’ll of course cover the costs. I can’t have my favorite niece living in some kind of garage. It’s not very safe. An apartment with around the clock security would work better.” He says winking at me.
“I’m your only niece.” I tell him dryly.
“Semantics.” He responds shrugging, and making me laugh.
“We can’t accept that Mr. Morgan, but thank you.” Logan says.
“Of course you can. I’ll let you know what Hollie finds. She’s a little slower at her job than my last assistant, but she seems to be improving.” He says with a sigh. I send Logan a warning look. He shakes his head but reluctantly doesn’t say anything more. The dinner goes by quickly, full of easy conversation. Logan kept sending me heated glances throughout the entire meal. I tried ignoring him, but It did no good. I craved him.
“Your uncle is awesome!” Chelsea says to me as we make our way back upstairs. I laugh at her over the top opinion of Uncle Tray.
“Yeah, he’s great.” I tell her walking into my room. We had all decided to take advantage of the pool room, since Uncle tray had some business to take care of. Walking inside we make our way to the closet.
“Holy mother of god!” Chelsea’s all but squeals. “This is like every woman’s fantasy.” She says in awe.
“Yeah, a little over the top if you ask me.” I respond looking for some bathing suits. “Aha!” I say tossing a black one in her direction.
“Ohh.” She says running to the bathroom to try it on. I grab a purple one for me and change in the closet. When I’m done I walk in front of the mirror to inspect. “Damn girl, Logan is going to be all over you.” Chelsea says coming out fully changed. She looks hot with her slight curves and tiny waste. Her blonde hair is wrapped In a sleek ponytail that hangs down the middle of her back.
“You think?” I ask her looking myself over again. It’s alright. I don’t have nearly has many curves as her. My breasts are smaller being a simple B cup, and my stomach is a lot flatter. Toned from all the pole dancing over the years. However my ass is looking pretty good, I realize with a turn.
“Uh yeah. Have you seen the way he looks at you. Boys got it bad.” She says coming to stand beside me.
“How can you tell?” I ask her.
“Haley, I’ve never even seen him with a girl and I’ve known him for four years. He always stays to himself. Barely even talks to anyone but Bobby. Plus have you seen the way he blushes around you? He’s like a little school girl.”
“Hey! I think it’s adorable.” I defend him laughing.
“No, no! Don’t get me wrong it really works for the boy. Every time he turns pink it makes me swoon. Literally. And the way he watches you. Lord god, my ovaries can’t take it.” She says fanning herself, and making me laugh harder.
“Oh my god! You’re insane.” We make our way out of the room. Closing the door behind us I follow her down the stairs and towards the pool room.
“It’s true. I think you guys are sexy together, mind if I stand in the next time you two do the dirty? I promise not to make a sound.” She says with a huge smile. When we open the door to the pool, I’m laughing so hard I can barely breath. I could hear the guys talking and laughing but now the room is silent.
“You like?” Chelsea says doing a little turn. Bobby and Kyle whistle and give her some cat calls. I shake my head and walk towards the pool steps. Stepping inside I’m instantly in cased in the warm feeling of water. I take a deep breath and dunk my head under water. Coming back up I rub the chlorine from my eyes. I jump slightly when arms in circle my waist.
“Fuck you look sexy.” Logan’s voice whispers in my ear. Smiling I turn in his arms, wrapping mine around his neck.
“Oh yeah? Well you don’t look to bad yourself there Mr. Roster.” I purr in his ear. He growls wrapping my legs around his waist. I can feel his cock pressing against the cleft of my pussy making me moan.
“Fuck I want you again.” He tells me nipping my shoulder. Damn, that sounds like a good idea, I think.
“You guys going to fuck one another with all of us in the room?” Bobby yells from across the pool. Making me laugh when Logan flips him off. He ignores them and places his lips on mine. I relish in the feeling of him holding me, and his lips on mine. The kiss is slow but heated. Almost like he’s teasing me for what’s to come later.
“Mm I missed you.” I tell him coming up for air.
“You just saw me.” He responds.
“Not like this. My Uncle probably would have skinned you alive.” I tell him laughing.
“Are you telling me I’m not allowed to touch you in front of your Uncle?” He says jokingly.
“If you want to keep your balls intact, I’d says you better keep your hands to yourself.” I tell him kissing him again. He fake pouts and starts kissing my jaw.
“I can’t believe he offered to buy us all an apartment.” He says changing the subject.
“Yeah, I think he just wants to make sure I’m safe.” I tell him. “So you’re okay with it?” I ask studying him.
“I didn’t like it at first, but if it gets me closer to you then it’s worth it. I actually talked to him after dinner, he agreed to let Bobby, Kyle, and I pay for our part.” I shake my head at his manly behavior and begin kissing his scar. “Damn, you’re killing me.” He says making me giggle.

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