Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 6

I wake to the sound of an alarm blaring. Thinking it’s a clock I shove the pillow over my head and grunt.
“Haley, wake up!” I jerk awake. Startled by whoever is shaking me, Chelsea is standing over top of me, frantic. I sit up so quick it makes my head spin, everyone is running around jerking on their clothes. Mac is at the computers typing faster than my eyes can track.
“Come on, we gotta go!” Chelsea says shaking me again. I stand to follow her, careful to hold Logan’s boxers around my waste.
“There is three of them.” Mac says from his seat, while eating a twizzler and still typing. I look at the screen, and notice three men standing where I assume is right outside. I look closer, right as the man in the middle turns to look at the camera. What I see makes my entire body freeze. All the blood draining from my face.
“Dad?” I whisper in horror, oh god. No. Logan is saying something. I see his mouth moving but I can’t hear anything over the ringing in my ears.
“I need you to trust me, okay?” I catch the ending, barely. I nod, mute. “Haley he won’t hurt you. I swear, but I need to know what exactly he did to you. Okay?” Again I nod still not able to find words.
“Jesus Christ. Hello! Earth to fucking Mrs. Stripper chick!” Bobby says waving a hand in my face. I blink, and my eyes seem to focus again, and just in time to see Logan shove Bobby back. He stumbles and falls straight on his ass with a loud grunt.
“You need to back the fuck up. Brother or not I will lay your ass out.” Logan tells him in a growl. Wait, they’re brothers?
“Yeah well fuck you too bro. You just had to be a knight and shining armor for the typical damsel in distress, and now, just like I predicted she’s got fucking men ready to knock down our front door.” What’s up with his weird ass analogies? I think. “She’s going with them.” It isn’t a question. I instantly tense, he’s wrong. I won’t go with my father. Ever. Logan senses my mood change, because he turns to face me, ignoring everyone else even the knocking at the door.
“Tell me.” He says in a soft voice, I swallow back the vomit threatening to choke me, I’m beginning to shake, so he grabs me gently by the shoulders.
“Hey, you can tell me. Okay? I promised to protect you, and I will but I can’t do that if I don’t know who from.” I nod swallowing again.
“He… He sold me.” I whisper back at him, my eyes filling with tears. His entire body tenses, and the vain in his neck looks ready to explode. He looks ready to explode.
“Oh my god! Your own father sold you to that man?” Chelsea asks coming to my side. I don’t answer verbally I just give her a jerky nod. Logan stands to his full height still looking at me.
“What else.” He asks.
“I was seventeen. He owed Shane some money, for drugs. He was running for senator at the time. Shane said that if he didn’t get payment then my father’s campaign would be the first thing he lost. I was that payment.” A virgin daughter. Except I keep that part to myself.
“Fuck!” Bobby barks from the other side of the room, I jump from the force of it.
“Stop. Everyone calm down.” Logan says, even though he looks anything but calm. “I need you to trust me, can you do that?” He asks me.
”I won’t go back. If you don’t want me here I’ll leave, but not with him.” I tell him. He nods his head in agreement instantly. He turns to walk towards the door, swinging it open with so much force all three men jump back, and reach for their weapons. He holds the door open without saying a word, and moves aside to let them in. As soon as my father walks inside he locks eyes with me, and immediately starts to walk my way. I instantly back up. I feel like I might pass out, so I try taking deeper breaths to calm myself.
“Angel.” He whispers. I instantly tense.
“That’s not my name.” I spit at him. He shakes his head, like he still can’t believe I’m standing there. He probably assumed I was dead.
“Sweetheart I came as soon as I heard that bastard had been killed, it’s all over the news. Some of his men said you had just disappeared. The police discovered some kind of secret door or something, that leads outside about a mile from the club. I pulled a few strings, and had the video footage from a gas station that was nearby pulled up. The rest was fairly simple, getting that SUV’s license plate led me here, straight to you. You always where a smart one. A survivor.” He ends on a whisper, his eyes begin to water but I could care less.
“What are you doing here?” I ask, ignoring him.
“What do you mean? You’re my daughter, I came to take you home Angel.” He says it like I should already know this.
“That’s not my fucking name!” I scream at him. He looks taken aback, but only for a second. Then he changes back into the father I remember. He stands slightly taller, and straightens his suit.
“Haley Morgan you will get your things, and get in that car right this instant. Your mother is at home waiting for you, and there are even a few news crews waiting as well.” He makes it sound like I should be excited. Grateful even. Well fuck him.
“My things?” I ask with a humorless laugh. “I don’t have anything you fucking idiot! I was a prisoner! You sold me to him like I was nothing! You and my mother both can rot in hell, because I will never go back there! I’m not someone that you can just boss around! I’ve seen and been through more than you could ever imagine, so if you think for One. Fucking. Second. I’m going anywhere with you, you are dumber than I remember.” He is so angry he looks like an oversized red tomato. He goes to take a step towards me, and in an instant Logan is blocking his path.
“Boy you need to get the hell out of my way. This doesn’t concern you.” My dad says with a sneer, but Logan doesn’t looked fazed.
“That’s where you are mistaken, she is very much my concern.” He states in a calm tone. “I think it best if you leave Charles.” Wait how does he know my dad’s name? From him being senator, I assume.
“I’m not going anywhere without my daughter, now get the hell out of my way!” I’ve had enough. The sound of his voice is making me angrier than I’ve ever been. I’ve thought of what this moment would be like every day for the past three in a half years, I never thought anger would overtake me like this. I walk towards Chelsea’s nightstand, where a gun is laying. I pick it up with ease. The weight of it against my palm is welcomed. I turn and go directly to my father, who is still yelling at Logan, but then stops when he sees me. Logan reaches out towards me but it’s to late. I have the gun firmly placed against my father’s forehead, he stills beneath it. I smile. It’s a sadistic smile, not a kind one. His guards draw their guns and aim them my way, I barely notice over the pounding in my head. I hear weapons behind me being drawn as well, again I ignore it.
“You have two options.” I tell him. “One: you can try to take me, but I swear to you I will put a bullet in your head before you can even blink, or two: you can leave and forget about me, like you did so easily three years ago.” My eyes never leave his. “Choose.” I tell him.
“You won’t shoot me. I’m your father.” That’s where he is wrong. I’ve seen enough over the past few years to know what I’m doing. I click the safety off, and cock the gun back. My arm surprisingly steady.
“Try me, father.” I say, daring him. He stares back for only a minute, then I notice his resistance beginning to waver. He always was a weak ass.
“Fine, if this is how you want it.” He says annoyed he’s lost. I lean in right next to him, except I don’t whisper like he expects.
“What I want is to hold you down, and watch you scream as man after man force themselves inside of you. Not once, not twice, not even three times.” I emphasize by tapping my gun on his forehead. “I want them to fuck every hole inside of you, till you feel like you’re being ripped apart. I want to watch them spit on you, and watch you scream and cry for help. Like I did for you. Help that will never come, like you never came for me.” I take a step back and say the last thing I’ll ever say to him. “Fuck. You.” He stands there for a few seconds and then turns to walk out, but is stopped my Mac’s voice.
“Oh and Mr. Morgan if you decide to change your mind, you should know every room in here has camera’s, and they are constantly filming. Believe me when I say we won’t hesitate to take any of this to the police.” He says with a bright smile, pushing his glasses back up his nose. I feel a tear slide down my cheek. I could hug him for that. My dad huffs, and then shuts the door behind him. I turn to lay the gun down on the table beside me, and then fall to the couch. I realize everyone is staring at me but I couldn’t care less.
“Jesus. This chicks got bigger balls than I thought.” Bobby says with a small laugh.

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