Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 19

The week passed in a blur. I got to spend hours up on hours reminiscing with my Uncle every night, and during the day when he was working I spent getting to know Chelsea and Mac more. I even got a few more words out of Kyle. Bobby however was still a closed book. Then at night I spent those wonderful moments in Logan’s arms. We never talked about anything from our pasts, I think he realized I needed some time to move on. I learned from him one night as we laid there trying to catch our breaths, that Bobby did indeed have a thing for Chelsea. Apparently she knew but just chose to ignore it. I had asked her about it one day when we were getting ready for dinner, but she just brushed it off by saying Bobby wasn’t her type. I felt like there was more to it, but nevertheless let the subject drop. Kyle and Mac were something to be reckoned with. I discovered them in the pool room one day fucking each other’s brains out. Logan was with me, so I think he was a little scared needless to say. I however found the whole scene wildly attractive. The way Kyle held Mac as he had him bent over the steps in the pool, just slamming into him from behind. We slipped out before they could realize we had seen, but the next morning at breakfast Logan had made it clear they should warn someone next time if they were going to fuck each other out in a public room. Mac laughed while Kyle blushed a pretty shade of red from clearly being embarrassed.
After everything though I was more than ready to leave. Surprisingly I missed Logan’s tiny little bed, and the seclusion of the smaller enclosed safe house. So now we were all loaded back into the SUV and on our way home. Uncle Tray was still standing by the door with his secretary Hollie, who I guarantee would keep him on his toes. Leaning back against Logan’s side I smile thinking of the way she had constantly made Uncle Tray look like he wanted to scream. Every time she dropped something, or forgot to warn him about an appointment, he looked ready to explode. She really was clumsy. I honestly didn’t understand why he had even hired her, until one night at dinner Logan had discreetly pointed out the way he was watching her when he thought no one was looking. I was shocked at first to see him show such blatant interest in someone. I guess when I was younger I just always noticed how he always seemed to be more in love with his work, never seeming to have time for a relationship. Not that that’s what was going on, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.
“I was thinking. When we get back to New York maybe we could go by the apartment. Just you and me.” Logan whispers in my ear. My Uncle had found the perfect apartment within two days. We were all set to move in next week, but I’m guessing Logan’s wanting a little alone time before then.
“You know we’re going to have to get a bigger bed if you’re going to be staying in my room all the time.” I tell him with a rise of my eyebrow.
“I was under the impression we were sharing a room.” He says mocking surprise.
“Move in together? You don’t think that’s too soon?” I ask gasping. He laughs and shakes his head at me.
“You’re mine Haley, and until you say otherwise I’m not leaving your side for one second.” He says seriously.
“So does that make me your girlfriend?” I ask trying to lighten the mood again. I’m only half joking, I realize.
“You’re that and more.” He tells me leaning down to give me a chaste kiss. I smile and move closer, not yet ready to let go of him.
“God between Kyle, Mac, and now you two I’m going to have to go to the bar this week and find me some hot guy to take home. I’m becoming sexually deprived here, and you four aren’t helping matters.” Chelsea says from the back seat pointing at all of us. Bobby starts choking from the front seat having overheard. He apparently had just taken a drink of soda, if I didn’t know better I’d think Chelsea says the things she says intentionally. Laughing at her I bury my head in Logan’s neck. I lightly lick the area over his Adam’s apple that I’ve grown to love so much. He sucks in a sharp breath and his hand tightens on my side.
“She’s right. You really aren’t helping matters.” He says under his breath making me giggle.
“I thought maybe we could just drive straight home instead of staying at a hotel tonight.” Bobby says changing the subject. “I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to sleep in my own bed.”
“What I have in mind requires a bed, but sleeping is far from the list.” Mac says giving Kyle a heated look. I smother a laugh against Logan’s neck. Those two are worse than us, I think to myself.
“Maybe having an apartment with separate rooms won’t be so bad after all.” Bobby says watching the road.
“So we each get our own room?” Chelsea asks.
“Uncle Tray said there are five rooms, so yes.” I respond. “I figured we could use the fifth room for guests, or maybe a game room of sorts. Logan wrote him a check Thursday morning for your all’s half and Uncle Tray covered the rest. He said everything should be ready to go by the time we got back, and the realtor left a key with the security guard. We’ll have to get copies made, but Logan and I thought about going on over there tonight once we got back. From what my uncle said the place is already fully furnished.” I tell them. Instantly Logan sighs and shakes his head at me.
“Oh! We should all go check it out, and since it’s closer to the city we could get a cab and go dancing, then just go back and crash there tonight.” Haley says jumping in her seat. Well fuck, there goes mine and Logan’s plan to have some alone time, I think instantly realizing my mistake.
“Yeah that sounds like fun! What do you think babe, wanna sex me up on the dance floor?” Kyle asks making me snort.
“As long as you promise to not get so drunk you try to take the DJ’s mic and sing karaoke.” Kyle responds with a slight smile.
“Hey that happened one time!” Mac defends.
“That was an awesome night!” Bobby cuts in. “Chelsea threw up all over the bouncers shoes.” He says laughing and making Chelsea glare at the back of his head. “He was so pissed.”
“Fuck you.” Chelsea huffs and turns to face the window.
“You wanna go?” Logan asks in my ear. I realize this would be the first time since escaping Shane’s that I’ll have been to a club, and the first time I’ll be in a crowded area again. Blowing out a breath I nod. Got to face my fears sometime, why not now.

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