Outrunning Angel

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Chapter 9

By the time I finished my sandwich, and changed into the clothes Chelsea let me borrow. The sun was already going down. We made it to the bank with thirty minutes to spare. They quickly cashed the check, luckily uncle Tray had thought to put it in Logan’s name and not mine. When the lady behind the counter asked for an ID, I literally froze on the spot, but once again Logan swooped in and saved my ass. Then they had to call my uncle. I was pretty annoyed that I didn’t get to talk to him, but reminded myself I would get to see him in a couple days. When we walked out of the bank, Logan popped the trunk. After a few minutes of rummaging around in the back he handed me a black back pack.
“Put the money in this, and keep it on you at all times. Once we get to your Uncles, he will probably help you get your ID and everything taken care of, so you can open your own account.” I grabbed it, and started shoving the money from Chelsea’s purse. She had been gracious enough to let me use it, since I was so unprepared when we had first walked into the bank.
“Thanks.” I tell him, when I’m all done. He nods in response. Loading back into the SUV, we make our way further into the city. Almost everything is closing, but luckily we find a store with an “Open” sign hanging in the window. After Logan parks we hop out and make our way inside. The place is nice. It has hardwood floors, and even a small chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Chelsea quickly pulls me towards the endless racks of clothing, Mac following fast behind. Poor Logan just seems confused on what to do, as he stares at some bracelets propped up on the counter.
“Okay, so you’re a little smaller than me around the waist, but basically the same height.” Chelsea tells me. Like I don’t already know this. She immediately starts handing me stuff, and I follow behind her without comment. She clearly doesn’t need my help. Mac throws a green sweater on the pile of clothes in my arms. It’s already starting to get heavy. Luckily he seems to notice, cause he pulls me towards a dressing room.
“Just try on a few things, that way we know they fit. The rest should be fine.” He tells me. I could kiss him for not making me try on all of them. However I notice Chelsea seems ready to object, so I quickly forget about his kiss, and dodge into the dressing room. Not that he would have really got any enjoyment out of it anyway, I tell myself. Then laugh under my breath.
After trying on a few pairs of pants, a couple shirts, and even a few pairs of shoes Chelsea had thrown over the dressing room door at me. We make our way back to the front. Logan’s still standing where we left him, but I notice he’s holding a brown bag. Maybe he saw something he liked, I think. Then quickly forget the idea, considering no straight man would ever come in here and buy himself anything. I pay the lady, and then we make our way quickly back to the SUV. Logan and Mac starts loading up the bags, while Chelsea helps me situate my new purse she picked out. The girl literally thought of everything. She puts my new wallet, some makeup, and even a pair of cute sunglasses inside, and zips it up.
“This was so much fun! I love having another girl around to go shopping with. No offense Mac.” She says as she hands me my purse.
“None taken. I may be gay, but hell even I had a hard time keeping up with you in there.” He says, making me laugh.
“She really was a force to be reckoned with.” I agree.
“What? It’s called speed shopping.” She says with a shrug.
“I would definitely need a little blue pill to keep up with your crazy ass.” Mac says from the back seat, making me laugh harder. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard, or even laughed at all. Even before everything that happened with Shane, I never had many friends to hang out with. My father always thought having friends was a waste of time, and I needed to focus more on school. Thinking of my dad wipes my smile away, and effectively kills off my laughter. Chelsea and Mac continue talking to one another in the backseat, obviously not realizing my change of mood. I stare out the window, watching the lights pass. It all still doesn’t seem real to me. I lay my head against the headrest and just soak it all in. The laughing from the backseat, and the cars as they pass by. The sound of horns honking in the distance. People talking on their cell phones as they walk down the street. Everything. I just sit and watch the city come to life.
I don’t remember falling asleep. I guess I was more tired than I realized. I rub my eyes, forcing myself to wake up. Logan is looking at me across the seat, I realize his hand is resting on my arm.
“Sorry. I said your name a few times, but you where pretty out of it.” He tells me, retreating his hand back to his side of the vehicle.
“No, it’s fine. Sorry, I didn’t mean to pass out on you guys.” I tell him looking around. That’s when I notice we’re alone. “Where is Mac and Chelsea?” I ask him, confused.
“Uh, they went on and carried your stuff inside.” He says seeming to realize we’re alone as well.
“Oh.” It’s the only response I have. I’m suddenly remembering the last two times we where alone. Both times consisted of me practically mauling him, I think with a slight cringe.
“I uh, wanted to give you something.” He stutters. He slides a small box on the console between us, and looks away clearing his throat. “It’s just something, I saw at the store, and thought you might like.” He says and then clears his throat again. He’s nervous I tell myself, and that thought actually calms me.
“Thanks, you didn’t have to.” I tell him with a smile. I reach for the black case and pop it open. Inside lays a simple charm bracelet. It only has two charms hanging from it. A set of angel wings, and a pair of ballet slippers. My eyes begin to feel with tears, and quickly spill down my cheeks.
“It’s beautiful.” I whisper in awe. “How did you…?”
“The sales lady actually makes them. I just so happened to get lucky that she had those two.”
“It’s beautiful.” I tell him. I go to wrap it around my wrist, when his fingers cover mine. He makes fast work of clasping the ends together, but I notice a slight shake in his hands. “Thank you. I love it.” I tell him, giving it a little jingle. He just nods and goes to open his door. I reach before I can stop myself, and grab his arm. He turns to look at me.
“I’m sorry I made you kill him.” I didn’t mean to say the words, but as I do I realize it’s something’s that’s been bothering me.
“You didn’t make me do anything Haley. He deserved what he got, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” He tells me with a serious look.
“Had you ever…? I mean was he the first…?” I stutter.
“No.” He says with a sigh. “The man that took Savannah. I uh, beat him. Bobby tried to stop me, but he couldn’t. I guess I was so angry. When I saw her, saw what he had done to her. I wanted to kill him. It’s all I wanted. I beat him so bad that his face was sunk in. Unrecognizable. He died in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital. A judge ruled it as self defense. I’m not sure why. I think everyone just wanted that man to pay for what he had done, and in their eyes I had made that happen.” He ends without meeting my eyes.
“Hey. You were protecting her. The same way you protected me. You’re a hero, Logan. Not many people can say that.” I tell him, still holding onto his arm.
“I don’t regret it. I would do it again, a thousand times over if need be.” He says looking at me. “When I saw him putting his hands on you, and I saw your face. You where in pain. I couldn’t stand it.” He tells me. His fists balling up by his sides.
“I know. Thank you.” I whisper. I don’t think. I just lean up and place my lips against the scar on his cheek. I linger for a moment, then pull away. I don’t look at his face, I just open the door and make my way inside.

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