Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 3

Mr. Cash pulls me behind his back but keeps my hand in his. I’m confused by what’s happening, and apparently so is Shane.
“Okay, look you can put the gun down now. Angel will be happy to take care of you. Then we can sign some paperwork, and call it a night. How’s that sound?” He sounds like he’s talking down a frightened animal.
“No.” The guy in front of me says again.
“No?” Shane seems genuinely confused. It would almost be comical if everyone still wasn’t aiming guns at one another. As long as they’re not pointed at me, I think to myself. “What do you mean, no? We had a deal.” Shane is quickly losing his patience.
“I’ve changed my mind.” He states calmly. “ I am however interested in one thing.” That get’s Shane’s attention. Anything to make a few dollars, I think.
“Yes of course. Let’s all put our weapons down, and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.”
“The girl.” He replies, ignoring Shane, who starts laughing, and reaches for his scotch.
“Which one? I’ve got plenty.” He says like this is the easiest deal he’s ever made.
“Her.” He indicates towards me with a slight turn of his head. Why would he want me? Oh god! What the hell is going on, and who the fuck is this guy? I start to shake. Fear sneaking up my spine.
“Sorry, but she’s not an option. Perhaps another one of my girls can satisfy you. You seem like you might enjoy a woman with a little meat on her. Am I right?” He asks laughing. Mr. Cash ignores him.
“No. I want her.” He states in an impatient tone.
“Well she’s yours for the night if you wanna make a deal, but that’s the best I can do. I can tell ya though, I got girls that put up less of a fight than her. It took me months to train this one, and she still has her moments where she doesn’t wanna listen.” He says, like I’m a damn dog or something. “Jake, go get Jasmine. Tell her she’s working tonight.” He demands with a smile. Jasmine has been here longer than I have, but unlike me she chooses to be here. From what I’ve gathered she doesn’t mind Shane and the other guys bossing her around, maybe cause Shane supplies her cocaine habit. Who knows.
“No need.” Mr. Cash replies smoothly, while leading me towards the door. The other men follow quickly behind, both watching the him pull me forward with a look of what can only be described as shocked. Shane seems to realize what he’s doing, and jumps to his feet. Jake is now standing in front of Mr. Cash, blocking his exit.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? You can’t just fuck her, and not follow through with your part of the deal. Angel come here.” He commands me in a snarl. I go to pull my hand away but instead of releasing me he pulls me closer to his side. He’s completely ignoring Shane, and now staring straight at Jake. Who looks like he might pee his pants.
“Move.” Mr. Cash commands in a deadly tone. Of course Jake looks to Shane wondering what he should do.
“Angel get the fuck over here, or so help me I’ll let every guy in this building fuck you!” He roars my way. In an instant I’m turned and pushed behind Mr. Cash’s body, and up against the wall. A bullet rings out in the room, so loud my ears hurt. Then Shane’s scream pierces the air. I try to look around the giant body in front of me, but It’s no use. He’s like a brick wall. I notice Jack laying unconscious on the floor, with one of Mr. Cash’s men standing next to him. His gun aimed at Jake’s head. I notice the rise and fall of his chest so I’m assuming he’s just been knocked out.
“Fuck you, she’s mine!” Shane spits from his spot on the floor.
“No she’s not, and Mr. Brattish if you value your life at all. You’ll shut the fuck up.” He advises in a warning tone, even I can hear the threat he’s promising.
“I will kill you!” He promises. “You have no idea who you’re fucking with boy!” Shane sneers at the man shielding me from view. All of a sudden there is a loud banging on the door, as someone tries unsuccessfully to open it. One of these men must have locked it, knowing the gun shot would attract more guards. Smart.
“Logan we gotta go!” The guy next to Jake says. Logan Cash. Well at least I know the name of the man that’s going to get me shot once that door gets busted down. Logan moves to help his friends find something to block the door, leaving me standing up against the wall beside Jack’s unconscious body.
“All this for a whore? Her pussy has been stretched so much it’s not even worth this shit!” Shane is now standing and walking towards me, while holding his arm where the bullets embedded. He moves faster than expected, and yanks me to him by my hair, I let out a scream and fall into him. Mr. Cash is now walking towards him with his gun once again aimed at his head, but Shane pulls a knife from his waist. A knife he always carries on him. I know cause he caught me once trying to grab it from him, when I thought he wasn’t paying attention. That got me a few kicks to the ribs, and no food for almost three days. He slides the knife around to the center of my throat and chuckles when Logan stops his movements.
“Interesting.” He says with a gleam in his eyes. “Seems you’re more special than I realized, Angel.” This is it I think. He’s going to kill me. “What exactly do you want with her?” Shane asks, and although I’m curious myself I’m a little too focused trying to still my body. Too frightened the knife will cut me from the smallest of movements.
“Get something to bust this door down!” One of the guards bark from outside the room. Logan still hasn’t moved, but he is looking straight at me. I notice his eyes flicker down to the table beside me. So fast I barely catch it. I turn slightly, and Shane tightens his grip. I wince from the pressure of the cold blade against my neck, but I still look to where his eyes had flickered. There, sitting on the table only a few inches from me, is a letter opener. My eyes flick back to his in question. He gives me the slightest nod of his head in answer. He wants me to use it. Shit. I’m going to die. I’ve tried countless times to outsmart Shane, and every single attempt I failed. Except, I don’t see any other option, and at least I have three other guys on my side. Right? You can do this, I tell myself. Just pick it up, and stab.
The Logan guy is now talking to Shane. I have no idea what about, I assume something to distract him. After a few minutes it begins to work, cause the hold on me loosens, not a lot but enough to where the knife isn’t touching my skin. I don’t think, I just reach for the letter opener, when I feel the metal against my hand I wrap my fingers around it, and shove it into his thigh, pushing all my weight behind it. He roars with rage, and pain. I spider crawl around the table, and Logan moves into action. He takes two steps forward, lifts his gun, and shoots... right between his legs. He only lets him scream for a minute, before he shoots once more right between his eyes. Blood splatters everywhere, and my stomach rolls. Holy shit!
“We gotta get out of here! Maybe a fire escape.” One of the other guys walk to the window to peek out, he won’t find a way down, I’ve looked.
“Goddamn it Logan! What now?” He asks, while something smashes into the door outside. The wood begins to crack, and all three men draw and point their guns. I walk over to Shane’s body, and with shaky hands reach into his coat pocket. When I find what I’m looking for I jerk away, and rush up to the wall behind his desk.
“Come on you guys need to hurry! There is probably a dozen guards behind that door.” I say hoping they’ll listen to me, and hurry the fuck up. Their heads all snap around in my direction, like they forgot I was even there. Except Logan who is already walking my direction. I slide the keycard into the slot in the wall, and watch the door open with a small click.
“Where does this lead to?” The Logan guy asks me in a low voice as I shut the door behind us. I lean against the concrete wall of the tunnel and breathe a sigh of relief.
“Um hello! We need to go, that door won’t hold them any longer than the last.” The other guy says impatiently.
“No one here knows about this room, but Shane.” I tell them. Well he did until you shot his dick off, I think.
“Oh yeah? Then how the fuck did you know about it?” He asks. God this guy is really starting to piss me off.
“I was his whore. He barely noticed me unless he was horny.” I say simply. I think I’ve shocked them by my response, but I can’t see their faces to be sure. “No one can get in without this key card. It leads about a mile away from the club, and comes out near the highway. You have to have the card to get out as well.” I know this cause I’ve been locked in here for days before. That part I don’t say out loud though.
“I can’t see a fucking thing.” The other guy speaks for the first time.
“It’s one way, it slightly curves to the right a little up ahead, but that’s it.” I reply instantly. I can sense their all looking in my direction but thankfully they can’t see my face.
“Right well let’s get moving then.” He replies. I hear the shuffling of their feet so I instantly start following behind them.
“Are you okay?” A voice beside me asks in a whisper. I jump slightly and then realize it’s Mr. Cash. No Logan, I remind myself.
“I’m fine, thank you.” I hope I sound sincere. I’m a little freaked out by him considering I just watched him kill a man, but the fact it was Shane he killed makes me grateful. The tunnel is quite apart from our footsteps and breathing, the thought of getting closer to the exit is making my heart beat faster. I can’t believe he’s dead, that I’m free. Almost free I remind myself, I still don’t know what these men want with me. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks, oh god what if they want me like Shane wanted me? My breathing picks up, and my heart begins to hammer in my chest so loud I wonder if they can hear it. No! I won’t be a prisoner again, not when I’m so close now. We come to the end of the tunnel and they all stop, realizing they need me to open the door. I reach up and slide the key card into the wall. When the door opens, and cold September air hits my bare legs I suddenly remember I’m what I’m wearing. I wrap my arms around myself as we step out into the field by the highway, I’m shivering so hard my teeth are clashing together. I suddenly feel a warm coat wrapping around my shoulders and realize it’s Logan’s, he isn’t saying anything, just simply looking at me. I notice his gun holstered by his side. In the next second I make my decision. I won’t go back to being a prisoner.
“Hey calm down, alright? No one’s going to hurt you.” Logan says in a calm voice as I wave his gun between the three of them, my body is shaking so hard I’m not even sure it’s from the cold anymore. The other two guys instantly reach for their guns too, but Logan cuts them off.
“You wanna live, put that shit away.” He tells them in a tone that leaves no room for argument. Okay not what I expected.
“Look I just wanna go, okay? No one has to get hurt if you just let me go, I won’t tell anyone what I saw. I swear.”
“Angel, is that your name?” He asks me in a calm voice.
“Yes…no NO.” I say with more force, that’s not my fucking name. Not anymore.
“Okay, can I ask what your name is?”
“H..Haley.” I stutter.
“Alright Haley, look I don’t know if those guys are gonna look for you or not but you’re probably better off with us. I can protect you.” He says this likes it’s a promise. “Besides do you have anywhere to go? We have a safe house, no one’s going to hurt you there, and if you still wanna leave tomorrow, you can. Right now though we’re sitting ducks, so we gotta move, okay?” He’s right I realize and drop the gun, I have nowhere to go. My family abandoned me; sold me.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”
“I’m Logan, as you may have already guessed.” He says with a soft smile as he reaches to slowly take the gun from my hand. “That’s Kyle.” He says pointing to the quieter of the two. “And Bobby.” He points to the annoying guy.
“Hi.” Yeah clearly my brain has stopped functioning, luckily they can’t see the blush spreading down my neck. Bobby grunts in response, then turns to start walking towards town. Yup he definitely does not like me.

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