Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 21

When we arrive at the club, there is a line wrapped around the building. Ignoring it Logan walks us to the front of the door. The bouncer nods and moves aside to let us by without question. Hm, I’ll have to ask him about that later. Walking inside, the music is thumping and people are grinding their bodies against one another on a dance floor to our left. I follow everyone to a booth up around a half wall that’s separating us from the people dancing. I scoot across the leather seat and look around.
“What do you want to drink?” Logan asks in my ear. He has to talk louder to be heard over the beat of the music.
“I’ll have whatever you’re having!” I yell back. Nodding he follows Bobby to the bar.
“Well I’m going to find me a tall, dark, and sexy stranger to dance with!” Chelsea yells across the table. Jumping up Mac pulls Kyle along with him. I watch them make their way down to the dance floor, talking to one another over the music. Mac immediately starts grinding against Kyle, and Chelsea begins dancing between two different guys. She seems careful to not touch them though.
“Wanna dance?” A deep voice slurs near my ear. I instantly jerk away. It’s a man maybe in his early thirties. He looks like he should be in a law office instead of a night club, with his firmly pressed suit. I force a small smile and shake my head no. “Oh come on, it’d be a waste to just sit here in this sexy little dress all night!” He yells over the music, but his face is way to close making me flinch. Before I can respond the guy stumbles backward nearly falling straight on his ass.
“She said no, take a hint.” Logan says in a warning voice. The guy looks to Bobby who is standing behind him offering silent support and then back to Logan. He seems to realize it’s a lost cause because he stumbles away grumbling something under his breath. Logan slides me a beer and scoots in beside me. “I told you this dress is going to make me end up in jail tonight.” He says with a smile, so I know he’s teasing. I take a sip of beer and look back to where the other three are dancing.
“Where did everyone go?” Bobby asks me from across the table. I nod amongst the sea of people, and he follows my eyes with his own. He laughs shaking his head at Mac and Kyle, but when he sees Chelsea his face turns to pissed in a second. Looking away he turns back to us. After a few minutes they all three make their way back to our table laughing. Mac has sweat glistening the top of his forehead.
“These two are fucking crazy.” Kyle says laughing with them. Logan lays his hand across the back of my seat and slightly moves closer letting Chelsea sit down.
“Come on Haley, you gotta dance!” Chelsea says with wide eyes.
“Want to dance?” I ask Logan with a flirty smile. He laughs and shakes his head.
“Oh good luck! Lover boy doesn’t dance!” Mac says. I look back to Logan who I’m pretty sure is blushing but I can’t tell from how dim the lights are. I push out my bottom lip and put my hands together like I’m praying.
“Please!” I beg. He laughs rubbing a hand down his face.
“How the hell am I supposed to tell you no with a face like that.” He tells me standing up. “I’m gonna warn you though, I’m horrible.” He says looking ready to bail.
“Oh my god! He really does have it bad!” Chelsea yells. I stick my tongue out at her and lead Logan to the dance floor.
“Hold on, stay right here!” I yell at him over some kind of hip hop music. Grabbing Chelsea’s hand I pull her towards the DJ. When the guy finally looks our way I lean in and talk in his ear, smiling he nods his head. I make my way back to Logan’s side, who listened and didn’t move a muscle. He’s watching me with confusion. I smile and pull him further into the crowd. Mac and Kyle are on one side of us while Chelsea and Bobby are on the other.
“Alright! I got a little bit of old school here for you guys tonight!” The DJ’s voice says over the microphone. Instantly American Woman by Lenny Kravitz feels the room. Everyone starts cheering but Logan’s just standing there with his eyebrows nearly reaching the top of his head. I give him a seductive smile and then start dancing. His eyes nearly pop out of his head. I stifle a laugh and move my hips. Never taking my eyes off him, I push my hands in the air and arch my back. I let the music wash through me. Walking closer I wrap my fingers in his hair and grind against him.
“Pretend it’s just us.” I whisper in his ear and turn my back placing it up against his front. Placing his hands on my hips he moves with me. I smile and push my ass against his crotch. I can hear his growl against my neck. I love how much power I have over him. That I can make him crazy with just a single touch. It isn’t long before he’s thrusting into me. My body begins to heat. It’s like he’s fucking me on the middle of the dance floor. The way he is moving is making me want him right here in front of everyone. When the song ends I don’t wait. Ignoring everyone’s stares I pull him to the back and around the corner where the bathrooms are. I notice a door; an office of sorts. Jerking him inside I slam the door and push him up against the wall. Our mouths meet in a crazy heated frenzy. He turns us so he’s in control.
“Wrap your arms around my neck.” He demands in a deep voice. When I do he eagerly lifts me off the floor. Wrapping my legs around him, he starts pushing my dress up around my waist. “Fuck, I need inside you.” He growls against my mouth.
“Yes.” I moan. His hand delves between my legs and then he stops, his breathing hard.
“Fuck, no panties? You’re killing me baby.” He says pushing a finger inside me. I’m so wet, he has no problems.
“I couldn’t wear any with this dress.” I tell him trying to get my breathing under control. Removing his hand he reaches in his back pocket for his wallet. I begin undoing his jeans as he rips open a condom. Once I get his cock out I grab the condom sliding it down his length. He perches me higher up the wall, lining himself up at my entrance. Lowering me down onto his cock. The sheer power behind it makes it impossible to control the sounds that escape me. He slowly pulls out and then slams back inside me. “Logan!” I scream as he starts pounding into me.
“Jesus baby, you’re so tight.” He says biting my neck. His thrusts are so powerful it’s making my legs shake. I can already feel the start of my orgasm. Reaching between us he rubs his finger over my clit, making me gasp. “Fuck yes, come for me Haley.” He commands. He fucks me harder and harder, I swear I can feel him growing inside me. “Give me what I want baby. I need this. Show me who’s pussy this belongs to.” He growls. A scream tears from my throat, and my vision goes black. I swear I think I passed out. He grunts and then starts to jerk against me. I feel his cock twitch inside me. Eventually he stills but he continues to just hold me there. After a few minutes he lifts his head to look at me. “I don’t deserve you.” He says between breaths. The look he’s giving me starts to confuse me, but before I can look to far into it he pulls out and lets me slide to the floor.
“Why would you say that?” I ask while pulling my dress back down. I watch him take the condom and wrap it in a Kleenex he finds on the desk behind him. Once he throws it in the trash he turns to me.
“Come on. Everyone is probably wondering where the hell we ran off too.” He says ignoring my question. I let it slide for now, not wanting to ruin the moment.

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