Live Without me

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comeing home would change my life but it did ! I met someone that I thought never would impact my life so much his name is..... ( Alarm goes off ). Damnn alarm always wakes me up at the good part of my dream. Hello my name is Riley Adams today I don't need to be late it's my first day of collage I have been preparing for this for a long time I looked over I'm actually supposed to be getting a new roommate today and the college actually allows the men room with the women but they do have to Be on different bathroom and Changing Times so. (Knock ) Can I come in I just don't know what to do the doors open and it's really confusing I turn around to see a guy that kind of reminds me of Hardin which is my fave character from one of my favorite books. I blinked couple times then reach out my hand he shakes it and says hello My name is Cayden in his nice little British accent he has in my head I was like oh my God I'm going to be late for class but I don't care this guy is Hot I introduce myself and then helped him unpack got him settled and he apologized for being late I told him it's going to be fine we got to know each other a little bit.
-Later that night -
Rylie is so hilarious we just got done getting ready for a party the Freshman block party that both dorms throw every year it's supposed to be big welcome to the college type party
3 hours later
Dude I dare you to kiss That sexy guy over their one of the seniors pointed to Cayden I shook my head very randomly very rapidly and I ran upstairs to a bedroom I don't know who's bedroom this is then I heard Sam man is that you throw me that shirt on my bed I looked down and I saw I was sitting on a Acrin Falls Academy t-shirt I walked up to the door and gave it to whoever was in the bathroom they open the door and said you're not Sam I looked at him like who the heck is Sam this person pinned me to the wall and said what are you doing a my room I looked at him and said wait is Colson the head of our basketball team he stopped in his tracks and said no I'm actually the head of the football team and the academic team and kept me pinned to the wall he saw the fear in my eyes and loosened his grip but not to where I could get out he asked who I was I told him my name and then it happened the Hardin Tessa moment I never thought would happen to me he kissed me then lashed out on me and I got a book off of his bookshelf and hit him in the head with it I flipped the book over and he started laughing he said look at the name of the book you just hit me with a flipped it over and it was after by Anna Todd then he surprised me I bring out the worst in you and you bring out the best in me he let go of being said if that's not true then run if it's true stay I don't want to go back downstairs and own up to the consequences that I refuse to kiss Cayden. So the rest of the night me and Colson just hung out until the party was over and then and he walked me back to my dorm
-The next morning -
I heard somebody knocking at my door banging at the door so I got up to see who it was and it was Colson with coffee and donuts a little something extra to help me with my hangover. He walked in and said last night was fun I'm sorry for lashing out on you I don't know what came over me I made you a welcome to the school basket I read the letter that was in the basket looked over looked over at it it read
Dear Cutie
Sorry I never got to apologize for lashing out on you I have been compared to Hardin a couple times because of my anger and my lashing out and drinking fighting to cover up pain so hope I didn't ...
From Coleson K
I turned to him and said thank you but you may be my own personal drug Kiyler he looks and says you know my real name is well duh u dummy the chear team said stay away from you because you are like a time bomb he sat up on the counter and he said time bomb no bike rider and dangerous yes I dare him to take me on a ride. He dose Then get stone off the counter. we go to the beach then head to a close little diner down the street from his house then he dropped the bike off in his garage and got a Jeep and drove it to school well on the way to school I asked him why he switched and he said the bike belongs to a roommate of his and she would be pissed if she found a scratch on her bike I asked him who it was as we We're pulling up. into a parking spot he points at the motorcycle pulling up into the spot next to us the girl that was driving it got off and got a bag and start walking towards us when she got there Kai hugs her and said Aryana your early she loled and said Big bro this must be Calani I've heard a lot about you from Lana she is actually kind of nice compared to what Lana's said about her. I picked up my bag said Thank you and walked off
3 hours later

I just got off the phone with Mia. She is doing amazing. Me and her have been best friends since elementary school! She said she had some free time and her boss is allowing her to go on the road and do some work she wanted to come down and visit well come up and visit I said sure but I just started college and shitz crazy

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