Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 18

We only spent about an hour in the pool and most of the time didn’t even consist of swimming. Logan and I were currently making our way back to my room. We had just walked around the corner when Uncle Tray nearly bumped right into us.
“Hey!” I squeak trying to act casual, like he hadn’t just caught Logan and I practically making out. Not that it matters I tell myself. I’m an adult.
“Hey sweetheart. I didn’t mean to interrupt, I was just wondering if I could talk with you for a minute.” He says. “I promise to bring her right back.” He says to Logan. Logan kisses the side of my head and then leaves us alone. I fight to not hide my face. No matter if I’m an adult or not, he’s still the closest thing to a father I have left.
“Walk with me?” He ask already starting to make his way down the hall. I walk slightly faster to try and catch up.
“Is everything okay?” I ask him after a minute of us just walking.
“Of course. I just had a minute and wanted to ask you how you’re really doing? Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little longer? You’re welcome here as long as you want.” He asks.
“I know, and I appreciate that, but honestly I want to stay in New York. It’s my home. I would love to come visit you though.” I tell him as we turn a corner.
“Well if you’re sure this is what you want.” He tells me seeming to not agree. “I just want you to be careful. I don’t know what you’ve been through these past few years, and I can’t even begin to imagine, but staying with a group of people you don’t really know much about. Doesn’t that seem a little careless?” He asks me as we walk into a room that looks like a library.
“Maybe, but I trust them. Chelsea has been through basically the same thing as me, and Logan is…”
“Are you two together?” He ask me as we sit across from one another in a set of brown leather chairs.
“Im not sure what we are to be honest, but I like him. He makes me feel something. Something besides hurt, and pain. He doesn’t treat me like Shane did, or my father. He honestly makes me feel like I hold all the power against him, instead of the other way around.” I tell him.
“You really do care about him, don’t you? After such a short time.” He says watching my face.
“I know it’s fast, and I’m not saying we’re going to get married and pop out a bunch of kids.” Well maybe not, I think. “But I’m nearly twenty one and I have zero friends, I’ve never dated. I just want to experience these things. Things I never thought I would get to experience.” I tell him looking down.
“Hey.” He says gently touching my knee. “You do whatever makes you happy, you hear me? But you always know that I’m here for you, no matter what.” He tells me. I release a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and smile at him. “Now, your father.” He says with a look of disgust. “I’m sure you haven’t seen the news or you probably would have already mentioned it, but as of this morning he was arrested. I knew he was behind your disappearance, but I had no way of proving it. A few days ago Mac emailed me a file. A recording of sorts, with yours and his altercation.” He says his eyes never leaving mine. “I contacted the police and have handed over the footage to them. After some serious investigation they have decided to arrest him. He is eligible to post bail, which I’m sure your mother will take care of. However this is all do to go in front of a jury in three months. Im hoping that you will agree to go.” He says still watching me. “What I really want to do to him his not a topic you’d be interested in hearing, but I’ll take him spending the rest of his life behind bars rather than being a free man.” He end with a tight smile.
“You’d be wrong.” I tell him. He turns his head to the side clearly confused. “I’d love to hear what you’d like to do to him.” I tell him. That gets me a full smile. “But I guess you’re right, behind bars seems like the more logical decision. I’ll be there.” He nods like he figured I’d agree.
“Well there is one more thing.” He says hesitantly. “Your mother will also be put on trial, since they assume she was aware of your whereabouts and didn’t contact the police.” I nod having guessed as much. “And I would like you to meat with a specialist, someone that that can help draw up a description of some of the men that harmed you, or may have done any kind of business with Shane.” I suck in a breath. I really don’t want to relive their faces, but I know he’s right. “Also Logan and his friends have not been identified as the people there that night, apparently your friend Mac is very good at his job. The cameras where all down for ‘maintenance’ that night. So your father will probably try to identify them, but he doesn’t know their names. Thankfully. So the day of the hearing I will be there with you, but no one can know about the rest of your friends. Do you understand?” I don’t even have to think I immediately nod my head. “Alright, well other than that. I just want you to be prepared to have to talk about these things. I’ve already got the lady coming by today for the photo’s, I figured a woman would be better to work with.” He says smiling slightly. I nod in agreement. Standing up he pulls me in for a hug. “I could kill him Haley.” Is all he whispers in my ear before making his way towards the door. Bidding me goodnight he leaves me to my thoughts.
Sitting back down I think of everything he said to me. It’s all a lot to digest, but the one thing that keeps coming back to me is everything he said about Logan. Funny after all of this, he’s the one thing I can’t help but focus on. In just a short amount of time he’s already played a huge roll in my life. He rescued me. Protected me, when I had nearly given up all hope of being saved. Being with him has shown me that maybe my life isn’t over at all. Maybe it’s just beginning. Back in that club I began to think I’d never find anyone to care for me. That I’d always be alone. There was times I contemplated ending it all. Just giving up entirely, but something always stopped me. A voice in the back of my head whispering to just hold on a little longer. Maybe this was what I was holding on for. A life of freedom instead of chains, a life of laughter instead of tears. A life of friends instead of loneliness. I stand, smiling as I make my way back to Logan. Back to something more.

Later that day my Uncle sat with me as the woman drew up my descriptions of each man. I remembered them all with ease, their faces being embedded in my mind forever. She had a stack of around ten photo’s I’d even been able to give her the last or first names of some of them. Currently she was drawing the last man I had to describe to her.
“He was around 6 feet, pushing probably 300 pounds. He was balding on the top of his head, but also had some light brown hair on the sides. Both times I saw him he wore a suit, at times even a set of black glasses. Only if he was reading something though.” I tell her taking a deep breath.
“Any tattoos, piercings, scars?” She asks not looking up from her drawing.
“The second time, he uh tried to touch me.” I tell her without meeting my Uncle’s eyes. “I bit him on his forearm. I actually bit so hard I took a piece off. I’m sure he could have a scar there, it was his left arm.” She nods still drawing. “He also had a mole on his um thigh.” I whisper. I can hear the intake of my Uncles breath but I don’t look at him. To sacred of what I’ll see. “His first name is George, that’s what Shane had called him.” After a few minutes she hands me a piece of paper, and like the others it’s the perfect description. Except with this one my hands shake as I study it. I nod and hand it back, no longer wanting to see his face.
“Thank you Mrs Morgan, someone will be in touch.” She says going to talk to my Uncle. I don’t wait to talk to him. I just make my way to my room. I need to be alone right now. Seeing all those face was harder than I thought, but having to remember the one face that constantly haunts me every day is more than I can deal with right now.

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