Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 2

“Angel, you okay?” Jake, my bodyguard’s voice brings me back to the present. I realize my music (Take it off, by Kiss) has started playing on stage. I was getting ready to open the curtain and walk out when one of Shane’s guards grabs my arm.
“Boss says finish up on stage and then come upstairs, he’s got some fresh dick for you.” He whispers with a sleazy smile. I don’t respond. I grab the curtain and walk out into the lights. I move my hips seductively to the music, while holding onto the pole that’s positioned in the middle of the stage. I try to lose myself in the song like I always do, pretending I’m alone and not in front of a hundred drunk perverts. I whip my hair to the side and climb to the top of the pole, my back arches the entire time I slide back down. Eventually my clothes end up in a pile behind me. I bend over grabbing the pole and thrust my ass towards the crowd. Listening to the rhythm of the music, and trying to ignore the guys that start yelling and cheering.
“Fuck yeah, look at that tight little hole!” A guy from my right yells, his buddies cheering him on. I barely hold back a shudder, and finish the song. As I bend to pick up my clothes and walk back off stage a few guys start to boo me. I quickly start back towards my dressing room, not giving a shit.
“Wrong way Angel.” The guard from earlier says from beside me.
“I just want to change into something more comfortable.” Or less reveling, I plead with my eyes.
“Sorry, boss was pretty adamant. Let’s go.” He says grabbing a hold of my arm, not to gentle I might add. Jake is there in a second, pushing him up against the wall.
“You know the rules, no one touches her without Shane’s permission.” Thanks for the reminder. I’m a fucking prisoner, I think. I ignore them both, and start walking towards Shane’s office while fixing my top back in place. I don’t bother knocking. What’s the point, Shane will be more pissed his lap dogs are not with me. When I open the door I notice two men dressed in jeans and button up shirts standing in the corner. They both turn to look my way. They almost seem to relax when they see me. Probably excited to have the entertainment arrive, I think. They quickly look back towards the center of the room where Shane and his newest “business partner” are talking. I ignore everyone and walk over to stand in front of Shane, waiting for his orders.
“Where the hell is Jake?” He asks in a curious voice.
“Here sir, sorry there was an incident with the new security guy Bradley.” Jake answers from the door before I can.
“Yes well, I presume it’s been takin care of?” He asks in a bored tone.
“Yes,sir.” I stand beside his chair in no rush to have his attention back on me. I notice the guy across from him seems to be looking my way. I turn to give him a dirty look, but am stopped by the way he is staring at me. He’s looking at nothing but my face, his eyes never wavering even though I’m standing in nothing but a short skirt and a leather bikini top. He seems to be telling me something with his eyes, almost begging me to trust him with just a single look. I shake off the absurd feeling, and then I notice an angry looking scar marring the left side of his face, like he has been burned by something. It looks painful. However the right side of his face is smooth, and…beautiful. Wait, what? I quickly look away to focus on the wall, for some reason the way he is looking at me is making my head a mess. I’m losing my mind, I think. Why else would I find anyone in this room remotely attractive. Still though, I can feel his grey eyes burning a hole in the side of my head.
“Angel, get Mr. Cash a refill.” I walk to the man and reach for his empty glass, but he promptly pulls it out of my reach.
“I’m fine, thank you.” He replies in a low voice. I nod my head once, and quickly walk back to Shane’s side. It takes all my willpower not to look back at him, but I somehow manage not to.
“Right, well I presume you want to just get the transaction out of the way.” Shane says a little to eagerly.
“No.” Mr. Cash replies instantly, he seems to be bored with Shane, and is now starring directly at me. Again. A muscle in his jaw begins to tick as Shane’s hand rubes up the back of my thigh, and under my skirt, settling on my bare ass.
“Okay, maybe you need a little more persuading.” Shane jerks me into his lap and kicks my legs apart, giving everyone in the room a full view of my bare pussy. His fingers brush over me, and start to push inside. Since I’m so dry I can’t hold back a wince. “Mr. Cash seems a little unsure Angel. Why don’t you help persuade him, I bet his boys would even like a turn.” He starts to pump his fingers in me faster and harder. I close my eyes against the pain. Finally he stops, and forces me to my knees. He kicks me in the back when I don’t move. I gasp from the sharp pain that radiates up my spine.
“Am I gonna have to make you cooperate again Angel? Suck his fucking dick!” Shane snaps at me. In the next moment the sound of a chair being scrapped against the floor, and a gun being cocked fills the room. I look up into the angry eyes of Mr. Cash, but they aren’t focused on me anymore. They are pointed straight at Shane, along with the gun in his hand. Next Jake’s gun is being drawn, and then the other two men are also aiming their weapons.
“Whoa! Easy there, let’s all just calm down.” Shane puts his hand up like he’s surrendering to the cops. He realizes he’s outnumbered, his guards are probably all getting head in the alley out back by a handful of the strippers.
“Come here.” I realizes the man’s talking to me when his other hand (the one not aiming the gun at Shane’s face) reaches down towards me. Out of habit, I immediately look at Shane for permission. He’s starring at me with a look that guaranties punishment if I fuck this up.
“Don’t look at him, you don’t need his permission.” The guy tells me in a stern but gentle voice. He’s still not looking at me though. I immediately take his hand, honestly the guy is a thousand times more intimidating than Shane could ever be, but I almost feel shielded next to him. For some reason I feel he wouldn’t hurt me. Wow, I really am going crazy.

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