Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 8

I was still wrapped in Logan’s arms when Bobby’s voice pierced through my head and popped my little balloon.
“Well I’m glad everyone is so damn cheerful, never mind the fact she almost got us killed, and could possibly still have people looking for us.” What the fuck is his deal? I was getting ready to ask when Logan cuts me off.
“I wasn’t leaving her there, you know he would have punished her for something that wasn’t her fault. How the fuck did you expect me to walk out of there knowing that?”
“It’s not like she hadn’t dealt with it before, if you would have just waited we could have just followed through with the plan. We all agreed we weren’t listening to Tray, it was too dangerous you said so yourself, and we aren’t fucking killers! but no! You just had to fuck it up!” Bobby starts yelling at him again. Before Logan can say anything a shot glass flys across the room and hits the wall behind bobby’s head.
“Do you even hear yourself? She had dealt with it before? It doesn’t matter Bobby, she was being tortured by that sick fuck, and if you can’t see that then you’re no better than him! So stop trying to punish your brother for doing the right thing! The thing a real man would’ve done, unlike a fucking cowered!” Chelsea yells at him so loud everyone in the room is stuck in silence.
“Chels.” He try’s, but she cuts him off.
“No! You don’t get to say anything! You don’t know what it feels like. You don’t know. but I do” she says pointing at herself. “I know.” She ends on a whisper as tears well up in her eyes.
“Hey.” He says in a gentle voice, and try’s to reach for her, but she jerks away.
“Fuck you Bobby.” Is all she says before walking out of the room. Bobby stands there for only a second before he turns to run after her. Kyle just looks down at his now empty beer bottle, with a crease between his eyes. He seems torn. I want to comfort him, but I feel it would make things worse. So I don’t. Instead I turn back to Logan.
“So you guys knew who I was this entire time?” I ask him. Only slightly irritated no one has told me sooner.
“ I wasn’t sure at first. I figured it was you from the pictures he gave us. You’ve changed.” He says looking down slightly at my body. “Then he called you Angel. Your uncle said that’s what your dad always called you. He also said you hated it.” He says with a small shrug.
“So how long have you known where I was?” I ask. Ignoring his comment on what is obviously to do with my weight. I know I look different. I’ve always been small, but now I almost look sick. I’m also slightly taller than I was at seventeen, but my hair is still the same color as chocolate, and my eyes are still the perfect match to my fathers. Honey brown. In other words, I’m plain.
“We found you about a month ago, but we couldn’t get close to Shane without having something he wanted.”
“Which is?” I ask.
“Chelsea.” He says, making me gasp.
“What? You where planning to give him your sister?” I yell at Kyle. He seems to have expected my outburst, and smiles.
“No. We needed a way in, and since Shane’s biggest deals where usually made in drugs or women. We made a decision. Chelsea had already been in those types of situations before, so she already knew what to expect. Plus we didn’t really have any drugs.” He says it like that would’ve been the route he would have rather taken. “So we took Chelsea with us one night, and he seemed to like what he saw. I made it very clear he couldn’t touch her till everything was a done deal though. He agreed to another meeting, and just as I was predicting, he brought you in. I assume to try and help move things along. Once I made certain you where there, the plan was to bring the police by the next night.” He lets out a heavy breath. “But I seen the way he was with you, and well, I couldn’t just leave you there with him. So I made a decision. Granted probably not a very smart one, and definitely not a well thought through one, but I made one none the less.” He doesn’t appear to care that he didn’t fall through with his plan, and if I’m being honest neither am I.
“Wow.” I say. It’s really the only response I have at the moment.
“Yeah. So anyway, like I said earlier, if you want to go to your uncles we’re leaving tomorrow morning. If you decide not to, then that’s your choice to make. No one will stop you, either way.” He tells me. I appreciate how he’s letting this be my decision, but there isn’t a doubt in me that’s stopping me from wanting to see my uncle. The only family I have left. So I tell him.
“I wanna go. I owe him so much, and well I kinda miss him too.” I smile, thinking of the last time I saw him. It was almost six years ago. He had stopped by the house for a surprise visit, and my dad being the asshole that he is told him to leave. However those fifteen minutes I stood in the living room talking to him, before my dad came down stairs was the highlight of my entire Christmas break. He had brought me a new leotard, and told me to hide it from my dad. So I did.
“Well in that case, you might wanna go shopping.” Mac says. Breaking me out of my memory. Wait, did he say shopping?
“Shopping?” I ask, like an idiot. He just smiles bigger.
“Unless you would rather show up wearing Logan’s t- shirt and boxers?” He asks me, with a raise of his eyebrow. I look down at the clothes I’ve got on and cringe. Yeah that definitely wouldn’t look good, I think. Logan clears his throat, and stands walking over to the kitchen counter to… Well I’m not sure what he’s actually doing. He starts rummaging through a few cabinets, while laying stuff on the counter. I can’t see what he’s got from around his broad shoulders. He really is huge.
“Here. You need to eat something first.” He says, and lays a PB&J in front of me. Did he really just make me a sandwich? I think.
“Thanks.” I respond. I’m still starring at the plate, like it’s going to come alive and start eating my flesh off at any second, when Chelsea walks back into the room. She seems like she’s been crying, but also looks like she’s already forgotten about what Bobby said, cause she’s got on a bright smile and is bouncing back and forth on the heels of her feet. I know it’s all just a brave face though. She lays down a stack of clothes beside the sandwich (that I still have yet to touch), and leans against the counter.
“Well hurry the hell up. We got shopping to do.” She says with excitement. I laugh, and start eating my food.

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