Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 22

“Where the fuck have you two been? There was a huge ass fight that broke out. I think the manager is closing the place down.” Bobby says when we get back to the table. I notice everyone beginning to leave, and frown. I was really starting to have a good time, I think to myself.
“Shit, sorry we got a little held up.” Logan replies smiling at me. I laugh and roll my eyes at his not so subtle lie.
“Well I think we should get out of here before another fight breaks out, not everyone is too happy about having their night ruined.” Bobby replies. I know the feeling, I think with a sigh. We turn to make our way to the door when a man steps in front of everyone.
“Wrap it up people, the nights over!” He yells to the crowd. People instantly start booing, but I’m too focused on his voice to care. I know that voice. I’ve had nightmares about that voice. When he finally turns towards us I get a good look at his face. Frozen in fear, I just stand there. Fuck! Don’t let him see me! I think and try to hide my face behind Logan’s arm, but it’s too late. His eyes flicker over me for the briefest of moments, but then quickly return. Seeing as I’ve stopped moving, Logan turns to me as well.
“Hey, everything okay?” He asks me, watching my face. I don’t answer I just continue to stare into the man’s eyes. Eyes that are starring straight back at me. “Fuck baby, what’s wrong? You’re as white as a ghost.” Logan says turning to look at where I’m focused. Shaking myself out of my trance, I grab his arm.
“Get me out of here. Please.” I tell him. He doesn’t hesitate he immediately starts pushing people out the way, forcing us through the crowd. Right as we get ready to step outside a figure steps in front of us. I already know it’s him, even without looking. I feel myself begin to panic.
“Well, well, well. Angel.” He greets, looking me over. “What a lovely surprise.” His voice is slimy and it makes me grind my teeth together. I feel Logan tense in front of me. He carefully moves me further behind him, but nevertheless George’s eyes follow the move. The crowd is thinning. Barely anyone remains in the club, and the music has now stopped. “So I see Shane finally got sick of you after all.” He says looking towards Logan. “Shocking. When I offered to buy you he didn’t hesitate to turn me down, but I promised I’d be back. Your pussy was far too good to not want another taste.” He says with a sleazy smile. I see Logan carefully reaching towards his gun around his waist. Bobby is beside him, while Kyle has Mac and Chelsea pushed behind his back.
“You need to move.” Is all Logan says. He looks ready to kill, but I think the fact that there are far too many witnesses is stopping him. George smiles and nods his head. Surprisingly he takes a step to the side letting us pass. Logan forces me between Bobby and himself and makes his way outside. Behind me I hear him say one more thing.
“Damn, I bet you’re even tighter.” I turn slightly to realize he’s talking to Chelsea. Bobby moving faster than I thought possible has him up against the wall in mere seconds, which is surprising considering he’s probably half his weight.
“You need to watch who the fuck you’re talking to old man.” He sneers an inch from his face. Security instantly seeing what’s happening pulls him off. George doesn’t even looked fazed. Only a slight wrinkling of his suit, which he promptly fixes. Stretching the suit back over his pot belly he turns back and simply smiles at me, and then walks off.
By the time we make it outside on the curb I’m shaking so hard, I can barely walk. Logan guides me to a cab and I make myself climb inside. I hear people talking to me but I can’t respond. Starring out the window I sit there numb, watching the city lights pass me by. I realize I’m never going to get away from my past. I clutch my stomach and try not to be sick. Logan wraps his arms around me and I bury my face in his shoulder. He pulls me closer as I choke on a sob. I can feel that mans vile hands on me, still. I can hear his nauseating laugh as he watches me cry out in pain. Almost like I’m still there. Still being held down in that room as they all do with me what they want. Why won’t it all just disappear? I plead to my subconscious. I’ve tried to move on, but I can’t. I never will. Not until they suffer. Not until they pay for what they’ve done to me. I realize now that this is how it’s always going to be, unless I do something to stop it. If I don’t it’s going to do the one thing I always feared. It’s going to break me. I breath in the scent of peace. The scent of Logan. He’s everything I need. He can fix this, if I don’t let him I’ll never be free. Without him I’ll never be able to outrun the nightmares. The pain. I’ll never be able to outrun Angel.

When we make it back to the apartment I’ve finally calmed down enough to walk. Logan, still not moving from my side, walks me into the lobby. No one is speaking. They all just stare at the floor as we make our way into the elevator. I can’t stand the silence. When it’s quiet I can’t help but picture his face. Turning to Logan I try to reassure him I’m fine with a kiss. He doesn’t disappoint he gives as good as he gets if not more. I release a breath against his mouth and then begin to deepen it. I need this right now. I need him. I hear a slight cough from my right and finally let him go. I forgot the others were with us.
“Sorry.” I mumble. Chelsea smiles and grabs my arm, slightly squeezing it she just stares at me. I know she must be wondering if I’m okay. Hell I’m sure they all are. I try to give her a smile that says I’m fine, but not sure if I manage. The doors finally opening on our floor lets us out. I follow everyone inside, and jerk my heels off throwing them near the door. My feet are killing me.
“Are you hungry?” Logan asks me after leading me towards the couch. I gladly sit, thankful to give my feet a break.
“I don’t know if I can eat anything right now.” I tell him honestly, while starring out towards the city lights. Sitting down next to me he pulls me to where I’m laying across his lap. I wrap my arms around him relishing in the comfort.
“You should at least try. For me?” He ends with small smile. Nodding I bury myself closer in his arms.
“I’ll order Chinese.” Kyle says from the kitchen, clearly having overheard. Logan wasn’t even speaking that loud, but I guess it’s really that quiet in here.
“As longs as its not pizza.” Chelsea says walking back in the room. She’s changed into a pair of pink pajama shorts with hearts engraved on them, and a white t-shirt that’s says ‘you can look, but don’t touch’. She sits down in the love seat across from us.
“Hey! Don’t hate on pizza.” Bobby says coming to sit down beside her. He grabs her feet and lays them across his lap. I smile at their casual behavior. After he’s comfortable he looks towards Logan and myself. “So, we going to talk about what happened tonight?” He asks. I was waiting for the twenty questions, should’ve guessed Bobby would be the one to ask.
“Leave it be Bobby.” Logan tells him with a glare.
“Its fine.” I tell him. “What do you want to know?” I ask turning back to Bobby. Logan doesn’t seem to thrilled but he doesn’t stop me.
“Well for starters, did you already identify that guy?” He asks.
“Yeah. I gave my description to the police, I’ve seen the drawing and believe me it looks just like him.” He nods, approving.
“Well he won’t get away with this. By the time the trial comes up he’ll be in cuffs.” Kyle says walking into the room with a few beers. He hands Logan and me one then passes one to Bobby. Sitting down on the floor beside the window he joins the conversation.
“I know you don’t want to go through every gruesome detail, but did he…?” Bobby asks watching my face. Logan begins to stir underneath me, seeming ready to tell Bobby to shut the hell up and mind his own business, but my words stop him.
“Twice.” No one says anything so I continue. “He was also the first. He made Shane a lot of money, they got along pretty well. Probably the closest I ever saw to him having someone that he might’ve considered a friend. The first time it happened, I had went against what Shane told me to do. I refused to please him or anyone else for that matter. He thought he’d teach me a lesson.” No one is even moving, they’re all just staring at me. Chelsea seems ready to cry, and Logan looks like he doesn’t want to hear anymore, but I continue. Needing to get this out and then be done with it all. “That night he let the man you saw earlier; George, do whatever he wanted to me. Then he let two of his guards have some fun as well.” I tell them starring at the floor. I can’t bear to look at anyone’s face. I don’t want to see the sympathy or the pity. “The second time was just Shane and him. Shane was high and of course horny. So he thought it would be a good idea for them both to have me at the same time. That night I was so tired. I didn’t care if he killed me or not, I wanted him too. I ended up fighting back. I bit him, pretty hard too.” I say slightly laughing. “I actually took a slight chunk out of his arm. I told the police he probably still has a scar from it, and I was right he does. I noticed it tonight when he turned to leave.” I say with pride. “After that night Shane never offered me to anyone else. You were actually the first in a long time.” I tell Logan. He looks so angry, like he’s barely restraining from driving back to that club and beating the shit out of him. I grab his hand in mine. “That night I was so scared when he gave you the option, but I’m glad he did.” I whisper to him.
“I wish I could kill him all over again.” Is all he says. I gently kiss him, ignoring everyone else. Kyle had walked back into the room half way in, but I was solely focused on the man in front of me.
“Take me to bed.” I whisper against his mouth. He doesn’t respond, he just stands up still holding me and walks towards our room. Closing the door together with his foot he lays me on the bed and crawls in beside me.
“I’m sorry.” He whispers in the dark room. “I’m sorry you had to be reminded of all of that. I wish I could take it all away from you.” He tells me.
“I know.” And that’s why I’m falling in love with you, I think to myself.
“Go to sleep baby, you can eat in the morning.”
“Will you stay with me?” I ask him, scared he might still change his mind and actually go try and find the man.
“Always.” He tells me, making me smile. I close my eyes and not just a few minutes later sleep draws me under.

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