Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 20

It’s nearly ten at night when we finally make it back. Once the car comes to a stop I don’t have another minute to just be. Chelsea instantly grabs my hand and pulls me towards the entrance of the apartment building, leaving the guys to carry in our luggage. The building is huge. I notice a man standing next to the entrance, he looks at us cautiously but then quickly dismisses us as anything but two twenty year old girls. Walking straight to him, he frowns at us.
“Can I help you ladies with something?” He asks seeming bored.
“Um my Uncle said it would be okay if we came to look at the apartment tonight. My names Haley Morgan.” I tell him. He watches me still frowning but then pulls out an envelope with my name on it. Handing it to me he moves aside. “Thanks.” I tell him. Opening the envelope I find a brass key inside. Walking through the lobby we stand by the elevator, waiting on the guys. Chelsea is practically jumping with excitement beside me.
“Damn that guys scary.” Mac says walking towards us and faking a shiver. “Your Uncle wasn’t joking about security, was he?” Shaking my head no I laugh. We make out way inside the elevator and up to the sixth floor. We walk out into a short hallway. Moving towards the door I unlock it and let everyone inside.
“Holy hell! Why can’t I have a sexy rich Uncle?” Chelsea says with wide eyes. She’s right though Uncle Tray really outdid himself. This place has to take up the entire sixth floor of the building I realize. Walking further inside I notice the hardwood flooring that leads into the living room. The kitchen seems to appear behind the other side of the wall to our right. Chelsea grabs my hand and pulls me down the hallway in search of a room. She eventually chooses the third one since it has a view of the Statue of Liberty. Logan walks in behind us laying Chelsea’s luggage beside her new bed.
“Which room did you want?” He asks me looking around.
“You pick.” I tell him shrugging.
“Well I’ll leave you ladies to it then, I’ll put your things in our room.” He tells me bending to kiss my four head. God, I love how tall he is.
“Come on we got to get ready, you can stare at lover boy later.” Chelsea says. I hadn’t even realized Logan had already left and I was still standing there like a love sick puppy.
“Sorry.” I tell her.
“Don’t be. If I had me some sexy man candy to stare at I would too.” She replies unpacking things and setting them out.
“Bobby was looking pretty hot today, in his jeans and black button up shirt.” I tell her smiling.
“True.” She agrees. “But he’s just not my type, far too pessimistic for my tastes.” She says looking at a red dress. She’s right he is way too negative, but I still feel like she’s pretending. “Which one of these do you like better?” She asks holding up the red dress and a solid black one.
“Black.” I say nodding.
“Yeah, you’re right you could pull off the red way better. Here try it on.” She says throwing the red dress at me.
“You know, I do have nearly an entire wardrobe my Uncle let me bring with me.” I point out.
“Yeah but none of those dresses are for clubbing.” She says, like I should already know this. I reluctantly start changing into the dress. She smiles when she sees that she won.
When I’m all done I stand there waiting for her approval. She stares at me for a few minutes then tells me to turn.
“Damn, I’m good.” She says clapping her hands. “But it’s missing something.” Looking around the room she stops on a pair of black heels. “Aha!” She says tossing them at me. Again, I don’t argue. Once we are both dressed we make our way towards the living room where the guys are waiting. I decided to leave my hair down, but Chelsea is wearing hers in some kind of twisted braid. It’s cute. When we make our way in the room, I immediately walk to the bar located across the room. Grabbing a glass I pour me a shot. I’m going to need it. After I down the shot I turn back to everyone, and nearly trip over my own feet when I see Logan standing beside the window. Holy shit! He’s wearing dark faded jeans that curve to his ass, and a solid white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His hair is jelled and styled in the front. Damn he looks good enough to eat. He sees me starring and walks my way with a predators look on his face.
“Fuck, I’m gonna end up in jail.” He says when he’s just a few feet from me. I do a

slow turn for him.
“You like?” I ask when I’m done. His eyes are nearly black with lust.
“Jesus, your beautiful.” He says kissing me. He lingers for a minute, but not nearly long enough.
“Alright let’s get this show on the road!” Bobby says interrupting us. Walking to the elevator beside Logan, I tug on the bottom of my dress trying to cover more of my legs. Logan of course notices.
“You okay?” He ask me, looking concerned. I give him a smile and nod. Of course it’s a lie, I’m freaking the hell out on the inside. The thought of being in a crowd full of drunk guys is making me want to vomit. Having practically lived the past three years in a strip club, I know how violent drunken guys can get. Logan won’t let anything happen, I tell myself. When the elevator doors open, I take a deep breath and follow everyone out. The guy from earlier is still standing beside the door. He looks up at us when hears the sound of heels clicking against the marble floor.
“Have a good night Mrs. Morgan.” He responds giving me a slight tilt of his head. Logan’s hand lands on my hip and squeezes in a possessive gesture making me smile. Nodding back I follow everyone in the cab. Luckily Kyle called for a van, otherwise we wouldn’t all fit. Buckling up I lay my head on Logan’s shoulder. I don’t have a good feeling about this, I think and close my eyes.

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