Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 4

God my feet are killing me. We had been walking for well over an hour before we finally came to a gas station with a pay phone, which Bobby was currently talking to someone on. I sat down on the curb trying to massage the heels of my feet. I wasn’t going to complain to these guys though, whoever they are they saved me tonight. I don’t even remember the last time I felt protected or safe around someone, but for whatever reason I did with these guys. Well with Logan at least, I’m pretty sure if it was up to the other two guys they would’ve left me behind without a second thought. Which brings me back to why. Why would he save me? What does he hope to get out of it? Logan is standing a few feet away talking to the Kyle guy, with his back turned towards me. Their voices are too low for me to make out what they’re saying. Probably something to do with me no doubt. I focus on Kyle’s face instead. He is listening intently to whatever Logan is saying to him. He doesn’t seem as thrown off by my presence, like the Bobby guy does. If anything he seems more concerned with Logan. Almost like he’s surprised by his actions, instead of repulsed by them. He looks up, and notices me watching them. Logan, following his eye’s looks back at me too, and well he seems almost relieved I’m here, I think.
The wind forces my hair from behind my ear, and into my face. I slip it back in place, and look out towards the cars driving bye. A sharp pain bites into my finger, making me wince. Pulling my finger from my hair, I see a small drop of blood welling up by my nail. I shove it in my mouth trying to get the bleeding to stop, and the pain to suffice. I grab a handful of my hair and notice a few pieces of glass shining through the ends of brown strands. My eyebrows crease in confusion. I don’t remember any glass, I think. Then it hits me. The image of Shane’s body falling back into the glass table when I stabbed him, and I shiver. I can’t believe he’s really dead. It all seems like its too good to be true. Like a dream I’ll wake up from any second, just to realize I’m still stuck in that room with him. I look up to Logan, who has went back to talking to Kyle again. The thought of another man touching me makes me want to scream, but if that’s what he wants in return for saving me, if that’s what it takes, then I’d give him his one night. Then tomorrow I’d be on my way. To where, I still had no idea, but going back home to my father was definitely not an option, and anywhere but back at that club worked for me. Kyle hangs up the phone and walks our way, he looks tired. They all do.
“She got out of there as soon as she seen the guards run around back. Said she knew something was up. She’s on her way.” He tells them.
“Good.” Is all Logan says in response. He seems like he’s strung too tight, the way he keeps looking around us like he is waiting for someone to come out of the bushes and attack us or something. The Kyle guy looks relieved.
“No one will look for me, none of them cared either way what happened to me. They all just did what Shane asked.” I tell them in a small voice.
“Well doesn’t that just solve all our problems. The fucking police are probably all over this town by now.” Bobby says in an annoyed tone. “I mean do you even care that you nearly got us all killed over the chick?” He asks Logan. I look down at my feet trying to not let his words affect me. He’s right though, they almost got themselves killed over me. “This wasn’t the plan and you know it, what the fuck is wrong with you man? You put all our life’s on the line tonight! For what? For some chick, that’s probably got more STD’s then you can count.” Logan is in his face in an instant. Damn that stung.
“Watch yourself.” Is all he says.
“Watch myself? Are you kidding me? What the hell is your problem? You never gave a shit before, now all of sudden you’re playing hero for some pussy?” Logan grabs him by the neck, he’s breathing hard like he’s trying to control his temper. His arm muscles are bulging against the fabric of his black cotton shirt, I start to notice other things I didn’t before. Like how tall he is, he has to be at least 6’6, I barely come to his chin in my heels. His hair is Raven black, and of course his eyes that once where grey are now so dark they appear black. I feel like I need to stop this before it gets to out of control, the last thing we need is the store clerk calling the police.
“Stop. Please, I’m fine. He’s right you don’t know me anymore than I know you.” I say in a gentle voice, while I lay my hand on the arm he’s choking his friend with. He looks down at my hand on him, and seems to realize what he’s doing, because he takes a deep breath and backs away.
“I couldn’t just leave her there with him.” Is all he says, then he turns to go inside the gas station. I go back to sitting on the the curb, wrapping his jacket further around my body, it smells like wood and snow. It’s soothing I think, breathing it in again. Only five minutes later a black SUV pulls up next to us. I instantly tense, until I notice there is woman I’ve never seen in the drivers seat smiling at Bobby.
“Leave it up to your dumb ass to get everyone in a heap of shit, couldn’t just keep your mouth shut could ya Bobby?”
“Yeah well you’ll be happy to know this time it wasn’t me. It was your boy Logan.” He says while waiting for her to scoot over into the passenger seat, so he can get behind the wheel.
“Logan?” She instantly turns to look his way, that’s when she notices me standing slightly behind him. Her eyebrows climb to the top of her head and her eyes look like they may pop out of their sockets. “Um Logan, what’s going on?” She asks in a calm voice.
“Nothing.” Is all he says.
“Okay…” She says looking baffled. “Well my name’s Chelsea. I’m the brain behind this op.” She says with a huge smile, making Bobby snort from the front seat.
“Haley.” Is all I say as I climb in the back of the SUV. I buckle my seat belt and look out the window, watching the lights from the gas station fade away.
“So, how old are you Haley?” Chelsea asks while turned around in her seat facing me.
“Um, nearly twenty one.” I reply, trying to shield my face behind my hair. I’m a little thrown off my her question.
“Oh awesome! We’re basically the same age.” She bounces in her seat. Okay… I think. I try to force a small smile at her, hoping that’s enough of a response. Apparently it is. “So how long are you staying at the safe house with us?” She asks me. Except she’s looking towards the guys, batting her eyelashes like she’s trying to appear innocent. The girl is weird, I think and then instantly feel bad. They did just save me after all.
“Don’t know Chels, maybe you should try asking Logan. He seems to make all the decisions alone in this group.” Bobby grumbles. I look over towards Logan who is facing the window, I wouldn’t know he was even listening if it wasn’t for the soft tick in his jaw.
“Oh you gotta stay! It would be so much fun to have another girl around, these guys drive me crazy half the time. Not that I don’t love them. Cause I do, but is it too much to ask for just a little bit of girl time?…ya know?” She finally stops babbling, and then sits waiting patiently for my response.
“Yeah.” I say with another smile. I mean honestly what am I supposed to say? I’m just thankful to be outside.
“What size are you? You look the same as me. I should have something you can fit into. Not that I don’t like what you’re wearing! I mean those shoes are killer.” Yeah they are, I think as my feet scream at me.
“Thanks.” I reply with a genuine smile this time. I mean she’s really kinda sweet once you get past the constant babbling. She seems satisfied with my response because she instantly turns around and starts singing to something on the radio. Her blonde ponytail bobs back and forth. I once again look over at Logan, who is still looking out the window. I study him for a minute wondering if I can go through with it. At least this time I’m getting to choose. Right? I mean I do have the option to leave. They don’t seem like they would stop me. Except I have nowhere to go. Just for one night I think. I’ll give him what he wants for saving me, and then tomorrow I’ll be on my way. With my mind made up I go to turn away, until I notice his face reflecting in the window. He’s starring straight at me. My heart thumps in my chest. What is that about? He stares at me for another second then looks back out at the city lights. I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding and turn away.

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