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************************ People may fall They may harm others They might lose control The one thing that brings them together, after years of tension the inevitable happened, they were prepared to fight. Prepared to win, but one thing for sure is that. Who knew that it was all a game. ************************** Who will fall? Who will lose control and harm others? Come read Fire that burns to find out.


Dear Sam,

I know that you are heartbroken and sad but I wanted to say something, due to me being unfortunately in captivity. I can't say it face to face, so I am writing you a letter. If you find this please make sure to never give up and please don't try to find me.

Love, Alex

Reading the letter a small tear falls from my eyes, everything about us is going wrong but sam will always be my light.
"Come on and cork it Alex, I have a plan to do and killing is not an easy job." Layla says looking annoyed, waving the knife in the air. I hold back a eye roll.

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